Radio Programs - Tales of Tamoor & Astrocartgraphy

As we are revamping my websites, I have been hunting for some of the links to radio shows I have done in the recent past.

I came across a show I did last October on My Spiritual Healer with Kriss Van Hookand that I thought some of you might want to listen to.

The first half of the show is about GreeHee, metaphysics, why did I write this book and what is it really about. So you may want to listen. Here is the link:


I also did spoke with Chris Flisher on his show Turning of the Wheel. The topic is Astrocartography. The astrology of location. You can find the show at this link:


I think you may find these two programs interesting and if you feel like asking some questions after you listen, please leave comments here and I will respond on this blog.

Best to everyone...