Not Mercury Retrograde but.. Jupiter Stationing...

Does it feel like a Mercury Retrograde to you? 

Have you been having some scheduling issues, confusion with directions, misunderstandings or stressful revamping in your networks, internet, travel, legal or higher learning situations? 

No it is not Mercury that is the issue. Jupiter is stationing direct and as it does this, it is in quincunx contact with Neptune.

This aspect causes, stress, and malfunction, misunderstandings, confusion, reassessments and the like. How it directly affects you depends on where these are located in your chart, what houses they rule and what other planets or luminaries they are activating. When will all this clear up... around the 6th of July.. so check your data before taking action now to make certain you have all the info down correctly.. big confusion tends to reign and we must readjust our course, steady the sails and continually keep your eyes on the horizon (your goals) or the confusion could make you give up just before you sight land..


#2017 - Speedway to #Manifestation #numerology

Happy New Year... take time today to realize that this is 2017, a year when your intuition and your thoughts will manifest faster than lightening. This is the most auspicious number for fast change we have experienced since 1917.
But this year has a 20 not a 19 making it enlightened and intuitively driven compared the terrifying endings and new starts of 1917. 

This century is the first century in 1800 years that accelerates the intuitive process. 

This year in this century is the only year of the Star. It is the year where what you think will manifest as quickly as you trust it to be so. 

It is a year that will run by fast and more things will happen, where you say, how did we get here? How did I get here? 

Keeping up with change will be a constant experience for the next 12 months. 

But you can either drive this rocket ship or sit in the back seat. 

Choose now to drive it! 

Your thoughts will drive you forward at an unbelievable fast pace this year. So the key is to take time today to realize what you want to focus on each second of this year. 

Do not allow the propaganda machines of media, social networks, internet driven agents, moles and whistleblowers disturb your personal process. 

There will be no year like this one again till 20017. It is a gift not to be squandered. It is imperative that you stop participating in fear driven creations. Participating in fear this year will help manifest what you fear.

So strap on your seat belt and set your schedule for a new mind set. 

Focus on the good in your world and the good you want to see in this world. 

Focus on love, peace, creative, cooperative, out of the box solutions for every issue that annoys you and our Mother Earth. 

We can achieve miracles with the numerology of 2017! This year offers ammunition of personal power to manifest whatever your mind focuses on. 

Please join me in focussing on 
LoVe, PeaCe, JOY, 
Abundance, COOperation & 
Healthy Beings on A Healthy Planet!