Sarah Palin - Debater or Debutant? Aquarians Win 20% of US Presidential Elections

I know some of you like Palin - she is gutsy, challenging, courageous, interesting, quirky, unique, inventive, and in control.

She has qualities that many women admire, and attributes that many men desire.

A breath of fresh air many have said, and others consider it a terrific heat wave from the great northern ice queen.

Sarah Palin is an Aquarius by birth, and in many ways by aspect. She charges the chart of the United States by directly activating the U.S. Moon, and thus the people of the nation. She activates them emotionally, exciting them. She activates their curiosity and also makes them feel at home with her as their personal leader.

While Barack O'Bama's Leo Sun also activates the U.S. moon through a wide orb opposition, his Uranus electrifies the people dealing a close opposition while linking his South Node directly to the U.S. Moon. These indicate strong ties this man has to this country.

Barack O'Bama is someone who has been part of this nation in its founding time. His south node speaks of karmic ties to the people, and his North Node (one's karmic, or soul mission) is conjunct his Uranus, and they both closely conjoin the Midheaven of the United States chart. The significance of this cannot be understated. It tells of someone who returns from a mothering or founding time in the nation to bring forth a revolution, to clear out the emotional issues that block the dreams upon which the nation was founded. And to re-establish the international image that was the original revolution's dream.

America was born under an Aquarian moon, and you can see this influence throughout our society. We love the unique, unusual, inventive, and strange. Halloween is a favored holiday, as is April Fool's day. We celebrate ghouls and fools, tricks and pranks.

We are a nation that desires a genius, and we admire someone who stands out beyond the 'norm', someone who will speak their mind, carry their soapbox, and have defined values. Sarah Palin exemplifies what America desires through our Aquarian moon. While Obama electrifies, revolutionizes, and directs our Aquarian desires.

Here is a look at the five Aquarian Presidents:

8th President: William Harrison (whig) - died in office of natural causes
17th President: Abraham Lincoln (republican) - Assassinated
24th President: William McKinley (republican) - Assassinated
31st President: Franklin D. Roosevelt (democrat) - died in office of natural causes
35th President: Ronald Reagan (republican) - Suffered an attempted assassination

11 of the 55 times America has held a presidential election, we have elected Aquarians.

That is a whooping 20% of the time!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the only president ever elected four times.

In our history:
4 presidents have been assassinated. 2 were Aquarians.
4 presidents have died in office of natural causes. 2 were Aquarians.
4 presidents suffered assassination attempts. 1 was an Aquarian.

What does all this tell you?

It says we as a nation resonate to Aquarian leadership.

On a personal level, when someone's sun conjoins your moon, you feel an immediate attraction, you feel they are leaders, their ego is appealing, and you instinctively want to nurture them.

As a nation, the people of the country also relate.

Each of the presidents listed above either had a sun conjoining the U.S. Moon, or their Mercury conjoined the Moon, and they also had a wide orb or mid-point activation from their Sun and Venus.

Sarah Palin has Sun, Mars and Saturn activating our Moon. Will she create enough resonance to make America vote McCain?

This astrologer says unlikely.

I believe the Mars and Saturn issues will create enough of a reverse reaction that she will slide out of the race, and eventually out of view.

The fact that Palin's Saturn and Mars are on our Moon, at a time when the nation is at war, needs more structure, more discipline, and renewed energy; it is possible she will make us aware of these needs. But will we embrace her for it? Or will we learn because of her?

As an astrologer, I have looked at all forms of competitions seeking the winner. I have proven you cannot identify a winner in all races, and it is astrologically impossible to identify a winner in team sports. But about 70 to 80 percent of the time, you can use astrology to find the winner, if only a few individuals compete.

I have successfully proven that astrology cannot identify clear winners all the time, but it will identify a dead heat. If there is no dead heat, it can identify the winner.

Before Sarah Palin entered this race, there was no dead heat. Obama would be the clear victor. None of the other candidate's charts could activate America as strongly. But when Palin's chart entered the race, a competition began.

This highly-opinionated, odd and unusual beauty queen from far off Alaska has a planetary magnetic resonance that can wield the attention of this nation.

Ask me how I feel about that. Not so good.

After the Vice Presidential debate, this is what I came away with. I am quoting a comment I made on Buenos Burritos blog:

Sarah Palin, a Terrifying Choice - that's what I need to write on my car bumper.

I watched the debate and thought each time they flipped back between Biden and Palin, Joe (my husband) must have been switching channels from the VP debate to some beauty pageant contestant.

She had all the depth of a Miss America contestant, all the glam and all the wink. She sparkled, sassed, slighted, slid, slipped up and satisfied herself, giving only satisfaction to the small single minded conservative base that stirs around her.

The rest of us pray we will wake from this strange nightmare where a hockey mom, with a custom made Austrian rifle winks at us, while repeating the word maverick ten times. Then the camera pans back and we see she is seated behind the desk in the oval office. She turns to a man in the doorway saying; "First dude, give me a kiss."

In the background music plays, and Judi Collins sings - "That's right it's come to this. It's come to this. And wasn't it a long way down? And wasn't it a strange way down?"


elsa said...

Hi there, I featured you on Astro Dispatch here:

I hope you get some hits. Sorry I had to use your comments... can't find an email link for you. :)

Elsa P

cactus petunia said...

Seems to me, the statistics indicate Aquarians are a bad political choice much of the time...a love/hate relationship?

Avanti Avanti said...

And right you are, cactus! The nature of the Aquarian energy is a revolutionary one, electrifying, and opinionated. Simply put revolutionaries activate challenge. Challenges activate dangerous counterparts. Thus we see that two of these presidents were assassinated and one suffered an assassination attempt.
Another important point in the U.S. chart shows the rest of the story.
The U.S. mercury (planet of communication) and the U.S. Neptune (planet of spirituality, deception, dispair and creativity) both make 150 degree contacts to the U.S. Moon. This is one of the most stressful aspects in a chart. At the same time these three planets together create a new aspect called a Yod, or as the ancients called it the finger of God.
When we consider these facts, we see that the people are pressured or stressed by public communication, their personal dreams,(including one astrological picture, which says the American dream is to own a home), and lies or the question of who in the public system can they trust.
At any rate the stress factors in this combination, which stem from lies, religion, international organizations, personal beliefs, legal and foreign affairs, may be the seed that deals a deathly blow.

write~now said...

As much as I am hoping that Obama will win my concern is that the McCain/Palin ticket will succeed. The reason for this is that the Capricorn Pluto transit is all about power in government and the government's control over our daily lives. This is also part of the eventual Uranus square to Pluto in 2012 which fuels an opposing backlash to an overbearing government. So please tell me I’m wrong. By the way I love your blog.

SKBYI Society said...

There may be some emotional instablity issues as well with an aquarious. I wonder how a picease would fare in politics. Thanks for the insight. Ive been using chakra power and PK to influence my reality and it actualy works.