Earth Changes - Turbulence 20011 - 2015

May has arrived and we turn to planting and sprucing up our yards. The beauty of nature fills all our senses and we once more enjoy the cycle of birth.

I love Spring.

Today, I have felt a need to speak of the changes that are not far off. I have witnessed over the last forty years many prophets of doom and have always felt the earth would reclaim herself.

As the Chinese fortune goes "May you live in exciting times!" I think all who are alive today and through the next seven years (2008 - 2015) will see the most extraordinary changes ever witnessed by techno-man.

We speak of climate change, animal extinctions, and ocean pollution killing off entire species of marine life. There is no sector of the planet free of change. Yes, change has always been, but not in thousands of year has it been at the fever pitch it is today.

So my blog during May is going to address this from many perspectives, physical to metaphysical. I will speak of the Mayan calendar, the astrological pictures, the physical realities and the practical directions that may be in your best interest.

I will explain why this phenomenon is occurring now, and what you can do to insure the course of life you choose.

This will include prophecies of the end times, earthquakes, fires, the flexibility of time, speeding up of DNA, the Yugas, Planetary Rebirth, return to the footstool of the Dog Star, and more.

Stay tuned...

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