Life Beyond Death - Do Loved Ones Communicate?

Recently, I received a note regarding the loss of a child. Because I know there are others who have had this tragic, terrible experience, I felt it might be good to share the note I wrote back to her. I have added an additional message for my readers at the end of this blog.

Here is the note.

I am so very sorry for your loss. I feel your grief as I lost my baby girl many years ago. I was inconsolable for weeks. But the Spiritual Masters I work with pulled me out of it to find life again. 

There is no loss like that of a child. But once you let go of the intense pain and emotion, you will be able to feel your child's presence, and begin to understand that her journey on earth was meant to be short. 

The higher self (soul) or true self charts a plan for its life. It makes the agreements and decides how long it will be here. For some it is very short, painfully for all who love them. But the soul who leaves, leaves having completed the karmic gifts and retributions it intended. 

Those left behind, especially the parents and siblings, go through a time of transformation and find a new way to look at life. 

Some unfortunately go to an angry space instead of finding a loving one. Then all the underlying issues of being abandoned by God come to the surface and the individuals left behind must cope with this.While in this entanglement, they lose sight of the child as soul. 

The soul is not subjected to whim or accident, no matter how it appears in the physical world. There are always multi-faceted reasons for every event.

If a person left behind finds themselves focused on the date of death, then there is likely a message in it. In this case the mother felt it was an important date, so I evaluated it, to see what message might be hidden there.

Looking at these numbers, 11, 2, 2008, 11, 2 - there is certainly a message.

11 is a master number and it relates to the number 2. It calls for mastering the intuitive gift. The dream connection to the higher self and the worlds not seen by physical eyes.

The 8 is a wonderful number - perfect in any position, a symbol of infinity - telling you life is a constant, it continues without ending.. you need only master the number 2 - the dream connection to see this.

11 + 2 + 8 = 21 = 3 The number three is the number of the Mother, the one who nurtures and cares for others, it is both a statement of gratitude for your love and caring and a warning not to become the martyr. 3's or Moms (male or female) will give to their children and to others to the point of becoming care-takers. When they reach a point where they find themselves saying: "I can't because...", they will have gone past the point of caretaker and become the Martyr. So here is the warning from your daughter saying - You are a wonderful mother, please do not become a martyr because I have left my physical vessel. I love you and am still here, just not as easily seen or heard.

11 + 2 + 8 + 11 + 2 = 34 = 7 And finally the last and most hidden number is 7. The number of change, of taking risks, of speeding through life, This number tells you that your child came here for a short run, a fast changing experience. She did what she came to do and has traveled with great energy and excitement to the next level of creation. This is a very happy, exciting and optimistic number. It tells you that the soul anticipated the change and was excited to go to this next level of creation.

I pray this has been helpful to you. That you will find solace in knowing your child is fine and that you are actually still with them in your astral form. We do not have just a physical vessel directed by soul, but on all the lower levels of creation, we have a vessel, which we use to manifest in that level. The astral level is the one closest to the physical and thus it is the one that most of us move into as we leave the physical form. It is not foreign to any human since we move into it each night when we sleep.

To help you realize this, I will ask you to think of night when you woke, and still sleepy, went to the bathroom. I am certain that you bumped your shoulder during one of these times. You did not do this because you are clumsy, but because your consciousness was active on the astral level with limited awareness in the physical. In the Astral everything is larger, and thus you saw the larger astral doorway, but of course your physical body bumped into the smaller physical one.

I do hope this has helped you.

When we experience the loss of someone we love, we need to recognize that if the loved one, who has crossed over wants to communicate with us, they will as soon as we can release the emotional pain. Only then will they be able to get their message through. They cannot reach through an emotional energy field to touch you. You must come to a calm place, so you can receive their voice, their symbol, their sound, their song, their rainbow, their butterfly, the scent of their favorite flower, or whatever method they use to get their message across.

I have had clients who experienced communication from their loved ones in all the ways I have just described and more.

Sometimes when you need more confirmation, you can ask Spirit to bring it to you and you will be surprised who will walk up to you and point something out that confirms the message.

I myself, after the loss of my daughter, had students from one of my dream classes come up to me and state, "We can see your daughter next to you, why don't you bring her to class?"

I smiled at them and said, "This is the only way I can bring her, she does not have a physical body."

Life is a continuum of consciousness. It does not stop and never will. We will love each other always.

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