Welcome the Appocalypse - End of the Mayan Calendar

Hi Everyone:

Just got a nice note from a friend, who said she was in the midst of pulling together all the little thoughts and ideas that have been floating in her mind which include many connections to past lives, Lemuria (Mu as many call it), Atlantis, Elven connections, Crystals and more of what people today call "New Age."

I wanted to comment on what is happening, because this amazing lady is one of many people who are opening to the renewal of planetary knowledge.

Here were my comments to her:

Actually you are resonating to what is really happening at this time, we who are willing and others in an unconscious way, are piercing the veil (appocalyse means to pierce the veil, or break through it.)

We are opening a new era of consciousness and those who are willing to be conscious, those who are seeking to be conscious, and some who have been sleeping in their state of consciousness are being called to wake up. The enchanted sleep of material attraction is being pierced. Please note I did not use the word "lifted" but pierced.

Pierced is used here because not everyone is getting it yet, It will take many piercings before the veil is thread bare and everyone who is even slightly willing, will see through the material mask and engage their earlier life talents - constant conscious communication with the universe and all Its dominion. Please note the word, "Its" this is not a typo, It refers to the power of creation, the creative force of the universes.

So it is with great joy, we all can welcome this time of the Appocalypse, for we are all being reborn into our whole beings.

2012 is a time of celebration for all conscious beings, it is the beginning of the last yuga, a golden age. It is a release from time as we have known it for millennia.

No longer will the ties to time be controlling, for we will choose to see it in its fluidity, a constant flowing, engaging stream within which we can flow back or forward, collapse or expand. A joy yet unknown to most humans.

The ancient codes are resonating to the escalating DNA of Gaia & all sentient beings including the most obstreperous mammal human.

Wonders and disasters act simultaneously as the clearing takes place. Those who choose to see disaster shall see this, those who choose to see an ascension of consciousness and a unifying of people will see that.

The end of the calendar is the beginning of a new freedom of choice, a new unity with nature, a renewal of stewardship. So much to celebrate, but also so much to let go. So 'letting go' must be a practice now for all those who choose to stay through the changes. Yes, you can choose! Please practice letting go, and flowing with the synchonistic patterns that arise,

I welcome questions, feel free to post them here and I will answer them.

Be filled with wonder as a time of clearing is also a time of new life.