What is a Metaphysical Minister?

You ask what is a Metaphysical Minister, I will do my best to explain. Please ask further questions once you have read this, so I add more clarification in future blogs.

A metaphysical minister is one who lives by the Spiritual Laws and counsels others so they can attain clear thinking in their lives.

Frequently emotional issues and confusing situations are the result of a dis-connection between one's heart (soul center) and the mind. Then the mind takes over with fears and others opinions creating confusion and disharmony in the body. A Metaphsycial Minister helps one sort that out and rediscover or reconnect with the true self - soul.

It does not have anything to do with dogma or religion. Thus it honors everyone's path knowing that every path is valuable and that each individual aligns themselves in the most harmonious way (at least that is what we hope for - though often the choice of path is fostered upon the individual through parentage or peer pressure)

You may ask what exactly is metaphysics, or what are the Spiritual Laws? Both valid and excellent questions.

Metaphyscis - is a combinations of Greek words - Meta meaning beyond and physics - things relating to, or part of the physical world. In todays world metaphysics loosely means subjects that relate to things beyond the physical world.

A Metaphysician is a person who studies and works with subjects beyond this world. This of course would include the Spiritual Laws - the laws of creation, manifestation, and karma.

When we understand and live by the Spiritual Laws, we live in harmony with life, maintaining balance. This alignment creates what I call, 'Right Thinking.'

That of course may sound like there is an opposite, 'Wrong Thinking,' but actually that would not be quite correct. Instead the proper term would be, 'imbalanced Thinking.'

An example of this would be, when an individual personalizes what another says to them.

When we take words in and find ourselves lacking we do harm to ourselves. We need to learn to listen to the other individual with an open mind, and to ask questions in a way that honors the others opinions before falling into a personalized posture, which will result in either folding into ourselves feeling a sense of failure, or taking the opposite approach of striking out in defense.

This is what a Metaphysical Minister does. They help an individual unravel experiences and offer techniques the individual can use to create a more balanced, harmonious life.

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