Cross Species Friendships - An Elephant & A Dog

Here is yet another example of how the Divine Innocents (what people call, animals) are teaching us to love each other. Best friends between unusual species causes humans to take notice, and re-consider what is possible. 

This amazing film shares a story of loving friendship between an elephant named Tarra, and a dog named, Bella. It should open any heart; and cause the mind to question why we can't find common ground with other human beings.

Perhaps it is that we have lost sight of what is important and have created too many distractions through mental gymnastics, which we use to answer questions like, "Why am I here?"

We invented religions that instead of unifying us, divide us.

We have created moral grounds through ideas, and forgotten common sense.

We have set in motion a vehicle of exchange, in money or precious metals, which gives power to the few, while the most valuable vehicle of exchange, which is love, is overlooked completely.

No other species has done this. They overlook all shortcomings, except in issues of hunger.

But even hunger may not be grounds for fighting. Here is a video of a cat sharing milk with a rat.

And another amazing study* shows one rat faced with a choice of either freeing another rat or opening a capsule with food and eating it. This rat takes no time deciding. He frees his fellow rat first, then opens the food capsule. But then he again surprises us by eating exactly half of the food, and allowing his friend to eat the rest. 

Every experience that these Divine Innocents share, whether by what appears to be co-incidence or through a scientific study, expands human consciousness. 

Each surprising act of animal kindness we experience is a great gift, it expands our consciousness and also shows us we are changing. Today, there are more people then ever before who realize that Love is the only 'Valuable." 

Our desire to serve is in our Divine Nature and many are realizing this. Many are driven by their Divine passion and thus creating change across our collective consciousness. As more people shift their viewpoint to choose to do everything as an act of love, more people will begin to shake free of the mental games, which demand dollars instead of the expression of love, and we will move into a new world.

Enjoy this film and allow your heart to open to the possibilities that previously you thought impossible.

What do you love? Are you doing what you love? If not, ask yourself why. If your only answer is money, re-examine your choices. If you make money so your children will go to college, then what you are doing is an act of love. But alas, if you are not happy with it, you need to re-examine what changes you can make to insure you enjoy the work you do.

Recently a friend told me that she wanted to make a change in the way she makes money. I felt guided to suggest a job as a receptionist and she immediately said, “But I cannot type.” I said, “But you can learn.” This is an example of the blocks we place in our minds that create a personal prison. Best to take a moment to examine what keeps you from your joy and begin to dissolve those blocks.

When we are joyful, we do not see the differences of politics, creed, ethnicity or lifestyle, because joy is love. Consider these things as you watch this exceptional film.

This film was shot on November 8, 2010 by CBS Evening News. A little less than a year later on November 4, 2011, CBS reported that dear sweet Bella had died. It is thought she was killed by coyotes. But Tarra carried Bella's body over a mile back to the sanctuary center. Bella's body was free of blood but Tarra's trunk had blood on it. Tarra has been grieving over the loss of her friend and the other elephants have brought her food to make her feel better. The Elephant Sanctuary has set up a Bella Memorial Fund to help strays like Bella and to support the elephants as well as some of the fund supports other humane societies. Here is the link: http://www.elephants.com/Bella/Bella.php  or you can donate by buying a little something to remind you of Bella & Tarra in their gift shop at this link: http://www.elephants.com/tarra/TarraBella_Shop.php

*Read more about this study in Scientific America at this link: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=jailbreak-rat

**You can also listen to the whole story as it aired on NPR, at this link: