Astrology - Where is the Love?

The Fifth House and The Loves Of My Life

Hi Everyone, I have now scheduled a thrice weekly visit, so you can learn more astrology and discuss it.

Today I will be on Debra Clement's radio show: www.contacttalkradio.com at 3pm Pacific Time. We will be discussing the 5th house and the loves of your life.

We received a letter from a listener, born July 12, 1953 at 11:51 AM in New Haven, CT

Here is what the listener wrote, and we will discuss:

i feel my soul aches and have been lost my whole life - the past # of years working more intensely than ever.
i don't know if i am making progress or not. suffer from depression / anxiety can be crippling at times.
no home or financial security- no love for over 20 years - i am ready for a happy life.
The note is terribly sad, even the "i"s are small making me feel the person is not happy and has a low self-esteem.

By looking at the chart, we will see from where this stems, and also may find ways to help the individual.

Here is the chart:

Looking at the fifth house in this chart, you note the sign of Aquarius on the cusp at 8 degrees 14 minutes.

Aquarius on this cusp tells us that this individual has a loves: eccentric, unique, unusual, different, revolutionary, freedom-oriented, friend-oriented, people, hobbies, social activities, lovers, and this would also the way they would connect with children. So there may be unique children in this individual's life - not biological. Please note that to Spirit, children are not necessarily human beings, but may be businesses, books, art, or anything that can speak to the world without the original creator or parent.

Aquarius needs freedom to express its opinions. It is also a sign that in and of itself, does not require love. It is content to love all life. Now this does not mean the individual reflects that in every way, but it does indicate a deeper, underlying, subconscious drive to be friends instead of lovers. This can cause a subconscious rule to avoid being tied down.

Since there are no planets in this house, we do not have anything here to contradict these statements, or to expand them. So next, we look to the rulers of Aquarius in the chart to see what they are saying and how they interact with each other, the chart as a whole and perhaps the 5th house cusp.

The rulers of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. You noticed Uranus as soon as you looked at the chart because it sits at the midheaven (the top) in the 10th house. So immediately, you know that one of the loves of this individual's life is being seen, investing in a career that is unique or gives the individual lots of freedom, variety and likely travel.

Uranus is exactly conjunct Mars, and is also actively conjunct the Sun, all in Cancer. This indicates the individual will put their energy and personal drive into their career, which may have to do with property, family, or nurturing, or all of the above.

The Moon and South Node are also in this house, in the sign of Leo telling us there is a desire to lead, to socialize, to play, to love, to laugh, to entertain, and to make a career of all these things. The node tells us the individual brings leadership & star qualities from past lives. That they will have the talents necessary for this lifetime's career. Literally that they were born with skills to lead, and be seen.

However when we look again at the connection between the Sun and Moon, we note they are 18 degrees apart, in different signs, indicating they do not communicate.

This tells us that the parents did not communicate well when the individual was born, and that results in a lack of balance between the male and female parts of the consciousness. The desire for love is there through the moon in Leo, but by placing it in the 10th house, it dismisses lovers for the public, leadership, entertainment, and career.

Now take a look at the contact between the rulers of the house of love, Saturn and Uranus. They square each other creating a challenge to love. Saturn is in the Libra ruled first house, exalted in Libra conjunct Neptune, so immediately we know this person is beautiful, photogenic with beautiful skin. But this Saturn/Neptune combination is in a square to Sun, Mars, and Uranus in the house of career, and then we note, thee is still another issue arising from the fourth house Chiron, creating a T-square to the personal Saturn in the first house.

So now we see where the injury to love stems - emotional injury early in life while still in the home of the mother and possibly coming from the absence of emotional support due to a father being away from home, absent or not nurturing. It may also reveal the mother was absent and that an older woman took care of this child. The fact that Chiron is so directly opposite the Sun seems to emphasize the absence of the father due to career.

So when we take these factors into account, the individual has an emotional struggle with a lack of self worth due to a lack of nurturing and emotional response from a male parent.

When the individual resolves this issue the possibility for happiness will manifest.

Now remember we have based all of this on the natal chart, and have not reviewed the progressed, or transiting planets, which will clue us into where the individual is today, how they have worked with these issues and what other factors are now present.

One last note, in case you missed it, Mars, the planet of energy, is also the ruler of the seventh house of Marriage, since it is conjunct Uranus, and square Saturn, while opposed to Chiron, we get a lot of pictures about the possibilities of marriage for this individual. Indicating if marriages occur they will happen suddenly, move swiftly and end abruptly and most likely quickly.

Again this does not mean that the individual cannot overcome this, they can. But they need to resolve the subconscious factors that cause these actions. All of this stems from self-esteem issues.

Naturally there is much, much more that can be said about this chart, as with all charts, they tell the story of a life, every aspect of it is embedded here, and I could talk for days about it.

Now it's your turn to listen into the program, to hear the individual's response. I have never met or spoken to this person, just received the birth data you see above.

If you miss the show, I will be posting a link here later tonight.

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Talk soon, Michele