Astrology Aries Ingress Mar 20 - June 20, 2021

 The Vernal Equinox – Spring – Aries Ingress Chart & What is indicates

At the four changes of season, the Sun moves into one of the Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. According to ancient astrologers, when the Sun enters exactly 0 degrees 0 minutes of a Cardinal sign, the chart set for the rulers location of the nation would indicate how that nation will fare during the following three months. We call this a Cardinal Ingress chart and I have used the for three decades to see who our nation will fare. This is the Aries Ingress set for Washington, DC.

The Bowl Shape
First thing you will notice is that the planets are forming an arc with the Moon in the fourth house at the bottom of the chart and Pluto rising first in the 12th house, while Jupiter is on the Ascendant and Mars is on the Nadir (4th house cusp.) In astrology, we call this shape a “bowl.” It says we will be very self-contained during this period.

Pluto, the cutting edge planet in this bowl, indicates we will work on transforming our government, our laws and our past, likely focusing on pulling us out of confinement or isolation.
Jupiter on the Ascendant says there is optimism during this period and what a blessing that will be.
The Moon in Gemini is applying a wide orb square to Neptune, indicating our emotions, conversations, words and ideas are challenged by lies, fantasy, fiction, gas-lighting. Since the Moon rules the house of our health, national employment and our military we are not yet in a stable place and people are still not sure the information they are receiving is the truth. Health wise this indicates the pandemic continues.

Mercury in Pisces is applying a square to Mars in Gemini on the angle, indicating lies, stories, conspiracy theories challenge actions or violence, though Mars in Gemini usually does not throw physical bombs but acts out in words, or perhaps with gas.
Mars is not only on the angle here but it is nearly – just 6 minutes short of being out of bounds, so we may see some radical actions, perhaps some truly original, inventive ways to approach the lies. Some totally out of the box actions may surprise us during this period. Things completely new to us, could be good, could be challenging, but definitely not seen before now.
Venus is combust the Sun in this chart indicating, mortgages, banks, contracts, and communication is weak. Though I will say that since it is rising before the Sun, we may be working on it. But this period will not resolve the many issues that are troubling Americans ability to hold onto their mortgages, credit scores, or other monetary or collateral assets.
Mercury squaring Mars adds to this, since in this chart, Mars rules the house of money and values and sits in the house of Americans' real property, their homes; while Mercury rules their physical property in this chart. The fact that Mercury is the hidden ruler of the house of partnerships and enemies also brings into question if the relationship between home owners or renters, and mortgage brokers, banks and landlords has moved from friends to enemies who are not wanting to be seen as such, but are enemies none-the-less.
I like the fact that Mars makes a trine to Saturn. This appears to indicate Americans are opening up to the original values written by our founding fathers. It can be a period where people are talking about what it means to be an American, and to value; truth, justice and equality.
Chiron is in our house of communication and local travel, in the sign of new beginnings, breakthroughs and exploration and it trines the part of fortune in Sagittarius at the midheaven. This is a wonderful sign indicating we are healing the way we think of travel, international relationsihps, higher education, spirituality and all things regarding the internet and the news. Because the Sun also captures this trine, it reinforces a successful outcome to these endeavors, so this is a very good sign that we are moving forward.
To conclude, in the next three months Americans will be challenged by homelessness, mortgages, credit issues, the pandemic, truth, and employment, but they are optimistic as the government appears to be working to give them both opportunity and relief. Additionally we are finding ways to heal our desire to explore and travel, educate and participate on an international scale.

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