Happy Yule - Merry Christmas - May Peace Joy & Wonder Fill You

Life is so busy during this season that we often miss the wonder, joy and peace that are its great blessings. Please take time each day to release the latches of lists from all your thoughts and breath in a joyful love of life. If you have nature outside your home or workplace, take a moment to witness the movement of trees, the sound of birds and the the glorious sky bright or turbulent as it may be. We are here to uplift each other, and all that live on this magnificent being we call, Mother Earth.
As we approach the Yule, the longest night of the year, we should each take time to let the memories of joy, fill us with contentment. Take a moment and consider how all the steps you have taken in this life have led you to who you are now. Breath the joy of this tapestry you have created.. yes, there may be threads that did not seem to complete their design, but the overall pattern is one of beauty. Enjoy that beauty which is you. In this contented space.
Now take a moment to consider what steps you would like to fulfill in the upcoming year. Make it a magical year of enchantment. One that is not frantic or fearful but one that you will embrace the magic of your own ability to create. Fill that bubble dream with all the love and wonder you can muster. Love it like a new born child and then let it float up to the universe where your higher self and all the beings who love you will help you create it.

I wish you a Magical Yule!
May you feel the l

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