Glyphosates - Roundup - Autism - MIT Research shows link

you may have heard me 
mention these before, 
you may even know exactly 
what I am talking about.. 

you may have been led to think 
that gluten is the cause 
of so much concern in wheat, 
but it is not the gluten, 
it is the glyphosates.. 

all wheat that is not organic, is desiccated*
that means it has been treated 
with Roundup before planting.. 
yes wonderful glyphosate filled roundup...

Now an MIT researcher is telling the truth about 
those glyphosates & their link to autism...

Please do not watch any of this unless you are strong 
and holding a clear vision that knows 
we will find solutions to all of this.

But it is important that you know. 
It is important you take action where you can and 
that you bless all of those involved because 
there are many good people who do not know 
what terrible things they are letting loose on our world.

We must educate everyone so it stops, and 
we must hold a vision that a solution beyond 
what we understand in this moment will be made available.

It is imperative that we each participate because 
we are each part of the light that 
holds the negative forces in balance. 
Stay in the light, 
stay in love and 
let Spirit flow through every part of your being, 
we must together change our world and 
the consciousness that has 
held money above every form of life. 
This must change.

Here is the link to the videos:

"By 2032 Half of All Boys Will be Autistic"

...Dr. Chen was very excited about an 
MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff and 
her findings on Roundup, vaccinations and autism.

She says she must speak out even if she dies 
because its necessary. 
If we continue as we are going now 
by 2032 half of all boys will be autistic.

Watch this interview https://vimeo.com/65914121

More from Seneff: https://youtu.be/a52vAx9HaCI

If you are unfamiliar with Jeffrey Smith, please get acquainted, he has been on the front line of educating people the world over on the poisons of Monsanto's products as well as others that are destroying health of every being on the planet including the elements. 

Ponder this: 
Without water no one will survive.. 
How much poison can we continue to pour into our watersheds 
before Mother Earth can no longer clean it fast enough 
to maintain life as we know it on this planet? 

Learn more - share more - make sure all your
friends and family understand the kind of poison
we are playing with every time we eat
food from unknown sources.

Glyphosate - from Wikipedia is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide used to kill weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds and grasses known to compete with commercial crops grown around the globe. It was discovered to be a herbicide by Monsanto chemist John E. Franz in 1970.[3] Monsanto brought it to market in the 1970s under the trade name Roundup and Monsanto's last commercially relevant United States patent expired in 2000.
Crop Desiccation  - from Wikipedia
Pre-harvest crop desiccation (also called, siccation) refers to the application of a herbicide to a crop shortly before harvest. Herbicides used include glyphosate, diquat and glufosinate. For potatoes, carfentrazone-ethyl is used. Other desiccants are cyanamide, cinidon-ethyl, and pyraflufen-ethyl.
PAN - Pesticide Action Network North America http://www.panna.org/blog/roundup-cancer-future-food?gclid=Cj0KEQiAyIayBRDo4vjdqJrgxZ0BEiQAhOYCYB5d7nWxB60NHeqNQ6k5qYPG_fJ1pnhuVHrS3NeSrd0aAi3D8P8HAQ

Researcher Reveals Monsanto 
Has Known Since 1981 
That Glyphosate Promotes Cancer

There are up to 20 chemicals, 
hormones and antibiotics in milk and 
Monsanto’s glyphosate is toxic to dairy cows