How Do You Create A Cardinal Ingress Chart?

Randy's Question:

If I read your blog correctly, which I really appreciated, it seems you put a great deal of significance on Cardinal Ingress charts including fixed stars placement at the time of the ingress. Is that correct? My follow up question which seems a bit elementary to me, yet I don’t know the answer myself, is how does one know the exact minute of a Cardinal Ingress or even the exact second of the ingress? Is there an Ephemeris that provided this information or does one need to do some sort of calculation to get the exact moment of the Sun’s ingress?

I hear you regarding the USA Chart and Mars retrograde near Saturn. I have not looked at the chart myself but I think I will in the near future. I hope our country starts to move in a better direction after the election, but I still think fear is a hot commodity and people seem willing to pay the high price of abating their civil liberties in the process. The founding mothers and fathers would be disappointed in what we have done with their great experiment.

Michele's Response:

The easiest way to set up a Cardinal Ingress is to use astrological software such as: Solar Fire, Kepler, or WinStar.

In each of these programs you can take the chart that pops up, the Now Chart, showing todays transits for whatever location you have your program set for, and change it to the location of the seat of the country, state or city you wish to look at.

Then take that chart into the window for return/ingress. In most of these programs, it will be the same part of the program that calculates a solar return.

In the window you should see an option for ingress, click on it and select the sun and which ingress you want. For our purpose it would be Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra, all the Cardinal signs.

Once you set that up, you should be back at your starting window with the new chart properly calculated. Then you can view it alone, with transits, with progressions or in a bi-wheel, or tri-wheel on the natal chart for the nation, state or city. Depending on your program, you should be able to view any variety of points from fixed stars by longitude, paran, or declination, as well as asteroids and Neptunian planets. With today's technology, you can view mid-point trees and graphic ephemeris as well. I have my chart pages set to show lunar actions, fixed stars, declinations, eclipse actions and Arabic parts. This gives a lot of information and it is as much as I can fit on a page.

The programs are wonderful because you can set your pages up for what you want in any arena, then name them accordingly. When I did a research project years ago on the NFL, I set specific parameters for the charts and named them NFL Games, NFL Players, and NFL Teams.

I find technology is the best asset an astrologer has developed. In our time we can research in ways that will bring astrology in a closer proximity to science then every before.

If you do not have an astrological software program, you can use an ephemeris to hand calculate a chart for the location you desire. You would construct the chart in the same manner you construct any chart, and you can find the time of the Sun's ingress at the bottom of the page in Michelsen's Ephemeris, and I believe it is in the same place in the Rosicrucian ephemeris. You can also look online and google time for solstices and equinoxes, and it should come up easily.

Naturally you would look at the months of December, March, June and September for the ingress times.

As for the Fixed Stars placement in a Mundane Chart, always remember the actions of a Fixed Star are only active when they are in very close conjunction, thirty minutes or less.

Back in July of 1998, I did a couple of television shows where I predicted there would be a major drowning in the Southern Hemisphere. I gave the date and approximate time. There could be no doubt about this because on this date Jupiter would Station on the Scheat, the Fixed Star of drowning. Unfortunately it did occur at the time I predicted in Pupua, New Genia, and two thousand people drowned. Anytime a planet stations on a Fixed Star you can be assured it will show and it will be a significant event for the nation it lands in.

Naturally this follows through in the Natal Charts of Individuals as well. It is the first thing you should observe when looking at upcoming years. What planets are stationing, and how do they activate my personal chart. Additionally you should examine them for Fixed Star contact.

Let me know if you have followed what I have written, and if it makes sense to you. Once you do it a few times, it will become simple.

Wishing you every blessing.
Best always, Michele

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