I Sell Only What I Love

My close friends know I sell all kinds of things I love. Some of it is on: Ebay, Ecrater, my websites, which range from the amazing Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt to going green with Canon Pixma Printers.
My friends have been suggesting, I let folks who read my blogs or connect with me through facebook know about the things I sell. So I am going to start posting fabulous stuff right here on this page from time to time. Jewelry that I stock is one of a kind, so if you see something you like, grab it. I only have one of nearly every piece of jewelry.

Also I have been directed to create malas (prayer beads) for the four Spiritual Elements - Earth, Fire, Water & Air. So I may post a few of these here to. I recently taught a mala class, where folks were able to make their own mala bracelets or necklaces from gemstone beads I have. I may put some of these up for you to see as well.

I am truly an Aquarian, Aquarius. fascinated with everything in life and finding wonder in so many places, I love to share it with others. For me the monetary aspect is a gift of sharing so much wonder and joy; and it gives me the ability to buy more amazing unusual and incredibly, priced below the radar, gifts.

I buy from people around the world, rarely from big companies. I love supporting others while they provide for their families and I provide for mine. And of course this delights my friends!

So I will post items here soon and I welcome your comments and enjoyment. Bookmark this page, it may provide some wonderful surprises for you at prices you will find quite amazing.

Love, Joy & Peace - I wish for you and for all life on our planet, solar system & galaxy,

special view - 70% poly / 30% silk floral burnout scarf 16x60

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