The Laws of Silence & Non - Interference

I recently received a question that ran something like this:

I have Spiritual or Other-Worldly Experiences but when I mention these to my family, they tell me it's only my imagination or a dream. I am sure they are real, but after talking with family, I find myself wondering.

Here is my reply:

As for family and what they think or say, time will eventually bring them around. Though that may be lifetimes later.

Never allow the limitations of others to influence you. Because their experiences are not yours, this does not make yours less real. There is a Spiritual Law that states: "When You Know - You Know." No one can take your experience from you - or for that matter, your power - unless you allow them.

Because you want your family to love you, and you equate their words with their love, you throw away your truth. Change this. Accept their love, and honor them. You need to realize that since they do not understand your experiences they automatically place them into a category that works for them. That is fine.

Compare this to working with a little child. You can explain to a child that the chill factor is this percent and the wind factor is that percent and thus the weather is developing into a rainstorm, but all they can hold in their mind is - I need to take an umbrella. All that other stuff is simply not part of their reality. So too, your family cannot understand your reality, thus they classify it into something they can understand - imagination or a dream.

Stand in your power, know who you are, be who you are, and love everyone despite how they respond to your experiences.

Eventually you will learn The Law Of Silence.

The Law Of Silence teaches you to abide implicitly by The Law of Non-Interference.

We invade someone's space when we give them more information than they are ready or willing to take in. Your family is not ready for this information. When they are, they will come to you and ask.

To give someone information before they are ready, is not only an invasion of their space, but it also can disturb their universe, thus creating a karmic issue for you.

It is much better to live by The Law Of Silence, give information when asked, share when the door is open, and leave the rest alone.

Since I believe this information may be helpful to others, I have posted here today.

Blessing to all, may you honor and love yourself.

You are a light to the world, the more you love and nurture you, the brighter you become!


Erin Kennedy said...

I love this post and I am GLAD you decided to share it. The Law of Silence. I know what you mean when you say there are times when we DON'T need to share info, that people are not ready for it. That is so true.

I may write a post and reference this one. I am in the careers field, but The Law of Silence REALLY applies here.

Keep posting. I've been enjoying this blog! :)

Erin Kennedy
Professional Resume Services

Avanti Avanti said...

Erin, thank you for commenting. You are always welcome to use anything I post, just add a link back, and let me know so, I can also partake of your insights.

cactus petunia said...

Thanks, Michele. I needed that right now!