Mundane Astrology - Learn To Read A Solstice Chart

Randy asked:

I just read your blog where you forecast based on Solstice charts and some fixed star positions. I was wondering if I wanted to learn more about reading solstice charts and fixed stars where would I look and what would I read? I enjoyed the connections you made between astrology and the economy.

Michele's Response:

As to reading Solstice and Equinox charts, or the Cardinal Ingress charts, it is best to look for books on Mundane Astrology. There are quite of few of them nowadays.

I started with two books.
1) The Astrology of the Macrocosm, edited by Joan McEvers, my edition is dated 1989. In this book you will find a full chapter on The Ingress Chart by Judy Johns. If you go to UAC, check to see if Judy is giving any lectures or workshops on Mundane Astrology. Judy does quite a bit of research for corporate entities, and is on top of anything mundane.
2) Raphael's Mundane Astrology, this is a great book, tiny in size and I have no idea if it has ever been reprinted. It was published in England by W. Foulsham & Co. in 1932. It is excellent. I must assume someone picked up the rights and has republished it.

Then I would say, create some ingress charts for years past. Years where you know the big events that took place. Take the data off the pages, scramble them up and then see what you come up with. Check it against your list of events and see how accurate you have been. This is a great way to learn astrology - mundane or otherwise. In my intermediate classes I call these mystery charts. They are great for building confidence in new astrologers because through your accurate interpretations you realize how much you have learned and know.

Finally if you want to investigate other mundane books, please do. I am certain you will find some by Nicholas Campion, Marc Penfield, Diana Rosenburg, Jim Lewis and other great astrologers.

Here are some of the titles from my library:
Who's Who in Astrology by Marc Penfield
Tables of Planetary Phenomenon by Neil Michelson
Accurate World Horoscopes by Doris Chase Doane
The Astrological Chart of The United States from 1776 to 2141 by Gar Osten (this is a very interesting book, which does not use the ingress but rather the US natal charts for reference, and if you are new to this process you will find it very interesting to note that our nation has just had its progressed Mars go retrograde in an approaching aspect to natal Saturn. This signals internal strife, possible revolution, possible dictatorship and too many other things to go into here. But this alone can be worth your while to research if you are interested in the direction of our nation and also the markets. Most times when there are stock market crashes, depressions and major wars, Mars and Saturn are aspecting, so a progression like this is not to be overlooked.
The Earth In The Heavens by Johndro, Weiser 1973.
Horoscopes of the U.S. Presidents by Doris Chase Doane, 1971.

Now for Fixed Stars, these are the stars that create our constellations. They are called 'Fixed Stars' because they move very slowly, about one degree every hundred years. To realize what this means, you can compare it to the Moon which moves one degree about every two hours or Jupiter which moves thirty degrees about every year.

One of the best sources for mundane information on fixed stars is Ebertin's Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation. If this book has not been reprinted since 1994, you will notice that the degrees it gives for each star is only accurate to the year, 1950 so you will have to use math or a program to get their current degrees.

Other books on fixed stars include:
Brady's Book of Fixed Stars
by Bernadette Brady, and
The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology
by Robson.

If you wish to understand the nature of the fixed stars through their mythic origins, consider Ariel Guttman & Kenneth Johnson's book titled: Mythic Astrology, 1996. And you may also enjoy The New Patterns in the Sky - Myths & Legends of the Stars by Julius D. W. Staal, 1988.

I hope all of this will help you, as you continue to read, delineate and grow. Please feel free to email or post questions. Though I may sometimes be slow to answer, you can always count on my response.


What to expect in 2008 - Astrology Predictions

The Winter Solstice
December 21 – March 19

Focus: War: Housing Market, Mortgage Lenders, Oil, and a Failing Economy

During this first quarter there is talk of action to bomb Tehran. The president is posturing and making contracts or verbal agreements with foreign allies. War talk is pointed at Iran. It seems the president is getting support from his friendly investment groups and his monetarily-controlled foreign nations.

Oil prices continue to challenge the bottom line and there may be additional investment challenges to pharmaceutical companies, mortgage bankers, credit card companies, banks, and health insurance agencies.

The best investments during this period are with American companies building in foreign countries. This includes companies providing housing, supplying food, and medicine to the military in foreign lands.

The media seems to struggle with the war, public/foreign enemies, and the economy.

A judgment from a Superior Court or the Supreme Court, or an action from the Senate may open a way to reinvent or energize the economy.

This may include support for mortgage bankers, a change in the new bankruptcy law, a package to help sinking home owners, a judgment that will reform the way bankers collect interest, or even some health care package that will revolutionize the system. It may also signify some legislation to bring troops home that will actually pass. Additional statements may involve other social reforms. Whatever these statements turn out to be, it will be a doorway for changes that the American people want and need.

The economy is challenged by oil prices, enemy propaganda, water, contracts, lies, employment and health issues. From January 26th to February 11th, lies will likely surface about investments, military situations, monetary situations, oil, health care, and the real employment rate/state of the homeless.

As this particular aspect completes its course, a stress point will be hit between February 16th and 18th. This could cause major challenge and reevaluation of the stock market, the health of the nation, especially the children, the military, small animals, and national employment. This chart indicates that statements made by large organizations may be revealed as lies.

Also as Mercury stations direct around February 18th, California may suffer a major earthquake.

Sudden shifts in the economy may give rise to reform.

The Spring Equinox
March 20 – June 19

Focus: The President, Legal Actions, Military, & Monetary Struggles

This chart shows popularity polls for the president are at an all time low. It is the first chart since the first term of this presidency that focuses on a transformation, resignation or impeachment of the president.

Looking back to the impeachment proceedings and resignation ingress chart of President Nixon (chart June 21st 1974) we see the same signature that appears in this ingress chart. Only the aspects in the 2008 chart are stronger, and more stressful. There are definitely hearings going on during this time in the House. A reexamination of the president's words, the war, the economy, the spending of American resources, and lies are all tied into this legal hearings bundle, which appears to be covered by the press with the opportunity for the people to examine details over the wire or internet.

An interesting note from the fixed stars shows the Moon conjunct Zosma in the ninth house. In plain English this means, the people break the back of the president through the legal process.

Another active fixed star is Regulus. In this chart it indicates there will be a struggle with the details and legality of the president's words, contracts, military decisions, money trails, and public statements. And that if his actions are found to be vengeful, he will come tumbling down and lose whatever success he has gained.

During this period the economy continues to struggle but lending institutions and the public receive monetary help though some legislation or legal action.

This period is filled with struggles and balancing acts.

There is a struggle between nationalism and corporate power, which comes through international organizations, treaties, and old karmic acts.

There may be an explosion or shooting at an international building, prison, hospital or school to rivet our attention to make change. And it is likely that someone will leak the information about who was involved. The question is if that leak will arrive before the bombing takes place. It does not appear it will, but let us hope I am wrong here.

Around May 26th or 27th an important piece of information suddenly surfaces regarding money, international contracts, lies, possibly oil and our economy that creates revolutionary talk.

Around June 19th there will be a sudden event that challenges our children, military and families in foreign lands.

The Summer Solstice
June 20 – September 21

Focus: Transformation, The President, Homelessness, The Economy

Powerful opposition to the President by the people is the first statement in this chart. The reason for this opposition may be due to the fact that the Senate does not end this presidency. This point is not completely clear. It is possible that the Senate may complete the impeachment process in this case and that the new President is opposed by the public but supported by the Senate, corporations and legal process. There is a statement here that says media may be paid to create a better public image. This is one to watch.

Some legal action may quell the rising oil prices in this time period.

The housing market is still struggling in this period and it appears the nation is dissecting the "Truth in lending laws." The media is reevaluating loan contracts and questioning the honesty of credit companies and mortgage bankers.

During this period it seems the past actions and contracts, made by members of the president's cabinet, with foreign organizations will be examined.

Communication from known enemies will be made in an attempt to heal or repair national friendships. I am hopeful that this will involve Iran, as well as other nations, but the charts cannot identify the countries involved.

America's public opposition to the president is being seen with explosive force internationally through the media and the Internet. This may include public marches or riots and even violence.

Late in this period, communications may reveal truths that help heal the national image.

The president seeks to stabilize legal, corporate, monetary issues and some international ones as well.

The Fall Equinox
September 22 – December 20

Focus: Economy, Credit, Lenders, Earthquakes, Flooding

Economic struggle continues in the housing, lending, credit, and insurance markets. Some good fortune may come through legal actions, but there is no complete resolve.

November 1st and 2nd may bring an action due to talk, marching, or international negotiations that lead to some relief in areas of oil, war, fishing, and/or medicine.

Between November 20th and 28th we may experience severe weather, which will include ground shaking, icy winds, sudden flooding.

An international organization, maybe the UN, mediates or creates a treaty to transform American values involving torture and imprisonment of war criminals or terrorists.

As for the election on November 4th, astrology cannot give us an outcome since we have no accurate data to review and there may still be a change of candidates. However in a psychic mode, I do not see a woman president.

Overall View of 2008

2008 will be a year of grounding and reality checks. We will be facing the truth about many of the issues we have been mulling over, talking about, and politically fighting over.

This year we will take the details into account. It will be a year where we are forced to take a hard look at money and how we use it, abuse it, and indulge ourselves with it. The banking, credit, and loan system is on emphasized in every quarter of this year. Deeply embroiled in this issue is oil, war, and medicine. Though there is a still a sense of optimism about the possibilities of change, we will get a good look at details that we have either ignored, or about which we have not been told the truth. These details surface through courtrooms and legislative hearings, and also through the natural and international disasters that will mark 2008.

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