Empower Yourself with Numerology

Have you ever wondered if numbers have power? Do they have meaning? Can numerology empower you in life? 

Numbers are used everywhere. You can’t go through a single day without engaging with numbers. “How much does this cost?” “What was the phone number?” “Did you get that address right?” “What is your zip code?” “Please put in your pin number.” “Can I get your zip code?” “That show is on channel 231.”

Basic numerology addresses the birth date and the name that appears on a birth certificate. But is that all there is?
Every bit of Creation is connected, not coincidentally,  but logically and numbers are a key to all of it.  All numbers have a frequency, much like the notes on a musical scale. When we speak or think, we activate frequencies and each has a numeric basis or counterpart.

So what does it mean and how can this knowledge help us in our journey for joy, health, love and prosperity?

Let’s start with the most basic number: One, 1, or I. It is a single note, clear frequency, a directive of energy. It reflects what the Ancients called, The Pole*, and for which the Pole Star was named. This ancient energy calls in Primordial Creation, God/Spirit, Direction, Support and the Act of Manifestation.

It is not a unifying number but an individuating one. It is interesting when we realize that One begins all creation and it is about, I, the letter whose numerical counterpart is the number, Nine, which is the completion of all things.

So in this first number, we become aware of a basic principle of creation, it all begins with One and it is the One who will complete the act. 

This number informs us that we are the creators of our universe, we begin it and we complete it, but we must also realize that it is a great expansive circle that once we complete, we begin again on a higher frequency. Understanding this allows you to realize that nothing is flat in creation, but all things spiral and are seen as flat when we look up or down, from the center, which is where each of us stand in our worlds of creation.

Let us come back to the mundane and look at how we can use the number one in daily life.  When we focus our lives through the filter of One, we consciously engage the universe to manifest what we want.

So how do we use this ‘One’ filter? First step is to be aware, that is what we opened in the previous paragraphs. Secondly, we must focus this energy through words, song, meditation, prayer, writing and thought.

Sankrit writing of the word, OM

The key word of power, which represents the Sacred Element of Air, calling in the wisdom of the Ancients, is ‘OM.’ O=6, M=4, together they create 10, which reduced to one digit becomes the number, 1.**  See note below on how to reduce numbers in numerology.

When we focus on the word, OM, sing it, write it, and add to it the images or words of what we desire, we send a clear, focused message to Spirit.

This frequency can be taken to an even higher octave, by going to a word that is the Master Number*** of one, a word that equals 11, ‘HU.’ (Pronounced like ‘hue.’)

Modern Numerology's Alpha Numeric Chart

This chart allows you to quickly access the number related to any letter. Thus you can identify what numbers are active through a name, or address.

When looking at the chart, the letters listed below each number will activate that frequency and you can add them together to find the power of a word. For example, the name, Art. Look at the column with number one at the top. There you will find A, thus A=1, R is located in the 9 column, so R=9, and T is located in the 2 column, so T=2. Thus for Art we would add, 1+9+2=12, which when reduced = 3.

I welcome any questions about the meaning of a name, and will be addressing names in this new monthly column later in the year.


Hidden Frequencies From Our Collective Consciousness

This period in the Gregorian Calendar, which has been adopted by the Western Collective Consciousness is called February 2013, or Feb. 2013, it carries a numerological frequency unlike any other time in our lives.

Here is how the numerology adds up.  February, 6+5+2+9+3+1+9+7=42, which reduces to 6. This number is also the key number for the entire year of 2013, six, which makes 2013 a year of choices, networking, and gives a more optimistic attitude.

When we add February’s 6 to 2013’s, 6, we have 12, which equals 3, the number of nurturing, family, re-uniting, working together through challenges. So the current frequency is aligned with working through challenges, new children, those who divide and naturally, how we will make choices during this time is key.

This is not the only frequency for the month, additionally, we call February, Feb, which adds up to: 13 and thus the number, 4. These frequencies tell us it is time to transform and take control instead of controlling others, or giving away control.  The four regains all the corners of the universe, it activates all centers and swiftly frees or directs.

Using all of February’s frequencies to achieve the best possible outcome, this is what is indicated: 

·       Be aware of the choices you make this month (2013 will ask this each month.)
·       Make choices to nurture others as family. Allow the love of the Earth to flow through your heart center as you approach life this month.
·       This energy will help you reclaim your power and stop controlling others. Share what you know, but remember that it is not wise to force your knowledge on anyone. It is a period to remember to honor and respect the choices others make for their lives, even if you think you know better. This is the answer to empowerment under the number four. Examine the choices you are making in each cornerstone of your life, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Focus your choices on nurturing and self-empowerment, and you will fulfill numerology’s frequency for February 2013.

*The ancients believed there was a pole that held up the heavens, and that information was sent back and forth to heaven through this mighty pole.

**In numerology, all numbers are added together and then reduced to a single digit, unless after adding them together the result is a number with double digits, such as: 11, 22, 33, 44, etc. These remain intact and are called Master Numbers.

***Master numbers are all numbers that consist of replicating digits, such as 11, 22, 111, 222, 444,444, etc. Master numbers activate the originating frequency to a higher octave and thus empower the individual exponentially.

Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She has taught in many areas of metaphysics and is also an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. Call 541.863.6631 or contact her through facebook. To learn about her radio show, classes and current metaphysical news, click on the consultations tab at the top of this page AstrologyAndMore.blogspot.com/consultations.html