Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon, Saturn, Pluto = Busting Belief Systems

Saturday, February 23rd, Mercury stationed Retrograde at 19:52 Pisces, while on Monday, February 25th we entered a 7:24 Virgo Full Moon cycle. 

As you may have heard me mention before, this cycle will be filled with news, so much will happen that you will have to take extra time to learn about it and may not hear all of it for months. 

But let's look at what it means to the individual. 

Though anyone over 20 has experienced a Mercury Retrograde in Pisces before, this one is potent and unique because of where our solar system is in the galactic center, the frequencies that have been released back on December 21, and the fact that Saturn and Pluto are working with Mercury to transform old belief systems that have imprisoned the collective consciousness for the last 26,000 years. 

Additionally during this two week moon cycle we will experience the struggle of self-criticism, external criticism and all the issues of perfection and imperfection that hold us from being whole and happy. This is a period where every form of self-sabotage will rear it's head. 

Rising from the depths of ancient lifetimes through one's psyche, there may be irrational feelings of anger. To put your finger on why you are angry may be a little bit difficult because it has to do with patterns embedded in your consciousness through belief systems that were designed to control us and sabotage our understanding of our own power. 

So let those feelings rise and release them. 

If you know EFT, use it, if you are familiar with Tom Kenyon's work read his latest Hathors report and use the meditation and sound frequencies that they offer through him. 

At this time, all humanity is on a journey of significant change and this period is one direct wave. 

Lightbearers need to stay grounded because as all the controlling belief systems are uprooted, many will not be able to handle a completely new way of viewing who we are. A view that is based on truth rather than man's reaction to the physicality and his need to control it. 

Here's a quick look at the headlines over the last four days:
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A Racial Entitlement? Supreme Court Threatens Voting Rights Act,...
Shell halts 2013 drilling plans in Alaska's Arctic seas
GOP's obstructionism is suicide strategy
Higher cancer risks' after Fukushima crisis 

Congress sends Violence Against Women Act to Obama