An American Day - What do you think of Sarah Palin?

Today was supposed to be a day off. Instead it turned out to be politically poised.

I woke up to an email about Sarah Palin supposedly written from an Alaska resident that knows her. I checked it out on Snopes and indeed it was a real letter. How refreshing. Here is the Snopes link so you can view it if you would like:

However the contents were more than chilling news.

Being psychic has its blessings and terrors. When I first saw Palin on our big screen TV at the Republican Convention, it was terror that shook my being.

I do not know how you stand on issues. I do not know how you view party politics. I do know that if you take the time to view, to ask questions, to vote, you want the same thing I do - a better nation.

I am an American from my heart to my brain, from my home to my chocolate chip cookies. I am also a metaphysician, astrologer, author and animal lover.

In a lifetime of listening to Spiritual Beings and physical clients, my heart has grown in compassion. I feel the feelings of others from people to animals and trees.

I have come to learn that compassion is what we all must learn. First to be compassionate with ourselves, then with others.

As we grow in consciousness, we grow in love and compassion. It is through these eyes that I shook with terror as I watched a woman speak with full decorum words of untruth for her personal gain.

Now I have learned more than I could want to know. From library censorship to the joyous cruel killing of innocents.

I ask every American to put aside the marketing pictures that are played by skilled advertising specialists across big screen televisions targeting every region of America without integrity or fact, and to examine facts and actions of each candidate.

Make yourself a checklist of issues first. Then prioritize them. Let me give you a sample from my own list:
1) End the war
2) Restructure the budget to rebuild America from infrastructure to education.
3) Establish a real health care program which includes every single American citizen. And especially focus on American Veterans who need care now.
4) Restore fiscal responsibility in our budget, in our social security system, and in the banking and mortgage sector. We need immediate stop-gap measures to save the banking system from the upcoming disaster we are facing.
5) Set up a plan to provide mental and physical rehabilitation for the homeless.
6) Set up a work plan for the homeless and the unemployed.
7) Develop an Energy Consortium to include young and old from all parts of America. Roll out a new way of using energy - bring in the children, the mavericks and let's think outside the petroleum box!
8) Start focusing on peace, how to develop it and expand it across the globe.

Those would be on my list. Sometimes the order may change. I would not drop any but might add more.

Once you have your list. Go find the facts about each candidate both presidential and vice presidential. Forget their advertising, find their record of actions and their most current interviews. Check your list and mark it with a aye or nay for each. Then add it up and see what you get.

Do not let the emotional waves rob you of your intelligence.

Fear is the greatest trap of the lower worlds (the physical reality) Logic is straight line out of fear.

Here is a link to the latest rally which I did not see posted on the news networks tonight - at least not where I live. I think it shows how many people in Alaska feel about Sarah Palin. It also shows the fine way we can hold peaceful, organized rallys.


If I can find a way, I will post a poll. I would love to hear your comments.

I wish each of you every blessing of joy, abundance, health and peace.


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