Jupiter Saturn Conjunction - Winter Solstice 2020

At sunset this evening, if you have clear skies, look to the Southwest and you will see Jupiter (the brightest) and Saturn in the sky as they are coming into the tightest conjuntion closest to the earth in 794 years. We call this the Great Conjuntion because not only are they aligned in the zodiac contellation but they are aligned in latitude (declination) this will make them appear as one on the evening of the Winter Solstice, Monday Dec 21st.

This conjunction is at 0 degrees Aquarius and one might say it hails the doorway to new levels of cooperation, freedom, revolution, invention and thought.

I will be speaking about the significance of this and the Solstice Chart this Saturday at 3pm on FB Live. Hope you will join me. https://fb.me/e/24naPcfOt