Astrology, Metaphysics & Spiritual Tips

Please join me at my grand opening of my new Fan Page from 8 - 9 pm PT, Feb 8th, doing a teleconference about Astrology, Tarot, Archetypes & Metaphysical Mentoring to introduce everyone to my upcoming courses. 

Conference call number is: 1 (218) 339-2699 Code: 107110

Courses will be small and limited, so if you think you want to join me, please send me a message and I will add you to my list. 

Class fees can be paid by check or online through Paypal. 

Class Sessions: 
Mentoring is weekly for 8 weeks; 
Beginning Astrology is 13 weeks; 
Intermediate Astrology is the 1st & 3rd week each month - ongoing &
Secrets of The Tarot runs 10 weeks. 

Here is a brief description of each course: 

Mentoring Course - 8 weeks

I have found that despite teaching clients or friends techniques to get beyond their 
  • fear of lack, 
  • fear of loss of love, job, home, or money, 
  • fear of age loss, 
  • fear of memory loss, 
  • fear of being wealthy, 
  • fear of asking for something which leaves less for someone more worthy,   
  • fear of dying, 
  • fear of speaking in public, 
  • fear of being left alone, 
  • fear of unworthiness, 
  • fear of going to hell, 

Or the techniques to:
  • Attract money,
  • Attract abundance,
  • Attract love,
  • Become self-confidant,
  • Increase health,
  • Increase awareness,
  • Increase intuition,
  • Increase love,
  • Release anxiety,
  • Release overwhelm,
  • Be grateful for everything;

Despite all these techniques that may have been given, most people do not have the staying power to complete the cycle so that these issues never return. Instead what most people do, is they use the technique for a while till they feel better, then they sail along for awhile, then they start to sink again and need to start over with another phone call. 

So based on this, I am now starting a mentoring course. 

In this course I will be there for everyone:
  • Once each week on a teleconference, 
  • Once each week online, 

If you attend each class, actively participate by honestly voicing your fears and needs, I guarantee:
  • I will help you keep your focus, 
  • I will help you achieve what you are aiming to achieve, 
  • This course will change you life, and 
  • In 8 weeks, you will attain stability in the area of life you have been focusing. 

I believe sometimes we need to have someone there who will give us support and continue to physically point the way. Someone who will help us re-balance and re-focus through simple loving techniques and guidance. Someone who has worked with thousands of people and knows the pitfalls as soon as we speak. 

The mentoring course requires your commitment to eight weeks. Less than this will not get you what you need. After the first eight weeks you can decide if you feel you want to continue or if you feel you are set in creating the life you want. 

Most people will want to continue because once we get one area of our lives working the way we want it, we realize there are other areas we could use support with. So that option will remain open. But in all cases a course is eight week long. 

Classes run 1 hour, the student will call a teleconference number, so please be prepared to pay for this phone call. Each class will include a meditation, an EFT session, and personal reviews, exercises and techniques to realign each student with their goals. 

What you don't see. Each student will be part of my prayer connection. I will work with you on the inner as well as on the outer to achieve your goals. This cannot be seen, but it will give you strength and will assist you to take the steps and keep the focus to make a stable change. 

Fee is $134. You can pay by check or online through paypal. 

I will post more on the following classes soon:

Beginning Astrology - 10 weeks
Intermediate Astrology - twice a month, ongoing
Enlightenment Through The Tarot -