Compatibility - Venus in Pisces & Mars in Libra

I'm frequently asked on the radio and on the net, compatibility questions.

I always say it is much more complicated than Sun Signs. We are truly complex beings, so you will see successful marriages that make no sense by Sun Sign. You have to look deeper into a chart to get the truth about how compatible two people will be.

Additionally the stages of life are yet another factor. When people are young, the need for sexual attraction is imperative, it is the mating call of the species. Without strong sexual attraction in youth, there would be no reproduction. This does not mean the couple is really all that compatible, but they may marry, and all too often divorce later.

But in later stages of life you will find many different types of attraction emerge, and often a greater depth of compatibility is achieved.

No astrologer will say anyone has developed true maturity until they pass their first Saturn test - the return of Saturn to its original position in the birth chart, which happens around the age of 29 years. Thus many early marriages are more difficult to sustain, though of course some are the result of good karmic fortune.

At any rate, a pat answer to compatibility questions is not possible.

That said, the question on the floor is:

Will a Venus in Pisces Man, & A Mars in Libra Woman Be Compatible?

A man's Venus tells us what kind of woman he would be attracted to, while a woman's mars tells us what kind of man she would be attracted to.

Underlying both of these statements is the issue of love and energy.

Venus in Pisces tells us the man loves romance, dreaming, sleeping, spirituality or drugs, escapism, and has a love of merging with another. The type of woman he would love should have beautiful feet, wear feminine, lacy, ruffled, delicate, clothing. May be religious, spiritual or into some mind altering experience. May be a dreamer.

Mars in Libra tells us the woman uses her energy communicating to create balance, harmony and beauty. She may be an artist, a counselor, mediator, judge, or dating consultant. She wants a man who loves to communicate, is fair, and has an interest in relating to others. Might even be a bit gossipy and that would be fine by her.

How compatible is this Venus and Mars? Not all that compatible by astrological aspect. If both planets were in within a 5 degree orb: say Venus was 15 degrees of Pisces and Mars was between 10 and 20 degrees of Libra, then these planet would be in an inconjunct aspect.

Inconjunct is 150 degrees apart, and it is a very stressful aspect, each planet would be constantly re-assessing the other.

However to ask such a question is limiting, since this is not all that an astrologer will consider to indicate compatibility between two people.

There is much, much, more to consider. The relationship between the individual's Moons would be a better question, or the Moon and Neptune or Moon and Venus. These would say more than just Venus and Mars.

While the aspects between Venus and Mars may be stressful, these planets can find their balance through another planet or better yet, a luminary like the Moon.

Stressful aspects between Venus and Mars may create some attraction, but will result in an unsatisfying sexual connection, though this too could be mitigated in some way through other aspects or placements in the chart.

So where is your Venus & your lover's/mate's/husband's or wife's Mars?
Let me know, and I will tell you what I see.