Astrology - Finding A Career or Vocation

Tweeter F asked this question:

I would like to know what the future holds for me in terms of finding my vocation.

Here is the natal chart, and naturally the natal chart gives many pictures of the kind of career that may not only satisfy the individual but also if they will be successful at it, what the inherent challenges may be and of course the talents.

So let's take a look.

When looking for the vocation of an individual we need to examine the 10th, 2nd, and 5th houses, the signs and then the placement and aspects of the planets that rule those houses. This will give us a variety of possibilities that will work for the individual.

We have the sign of Aries at the Midheaven, Leo on the 2nd, and Sagittarius on the 6th. All fire signs, which alone tells us the individual is driven in some creative or physical way.

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is placed in the 12th house in the sign of Cancer. It is opposite Neptune in the 6th house in the sign of Capricorn. Mars is also sextile the Moon in Taurus in the 10th house of Career, while the Sun in Gemini sits near the Mars/Moon midpoint in the 11th house, the house of hopes and dreams.

So we immediately identify the issue this individual comes in with, which is that his mother and father will not agree. He will be loyal to his mother and his mother will be supportive of him, but in the long run this loyalty will sabotage his dream of a creative career. And though he is frustrated and stressed by his father, his father is opening doorways for him as a gift from a past life.

So where is the real conflict, or is there one?

Tweeter F has a drive to be seen and to compete on the world stage (world of course may be different for people depending on how and where they are raised.)

The normally physical planet of energy Mars is not in a very energetic sign or location. Being in Cancer, and in the 12th house of Pisces, Tweeter F's Mars becomes over-protective and may sabotage his career due to an inner struggle with illusions, religion, spirituality and or learning. Yet, this individual should have every opportunity for education.

They have a challenge to know what is best for them, so it is no wonder they have asked this question, it has been with them since birth.

The trine between Mars and Pluto in the 4th house, while Pluto opposes the Moon gives a real clue to when the individual will take the reins and run with their vocation. It indicates that when the individual transforms emotionally, which may come later in life as a result of a transformation of their mother. Or if they choose to work on these issues now they may speed up the process and release themselves from what holds them back. (Though I have to tell you Moon in Taurus is the most stubborn, over loyal Moon. It is this type Moon that does not know how to let go even when there is nothing there to hold onto.)

If we simply view the chart for what might be a good profession for this individual, here are some of the pictures that emerge.

The workplace should be a worldly place, a university, or place of higher learning, a spiritual environment, or a legal one. There is also a possibility that they may work internationally, and should have much opportunity to travel, move about freely and experience a vast variety in their career. Might also be a place of media, which might include radio, television, film, or advertising and marketing.

Additionally the individual should have an excellent voice, and may be a fine vocalist, announcer, DJ, or voice over person.

How will they make their money?

The answer to this question comes from the second house, its ruler and the aspects to that ruler. In this case the second house falls under Leo, ruled by the Sun in the 11th house of hopes and dreams, sextile the North Node at the Midheaven.

Having Leo on this cusp is nice, it gives some stability to the income when the ruler, the Sun is well aspected, which it is in this chart. Though there is frustration with the dream of becoming a world leader, the Sun's aspects to the nodes indicate the individual comes in with a past life connection the father, which will provide a home, and stream of income, or source of values that lead to both the dream and the income.

Since the Sun is in Gemini, the sign of communication, we get another signature indicating this individual should be a strong communicator. Twitter F is filled with ideas, knows innately how to network and is not afraid to ask for what they want. Their income stream may come from their Father, their creativity, children, hobbies, investments or lovers.

So when we add all these factors together, Tweeter F has a great potential for good. They may become an international voice for children, a legal advocate or liason, a teacher, actor, musician, artist. Most assuredly they are talented, and out-going with an inquisitive, creative, fast paced mind. And as they go through life, many of these scenarios will most likely play out.

When Jupiter conjoins Twitter F's Progressed North node - 8 degrees Aries beginning in March 2011, they will know the answer to this question and be on the road to achieve what, they as soul chose for this life.


Fady said...
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Fady said...
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Fady said...

Dear Tamoor,
Thank you for your meticulous and comprehensive take on my question, once again. I am truly grateful.
The interpretations you offered, and your read as a whole, were spot on. I constantly struggle with this question, that of finding my vocation and what I am ‘supposed to do/be’. In a way, it has come to define my life. My only hope is that the future DOES hold an answer to my pressing question. According to your study, it will –in March 2011, a date I eagerly anticipate. Whoever is reading this deserves to know what I shared with my close friends at a birthday party Friday night: You never asked anything of me except the date and place of my birth (May 25 1987 at 9:05 am precisely in Beirut Lebanon-I even know the coordinates!). As you can tell, I try to uncover such seemingly trivial info about me. It helps me think I am defining my indefinable self. It’s make-believe, though. I have mastered the art of lying to the world and to myself with such ease and conviction. To go back to my initial point, I was never asked to provide any details about my life or personality. This is truly a work based on my chart, and only that. In this light, I think what you had to tell me is astonishing in its accuracy and symbolism. What follows is a point to point feedback.

Fady said...

I am a creative person. In the standards of our eastern-Mediterranean culture, I am viewed as somewhat unconventional and eccentric for those who know me. I will seem to perfectly blend in with the rest, from a distance, and to my father’s eye. Hence, your immediate identification of the issue that has been troubling me most is, again, spot on. “[my father and mother] will not agree”. They almost never do. Here, I would like to share my story. I am an energetic and intelligent student, a great communicator, the best child any parents can ask for. I never cross the line when it comes to my parents. My father works in Africa and has been abroad for the past decade, visiting us on every holiday. I always want to make my parents happy. That is why I enrolled in the scientific classes in school, and went on to study biology in college, to fulfill my father’s dream of seeing me a doctor. My father, who means well, used every psychological and emotional and seemingly ‘common sense’ tool to keep me on that track. I was depressed, voiceless, and afraid but I went on and finished my bachelor’s degree. I started relating to my mom a year before I graduate the agony I felt doing something I despised with passion. I couldn’t study or focus on biology. I stopped refining my other skills and talents because of the guilt I felt. I tried to adapt, only I couldn’t. My mom was, as you noticed, very supportive. She pushed me to tell my father. And tell him I did. He wasn’t especially happy. I still hear some misguided remarks that reek of his reprehension every now and then. On a personal level, I felt like I never had the chance to stop and think of what I wanted in life. I never had an alternative plan. So I threw myself on anything my head could conceive of. I said I wanted to get a degree in communication arts. My father shot it down as a career for, and I quote, “whores”. I said I’ll go into business. My father “suggested” finance. I wanted to do marketing instead. I said I wanted to study Law in the US. I took the LSAT, and registered in university so that I would acquaint myself with business courses. In February classes ended, giving me an ample of time before I hear from the Law Schools to which I applied. I received four rejection letters. I got a hold of myself, realizing there was no time to be sad, and started applying to graduate business schools in London. I’m still waiting to hear from them. This is where I stand at the moment. I think going to London will allow me to branch out and do the things I never got to do here. I intend to take acting and singing classes, poetry writing seminars, etc. And after I graduate with a master’s in management, I would like to enter the music industry, or if I get really lucky become an actor (I think I can express a plethora of emotions. I am capable of many subtle movements). I’m afraid I will have a change of heart by the time I start classes though. It always goes this way. My confidence in my talents is really low. I feel it is this way because if I let my talents shine I will have to deal with my father, who views me as a “leader and a star” but on his own terms. Our definitions never matched. I am “frustrated and stressed by [my] father”, that’s why I am especially interested in knowing how he will open doorways for me (also, what do you mean by “as a gift from a past life”?). My loyalty to my mother stems from her support to me. She doesn’t like risky and seemingly crazy plans, but she truly wants me to do whatever I want to do. I don’t understand how this loyalty will sabotage my dreams of a creative career. Would you please elaborate on this point?

Fady said...

If there’s one thing I want in life, it wouldn’t be money or family or even happiness. I would love to have fame. So yes! I have “a drive to be seen and to compete on the world stage”, hopefully in my capacity as a creative being who thinks out of the box, and who always surprises and challenges those around him.
As for what Mars being in Cancer, and in Pisces, suggests of inner struggles, I find it to be precisely true. I never settle on one view on religion, or learning. I don’t know if I want to be religious or not, though my choices suggest I am not. I have many criticisms for traditional channels of learning. Yet, I have never been denied any opportunity for education, as you said yourself.

I am ready to transform emotionally now. I want to learn how to let go. I have a brother, ten years younger than me, to whom I have been overly loyal, the best brother anyone could ask for. I realize now that I have been giving my life away for those around me, and that they will be fine without my support and undeniable involvement in their lives. I would like to know if deciding to move out to London will help me transform. Also, what do you mean by “a transformation of my mother”, I hope it’s nothing sinister.

Out of the many types of workplace you suggest, I think I will be happiest in media. University and academia will mean a life in the shadows even if, as many people have noted, I will excel at it.
I do have a big voice (2.5 octaves and a high falsetto). But I think I am a long way from “excellent”. Maybe with training?

I only hope for a stable income, and hopefully a fortune, as I believe I need to be financially on my feet to be able to create and be creative (I firmly believe in Virginia Woolf’s views on this matter as expressed in A Room of One’s Own). Would please explain the following sentence “Though there is frustration with the dream of becoming a world leader, the Sun's aspects to the nodes indicate the individual comes in with a past life connection the father, which will provide a home, and stream of income, or source of values that lead to both the dream and the income.”? I am not sure I understood it. Is the past life connection my father?
I hope my income wouldn’t come from anyone except myself and what creative work I will bring to the world.

I intend to do good and radiate goodness and positivity and creativity. I hope I will have an impact on people and this world and that I will get noticed somehow.
I will wait until March 2011, filling my time with my graduate studies. I want to be ready when I reach this date. I want to be in my best shape, mentally, physically and emotionally. I will refine my skills, and take care of my body and mind, so that whatever revelation comes my way, I will pick it up and proceed with it at once.
Thank you for your generous spirit, your excellent work, and your help. I hope I can be of service to you. If you ever intend to visit my country, please know you have a home.

Avanti Avanti said...

Blessed Fahdy: I have been so very busy that only now have I discovered your comments.

I must find time when we can chat a little. Perhaps we can do so over the internet, and thus I can be some support for you as you reach for your destiny.

Please remember that your passion reflects your soul. To deny this is to deny you. There comes a time when you must say I have done what was asked of me, now I must step into my world.

Fame is part of your desire, but fame comes in may shapes and sizes. Consider the options and move with the flow.

As the planets move, if you do your work, you shall find the fame your soul seeks. It may not be the limelight thrown across the screen but then again it may.

But if you do not throw your hat into the ring, no one will see it.

I pray you will go to London and begin a new journey of self-discovery.

Sending much love and support for your soul's journey.

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