Gaia is expanding her frequencies & the Grid is pulsing!

Hi Everyone, I have been so busy with what is happening on the vibrational change front that I simply have not had time to get here to share with you.

The whole grid is now intact!

We have had some major breakthroughs since I last posted. I am sure you must be feeling them. The intergalactic beings who have been driving many people on earth have been sent home, freeing Gaia to expand. She has been pulsing in a very strong way since the Solstice. There is a new level of peace on the planet..

Yes, I know everything is not gone and it seems much is continuing. But it has changed and it is a revolutionary change that will take a bit of time to appear in complete mundane ways. Please it is imperative at this time to focus on the vision of a world that is one tribe. A peaceful planet with integrity, respect and honor for all our differences. Because in time the differences that divide will fade and we will begin the process of peace and honor.

If you will focus each day on the vision of world wide peace, and pour love into every dark corner you see, this will take us to the next step. Many have already gone through the Galactic Center. We are moving through it in waves based on consciousness. We are opening a new world and in lots of ways you can see the revolutionary process at a mundane level.

Avoid fear. All you need to do is stay centered in light and love each day. You can do this by saying a prayer, an affirmation, an EFT, or TFT round or any way you know to maintain balance.

We need every lightworker to hold the light, to radiate the light, to begin to come into alignment with the light that radiates through them. You can just practice saying: I AM the Light. And when you say this, visualize the light pouring through all your bodies entering your heart and then expanding outward to radiate to everyone for miles beyond you. For this is truth. you will manifest what you say now more than ever. Say it with love, Say it with joy, Know you are the Light and we will raise the vibrations of everyone around us.

We need change no one, just love and light ourselves and know all the rest will follow.

Hugs & Joy,
We are so blessed to be together in this time of Solar escalation, Vibrational expansion & the emergence of PEACE. .