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A Note to friends of my friend Michelene Bell

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter … it is one of love and I am grateful to each of you because whether you can pledge a little or not, you have poured love out to Michelene and love is the waterfall of light that heals all things.

I have structured a donation button that will allow you to pledge whatever amount you set, from $5, $10, $12, $15, $20 (or more). Through your generosity, the money will automatically be taken out of your Credit Card or PayPal account each month ( am asking for a one-year commitment), in order to help Michelene on her road to health. (All donations are under your control and you can stop them at any time. This is important to know in case something changes drastically in your life).

If you do prefer to donate a different amount, or a one-time payment, simply click the button below and you have the option to donate any amount you put in. If you want to make your donation monthly, you need to click the button and then check the monthly box that will appear to the right of the amount space. Otherwise, with this button you can help Michelene with a one time donation. Thank you so much for your support. Michelene will keep you informed with a monthly note as to how she is doing on this supplement. 

We are all connected, we are one and what we do for another, we do for ourselves.

Thank you for supporting a wonderful soul who has donated most of her life to the service of humanity.


Darlene Mea said...

Michele - first of all THANK YOU for reaching out to all of us who know, love and would be honored to support any efforts for Michelene Bell - Michelene has been such a major inspiration to thousands of souls over the years with her dedication to bringing excellent alternative information to our world vis, In Light Times.

I am with happy heart to be able to give back to Michelene after 25 years of her soulful dedication to life! Even as Michelene became ill with Diabetes, the magazine still went to print, that's her commitment to being a messenger of love & light!

thank you Michelene AND thank you, Michele for reaching out to all of us.

Blessing to your complete recovery Michelene
namaste -
Darlene Mea

pss - LOVE YOUR ART WORK - Divenly Inspired!

Michele Avanti said...

Thank you so much, Darlene, I pray Michelene can make a full recovery! So glad you like my art, too!