Healing, Frequencies, The Body Electric & The Grid

It is time for human beings to stop all the ego-centric mind games and start accepting their power. We are creators of our universe and in sequence with the creative work of all our relations in every life form from mineral to galaxy.

It is time to accept our power and stand up and recognize we are participating in creation and not subservient to some unknown God or demon.

Whether we are concerned with simple issues of love, money and shelter; or international issues of war, greed and dominance; we now must recognize we are the power and the magic in our own creation.

We are not flesh and blood, we use flesh and blood to manipulate the physical reality. We must now come to the realization of who and what we are.

We are frequency, conscious moving particles self directed, animated, creative, individuated and eternally connected to all creation. The frequency we are is dependent on who we align ourselves through thought or directive. From within we have the greatest power to choose our alignment. From without, we allow others to choose for us and thus our power seems powerless because we forfeit it to another.

From television to drugs, from societal agreements to national directives, we allow others to direct our creation.

So we come into an incarnation (into the meat of physical form) masked from our own identity and reliant on the guidance of maternal, paternal, societal and cultural directives to tell us who and what we are. All the while we are directing from behind the curtain of our own minds.

Our subconscious mind holds the information that we have carried through all incarnations and to the origin of our entry to this ever-expanding universe.

Because we are now approaching alignment with the heart of this galaxy, the galactic center, we must re-awaken to the truth of creation.

The movement of this solar system is a spiral action that slowly travels upward into a greater expanding window as it once more passes through the central energy zone or heart. Here we activate a quickening of the frequency, a clearing of creative energy whereby we enter a new gateway or chakra zone.

As we pass this level we come to a new outlook, a greater understanding of our alignment with creation.

Our DNA activates. That is to say, not just human DNA, but planetary, as well as the DNA of every life form in this solar system.

We must meet this frequency in order to pass through this new gateway. Certainly there is variable but many people on this planet currently are so far from the frequency we are aligning to that they will not be able to pass through it. So they will follow the shadow of this planet into a different vibratory dimension, one more suited to where we have been.

The directive for alignment is love. Leave the battlefields of life behind. Put down your thoughts and ideas of weapons made by mental processes. Open all of your frequencies to love all life, forgive all life, be grateful for all life and you will discover your own divinity.

All that has held you back from health, wisdom and joy are the limitations of fear developed through mental and physical games of war, greed and dominance.

Love it the creative power that when activated will drive a vibration so strong and a pitch so high that no level of anger, hatred or greed can bare to be close to it without sucombing or dying.

Look with love on all things. Spare no one or thing this glance of love and you shall be whole.