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Hi all, on Tuesday May 19th, I was a guest on the Astro Chatter radio show with Pamela Cucinell and Monica Starr

You can download the show by clicking here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/astrochatter/2009/05/19/AstroChatter-Radio

We spoke astrology with an emphasis on moving or relocation astrology, known as astrocartography.

To start the show I was asked to look at President Obama's chart, and what astrological influences he would experience as a result of moving.

So let's take a look at President Obama's charts. First here is his natal chart:

When you consider astrocartography, you will pay close attention to what planets land on the angles of the chart.

For those of you who are new to astrology charts, look at the wheel above. Imagine a cross running through the center of the chart. The corners of that cross, north, south, east and west, are the points we call the angles. These are the most powerful parts of a chart.

The one on the left is known as the Rising Point or Ascendant. Because if you were to see the sky at the moment you were born, from the location where you were born, the constellation you see on this point in your chart, would reflect the constellation that was just rising above the horizon at that moment.

The north point is known as the Midheaven or MC, and it is called that because the constellation that is noted on that point in the chart is the one that was at the zenith on the day and moment you were born.

The right point of the chart is where the constellation was descending below the horizon, thus it is known as the Descendant.

And the South point is the darkest part of the chart, known as the IC or Nadir. The constellation there would be below the horizon when you were born, thus no one could see it from your place of birth.

These four points are also known as: Rising = 1st house cusp, Midheaven = 10th house cusp, Descendant = 7th house cusp, and Nadir or IC = 4th house cusp.

So let's take a look at Barack's chart.

What you see on the angles in Obama's natal chart in Hawaii, is the North node and Uranus at the Midheaven, the South node on the Nadir. This tells us that being in Hawaii, the major influences for this location are karmic (nodes), and that in this location he will learn leadership skills from unorthodox teachers. He will experience excitement and sudden changes that put him in leadership roles, acting roles, legal experiences, and all this will be in the public's eye.

His home will be a unique mix of family and friends, maybe a multicultural mix as well. His contacts will be people and family from past lives. It is also an area that will help point him towards his life's purpose.

Now let's look at Barack's astro influences by moving to Chicago:

Now we see Neptune is at the Midheaven.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, and it is known to take a person to the heights of spirituality and the depths of dispair, depending on how it is aspected in the natal chart. We find Neptune at the Midheaven in very creative people's charts, like Walt Disney, and also in the charts of religious leaders.

When a person goes to their Neptune line, they find themselves moved by a spiritual drive, often they will join some spiritual group or church. They will also be drawn to a more creative approach to their career. The Neptune line can also bring out the gambler or drug addict, if there is a propensity in the natal chart for this.

In Barack's chart, Neptune will bring out creativity and spirituality in Chicago, and also since it is the ruler of his natal 5th house (the house of love, children & investments), he may find love on this line, as well as have children and other investments, which will all benefit his career.

Neptune at the MC, in the sign of Scorpio, should increase intuitive, may bring visions, and give Barack a deeper understanding of what is behind the power that operates the universe.

The sextile to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio & ruler of the 8th house of transformation)in the 8th house, gives opportunities for Obama to transform himself to reveal a deeper purpose to his own life.

This combination in the relocated chart, will also make money available through other people's resources to construct a career that has a strong purpose based on the spiritual values of the individual. It might even come through the participation of the individual in their spiritual or church activities.

I do not know many details of Barack's life, so others will have to verify in what ways this line resonated in his life.

I will note, I saw his pastor become a public figure as he ran for the presidency, and also that experience activated the hard aspect in this configuration. Neptune square his Sun. This aspect, in this location may bring a personal public challenge from a spiritual teacher with whom the individual has a relationship, through media or in a public forum.

Finally, we note Saturn 23 minutes off the angle but having some influence. Showing that in this location Barack will work hard on himself, and how he will appear to others. He will exude a strong, presence, and appear to have issues and emotions under control.

Finally let's look at Barack Obama's chart relocated to Washington DC

The move to the White House, has changed the energies of Barack Obama's natal chart.

Now you see Saturn and Jupiter straddling the Rising Point, and creating a strong influence. Mercury is at the opposite angle, on the Descendant, and the Part of Fortune is about four degrees from the Midheaven.

The Ancients used to call the conjunction (when two planets are less than five degrees apart) of Saturn and Jupiter, the sign of the guru. Of course many people around the world were born under this combination. It's influence indicates a solid foundation from which to expand. It brings practical wisdom, long reaching goals, a universal vision, learning outside the box after a classic foundation.

To move to a location with these planets on the Ascendant emphasizes all these characteristics. At the same time, with Mercury active and opposing on the Descendant, there will be a balancing act with communication, and contracts in one-on-one relationships.

So in the White House, Obama will be seen as a man with a big cooperative vision, taking a practical disciplined stance. He will not easily be swayed, more like a castle, not easily changed. This will cause him to have to weigh and balance the ideas, contracts and conversations of the people with whom he must partner.

He will be seen as strong here, but it will be hard work to get what he wants to say and build across. This is struggle but he will be heard. And his creative communication will actually improve along this line.

His Part of Fortune in the Ninth house within four degrees of the Midheaven should bring him good media coverage and international appeal.

If you listen to the broadcast, I also offered some comments on the influences on Michelle Obama.

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