Aries Ingress Chart for U.S.A. Astrology Forecast - Spring Equinox

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Here is the 2023 Aries Ingress Chart which forecasts major trends and or events for the upcoming three months. 

This chart for the Spring Equinox is set for Washington D.C. And thus will forecast upcoming events for the USA from March 22, 2023 through June 21, 2023.

So let's take a look.

Naturally the first thing we look for is what planets are on the angles (ascendant, midheaven, descendant and nadir) The closest planet to any of these is Saturn in the sixth house in Pisces, sitting just six degrees away from the Descendant. It is in the house of employment and military. It is in an out of sign trine to Mars in the 10th, the house of judgments, judges and the Supreme Court. Mars rules the house of treaties, agreements, contracts, as well as the house of banking, and shared resources. Saturn rules the house of the military, employment, as well as the house of socializing, networking, the markets, and investments. This clearly indicates that our government will continue to fulfill its commitments in treaties, with resources, money and military intelligence (Mars in Gemini is information, not boots on the ground.) This also indicates that we will pay our bills, thus the issue of the debt ceiling will find a solution during this time-frame.

Additionally, this aspect indicates the stock market overall will remain stable during this period. Though there will still be some ups and downs as we see friction between government, the president, and cabinet members, speaking out in aggressive tones about money, mortgages, loans and other shared resources.

What the nation values as most important from national income to the importance of women, and children, continues to be debated publicly through all forms of media, as we struggle to transform the way we think and the challenge of past agreements. Deep karmic issues of control and corruption continue to surface creating feelings of futility as the American people long for an escape. The connection between Uranus and the Moon indicates that many Americans will find escape in travel during this period, with cruise ships or near water being emphasized.

The friction between Jupiter and Uranus indicates travel will have its own challenges due to some sudden unexpected events that will take place.

The aspect between Mars and Pluto is the most disconcerting in the chart. It indicates public, explosive situations will occur during this three month period. America has so many mass shootings that this may just seem like another one, but when it is so obvious in a cardinal ingress chart, it will be one that stands out. The Pluto to Neptune lifeline shows this situation helps transform the thoughts, dreams, and ideals of the nation. So I see it as a push forward to a critical change of consciousness.

As long as Pluto is at 29 degrees, the events that resonate from her, will be key to the transformation of how and what Americans think. Additionally Pluto is under siege from Eris (the female warrior) So I expect we will see some aggressive protests, networking actions, and even activation involving the Supreme Court by women seeking rights to control their own bodies (Pluto, Mars, Venus are all connected to human reproduction.)

Lastly, it is important to state that this chart indicates a time of much transparency. All the planets are rising in this chart, with the exception of Mars already in the tenth house. This brings issues into full view. The good, the bad, the ugly and the glorious will be noticed during this three month period. I suggest you focus on the good and glorious, so that the light you carry will glow and keep you happy, while it lights others who may be too focused on the bad and the ugly.

I wish you many blessings as we enter Spring. May the flowers that you see popping from the earth make you smile, and remind you that all things renew.

We are each consciousness, we are interconnected, we are never separate, though it seems so when we focus only on the physical. So take time this month to connect with Mother Earth, and all the beauty she is about to bloom around you. Take part in this beautiful manifestation, and welcome a rebirth of your outlook, your routines, and your love of joyful sharing.

Wishing you light, wonder and the magic of being!

Michele Avanti - ISAR Certified Astrology Professional