Summer Solstice - Cancer Ingress - Astrology Outlook

Early this morning the Sun entered 0' 0" Cancer, signaling the Summer Solstice, or beginning of summer. A time celebrated for centuries as the longest day of the year, the beginning of the harvest season. Many traditions from watching sunrise at Stonehenge to bonfires in Norway, and Yoga publicly performed across India are ways the world celebrates this day.

Astrologically it is a day of power, where the energies of second Cardinal sign, Cancer open a doorways of nurturing, nationalism, family endeavors, reunions, resolutions, as well as possible new challenges. Most significantly in mundane astrology (the study of the resonance of planets and luminaries on nations, cities, governments, kings and rulers) it creates a new chart by location of what will ensue over this three month period (June 21 - September 21.)

Here is the 2018 Cancer Ingress* chart for the United States of America.

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The first geometric configuration that we notice is Neptune at the Midheaven (top of the chart.) It is in, what astrologers call a Grand Trine (120 degrees apart) with Jupiter in the 5th house and Mercury in the 1st house. This Trine is not fully activated in this chart because Neptune and Jupiter are both retrograde and thus not fully engaging Mercury. Jupiter will go direct on July 10th and begin to connect with Mercury, but the implications of this grand trine will likely not be clearly visible till after August 23rd. 

So what does this Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury trine indicate? 

Neptune at the Midheaven indicates lies, stories, illusions, fantasies, conspiracy theories, as well as at a more physical level, oil or other underground resources like natural gas, etc, will be in the public's eye and keenly associated with the mission, or work of the United States, its president, and those who run this government. They will also either be noted or promoted by judges. 

Because Neptune is in the second deconate* of Pisces, it emphasizes families and children, as well as all issues of nourishing or care. 

Additionally the Sabian symbol for Pisces at 16 degrees: The Flow of Inspiration

Blain Bovee, a Sabian Symbol* specialist states:
Pisces 16 is expressive of free flowing intuition and inspiration. It is natural, but sometimes out side the bounds of our idea of civilized behavior. When ego-identity and refinement of character fit easily with genuine, raw life energy, the impact is impressive, compelling and deeply alluring.
Adding all of this together you can see that the focus of this nation over the next three months will center around a variety of questions regarding 
  • lies, 
  • conspiracies, 
  • families, 
  • children,
  • our idea of civilized behavior, 
  • ego-identity and 
  • character. 

I believe this has already begun its activation as we look at issues now emerging regarding our immigration system, but it will get bigger. It will include judges and judgments. 

Mercury at 16 degrees of  Cancer in the first house is the second leg of this trine which dominates this chart. Mercury is the planet of communication. It indicates what we are speaking and thinking about. Thus all the issues of focus pulled in by Neptune are not only seen but being discussed. Since it is in the first house, it is talk about this nation, about who we are. 

The Sabian Symbol for 16 degrees of Cancer is: A man before a square with a manuscript scroll before him

Without question this indicates the people of American examining the details to find the truth. This is the Mercury that questions and looks deeper than what is being said for what is hidden. 

Mercury is in the second deconate of Cancer which add the Scorpio influence to this discussion. Scorpio always looks behind the king to see who is in control and then it figures out how to take control itself. So consider this as you consider what Americans are discussing and thinking about at this time. 

Jupiter at 13 degrees Scorpio

Now we will add Jupiter at the transformational number of 13 degrees in the transformational sign of  Scorpio in the fifth house, the house of all the things we love and invest in, from children, to hobbies from social fun to monetary investments. 

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and astrologically it expands and makes things more noticeable or bigger. It also rules the internet, all forms of media from television and film to magazines and advertising. Additionally it rules imports, exports, international travel, religions, higher education and even legal processes such as court hearings and legal paperwork.

The Sabian symbol for 13 degrees Scorpio is: An Inventor Experimenting

This symbol is such an amazing one in this chart, it shows Americans at their best creatively working together to solve the issues that involve our national character, situations involving children that may be foreigners, issues perhaps of immigration, as well as how we invest our money and how we work with the court systems. Even issues of import/export may come under the inventive minds of the American people. 

Jupiter here is in the second deconate (as are all three of these planets, the number 2 is the number of choices) which is Pisces. Pisces is the dreamer, the one who creates through imagination. Pisces can be joyfully creative or dismally drugged. But the trine is a doorway that activates opportunities to step beyond what may be holding one back. Thus it gives us the opportunity to leave the drugged state of lies, mis-information or fake news to see the truth and thus take action to transform. 

There is so much more to discuss in this chart... I will return to add more info... but if you are student of astrology, I welcome your input.. we all come with different eyes, different backgrounds, so each can add an angle to understanding that expands knowledge for everyone. (and yes that is Jupiter in a nutshell..lol) 

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*Ingress means enter, in this case the Cancer Ingress refers to the Sun entering 0 degrees of Cancer.
*Deconate is the word used in astrology to denote the energies of planet as it travels through a constellation. In this case Neptune is in Pisces, thus Pisces would be the energy of the first 10 degrees of this constellation, Cancer would influence the next 10 degrees and then Scorpio the last 10 degrees. The influence is based on the element of the constellation, which in the case of Pisces is Water. 
*Sabian Symbols - this study comes from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones written in 1953. There are many new books on this subject, You can find them on Amazon