Astrology Explains American Idol Lose for Adam Lambert

America Loves Kris Allen

If you read my column or heard me on the radio last year when I did numerous astrological accounts of the upcoming presidential election, you already have an idea of what I am going to say.

America lights up and responds to certain planetary configurations.

Despite the fact that Adam Lambert is hands down the best singer / performer / entertainer to ever activate the stage on American Idol, his planetary configuration could not electrify America like Kris Allen's

Since I do not have the time of birth for either contestant, I am obliged to work with their dates of birth alone. I do not even have the exact location of Adam's birth, so we cannot construct an accurate astrological wheel. Thus I cannot speak of the rising of planets in their charts and give keys to upcoming events, challenges and opportunities in their lives.

But we can take their data and patch it into the US chart, to see how they activate America.

When we do this, we can see clearly which contestant lays claim to America's votes.

So here is what it looks like:

Adam Lambert, born January 29, 1982, location not verified.

On the day Adam was born the Moon changed signs, so he may have been born with Moon in Aries or in Pisces. And I cannot be certain which, since I have so little information. His love for drama makes me believe it is most likely a late Pisces Moon, but of course a mitigated Aries Moon could still activate this love.

I would also stake a guess that he has Uranus close to his Ascendant because of his brilliance.

The power he seems to exude through his presence may indicate a late Scorpio Rising, which would put Uranus close to the Ascendant.

However he might also have Sagittarius on the Ascendant because of the way he walks and how he looks. He has a noble carriage, big bones, which are indicative of a Sagittarius Ascendant. Since Uranus is early in Sagittarius, Adam could have either the Scorpio or Sagittarius Ascendant.

Additionally Uranus in the first house makes the individual gravitate to a unique look in clothing, hair, etc.

At any rate, here are Adam Lambert's planets placed on a chart of the United States. (note the Moon may be in a different sign)

Immediately you see that he activates America, but that he also challenged the way America thinks by his very appearance. His North Node lands on the US Mercury (planet of communication) His Venus is conjunct the US Pluto in the house of communication, indicating his voice and what he loves will transform and reveal a deeper thought pattern in the nation.

Additionally Adam's Venus on America's Pluto shows he loves using his voice to change the way America thinks.

His Saturn and Pluto both form a powerful T-Square to the US Mercury and Pluto. This emphasizes a challenge to break up thought patterns, and challenges our ideas of what beauty may be.

So even though Adam Lambert may be the best singer ever to perform on American Idol, his chart activates America in ways that made it difficult for them to give him the trophy. To do so would have said, we are free of our old ways of thinking.

Mercury in Cancer tells us what Americans think our country, our families and our children should be like - mom, home & apple pie. And because the US Moon is in the 9th house, this is the image we want to project to the world.

Through the Saturn Pluto T Square to Mercury & Pluto, Adam Lambert challenged that image. Despite his incredible performances, he could not squeeze into that image (and he would never want to based on his chart), while a look at Kris's chart, may show how he easily fits into what America thinks their children should be.

Kris Allen, born June 21, 1985 (1985-06-21 in Jacksonville, Arkansas (location is verified, no time given but Moon was in Leo all day)

Here are Kris Allen's planets placed on a chart of the United States.

Kris's chart so strongly activates America in a positive way, that if we had looked at this months ago, any astrologer could have easily predicted a victory for this young man.

Take a look at how close his Moon is to the US Midheaven and how it activates America's North Node. This tells us, he emotionally nurtures America's purpose for public and international media. His draws an emotional response from Americans of the family image they feel is their purpose to send out internationally. He meets America's astrological criteria of someone who can tell the world who we are.

Kris's Mercury, (Planet of communication) activates the midpoint between Jupiter & Mercury (International success through communication) while also activating the US sun (Successful American image), and his Mars (Energy, actions) activates the most successful midpoint in the US chart, the Sun Jupiter midpoint (Super success). Hands down this chart takes the nation.

I could go on about this chart, but I think I have said enough.

A note to Kris Allen ~ with your chart the nation will bow to you. Please serve America well as you live your life, you can do great things for this country through your music and beyond. Your chart could take you into political service, or international diplomacy. America loves YOU - not just your talent

Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3 is and ISAR Certified Astrology Professional, a Metaphysical Minister, EFT practitioner, and an award winning Visionary Fiction author. You can reach her at 541-863-6631 or tweet her @tamoor

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