Astrocartography - The Saturn Line

We have more data now from a tweeter, who has Saturn in the 5th house and is currently living on their Saturn line. Above you see the natal chart with Saturn in the fifth. Remember how Saturn connects to other planets has a lot do with how good or difficult the effects will be on the individual when they move to a location with Saturn active.

So looking at this chart, you immediately see that Saturn is in a Grand Trine to Uranus in Libra in the 8th, & Mars in Aquarius in the 1st.

You may think this is a piece of cake, the native has doorways with Saturn, she can be flexible, handles change well, takes action easily, also she may become pregnant suddenly & unexpectedly, she has a wiry body, a nervous energy, has a noticeable laugh, big bones & a noble carriage. Should have good fortune with children, but is not always the best disciplinarian.

But when you take a look at the opposition to the Moon, it becomes a lot more complicated.

While Saturn rules the 12th & 1st houses, and sits in the 5th, the Moon is in the 10th, and rules the 6th. This presents a struggle that can lead to health issues if the individual is not attentive to their emotional needs. (the inconjunct between Jupiter in the first and the South Node in the sixth with a square to Venus in the third shows the individual comes into life with a health burden from a past life due to an overindulgence in that life, and a genetic predisposition to diabetes, and possible hormonal imbalance, which is worsened by emotional struggles with the mother or home life.)

The opposition between moon & Saturn strongly suggest a struggle with a mother and perhaps the very issue of motherhood. A struggle between career and children or career and love, or working outside the home and wanting to work at home.

There are a number of pictures given here. I do not have the space or time to go into all of them, just enough to get to answer the question.

The point I am making is that

Moving to the Saturn line will complicate and emphasize these issues.

Here is the relocation chart for this individual:

I will immediately say that by putting the Moon at the midheaven, the individual may feel at home in this location, and by moving Venus & the Sun into the second house, there may be more success in the career, and the ability to make money.

But by putting Saturn in the fourth, the individual may have to work hard at home, and the struggle between home and public career is emphasized.

The marriage might come to an end, or see a complete transformation. But there will be opportunity now to break through the karmic issues of being heard. The individual is born with a need to be heard, should have an excellent voice and must in this lifetime find success with her voice.

The move to this location will offer opportunity to fulfill the life destiny

So as with all things, the move to this location will offer opportunity to fulfill the life destiny, freeing the individual of the burden that holds her voice back, but giving her a different burden of hard work at home, and in the public. She needs to be careful not to sabotage herself by overdoing it, because she can burn herself out; that along with the stress of relationships, could lead to health issues.

Now to give you another perspective, here is the basic breakdown of her relocation chart from a standard computer report. Naturally a computer cannot synthesize a chart like the human mind, but it is always interesting to see what it says and it also is accurate in the specifics as it addresses each planet.


The Moon - Culminate Line (Orb 1°52': Strong Influence)

You may feel a strange attraction to this location and anything associated with it. As a result this vicinity is likely to have an affect on your life's direction. Your heart will rule your head when traversing this line, particularly when it comes to making career decisions. This can have advantages if you are seeking new directions, and particularly if you have kept a strong rein on your emotions. Here you feel free to explore a more relaxed approach to making life decisions. It can also be beneficial if you are in a caring profession or a career, particularly one that demands a certain amount of sensitivity to public moods or trends. However, in some cases this location can also have strong negative connotations. For instance if you are attempting to forge a strong career path in one clear direction then you could experience some obstacles, particularly in the form of self-doubt. You may react emotionally in situations, which actually demand professional detachment. Your relationship with your parents and authority figures will be highlighted along this line. You are likely to be more sensitive to the role that these important people have in your life. You may seek recognition from parents and authority figures and become upset if approval is not forthcoming. On the other hand you may gain insight into the manner in which these people are holding you back. Your role in society may change here too. For instance you may take on a different career or decided to become a parent. There is a strong flavour of nurturing other people, either adults or children Therefore moving on this line is beneficial if you are in a caring profession, a caretaker role or considering becoming a parent, but is better avoided if your social status or career calls for cool, calm decision-making.

Saturn - Anticulminate Line (Orb 2°43': Strong Influence)

You would do best to avoid following this line as it brings a sense of coldness and hard work into your personal world. In other words the way that you feel about yourself, your home and family life is adversely affected. Even business dealings can bring a sense of failure rather than success. This does not necessarily mean that you fail in business dealings in this location, but rather that you do not feel successful. Perhaps your relationships with colleagues are adversely affected. Most people seek warmth and love in their home environment and amongst friends and family. This line brings respect at best, but repels the warmth and growth needed for a happy home. You will experience a sense of responsibility and duty towards your family and home life, which at times seems onerous instead of joyous. In other words life can seem a bit lonely if you want comfort. Of course this location can be beneficial if you want to live the life of a hermit in order to pursue a stringent and ascetic means of existence or if you want to live alone and concentrate your efforts on your career only. However, if you want to live a life balanced with a rewarding professional and personal life then you would do well to move elsewhere.

Neptune - Culminate Line (Orb 8°20': Weak Influence)

If you are seeking a more spiritual or artistic direction to your life then this can be a good line to follow. This location lends itself to the softer and more creative side of your profession. Inspiration and beauty could feature more in your career when you move to this vicinity. Philanthropy may also be highlighted. Therefore this can be beneficial if you work in the fields of beauty therapy, charitable institutions, network marketing, alternative medicine or an unusual profession. However, you need to beware of self-delusion or looking at your profession through rose-coloured glasses. It is one thing to seek greater spiritual or creative fulfilment in your life, it is quite another to throw over everything for a pie-in-the-sky ideal, and this is the danger with this line. It is important to make sure that your powers of discrimination are not too clouded. If you were offered a promotion that requires relocating to this area then you would be wise to check the finer details and to visit the place first before making your final decision. You may also benefit from taking along a friend or colleague who is not under the same influence when travelling to this location.

Mars - Rise Line (Orb 8°55': Weak Influence)

If you lack self-assertion then this location is beneficial, however; if you are a self-driven and assertive individual then you would do well to avoid this line. The planet Mars highlights drive and ambition. Therefore this location encourages the fiery side of your nature. If you lack fire then you benefit from the lessons of this location. You will become more assertive and self-driven. This is ideal if you are looking forward to focusing on some of your own pursuits, which require the attributes of self-motivation and self-reliance. There will be a tendency to meet others head-on and the ability to rise to a challenge. You may also be surprised by forceful traits, which you never knew existed. On the other hand if you are a fiery individual then you could lack discretion in this location. You may find it difficult to restrain your impulses and therefore your rash actions could endanger your welfare. You may become aggressive and others may response in a hostile way. Whatever your personal tendencies you will are likely to benefit if you are involved in competitive sports or in a business project that requires courage and acumen. Learning physical skills and finding an outlet for aggressive energy makes good use of the vigor of this vicinity.


Jupiter - Local Space Line - Azimuth 249°00' (Conjunct - Orb 7°19': Weak Influence)

Jupiter is generally considered the planet of prosperity and good luck. Therefore moves along this line will prove beneficial expanding your horizons and bringing many rewards. Higher education, publishing, spiritual pursuits, sports, diplomacy and travel can all be highlighted along this line. These locations are ideal for giving you a boost in life. You feel benevolent towards others, eager to share your good fortune. In turn others are generous to you. Unexpected gifts can arrive at these locations. Wherever you go the Gods seem to be smiling down. The only drawback to this line is that you may become grandiose, feeling that nothing can go wrong and therefore inviting trouble. You need to avoid becoming arrogant in pursuit of the higher ideals in life. With a good dose of common sense and humility you can benefit greatly from travels and communications along your Jupiter line.


Mars Upper / Neptune Setting (Orb 1°49')

Lethargy and confusion mark the combination of these two planets. You may lose your sense of direction in life, and lack the motivation to get yourself out of the rut. In some cases you could suffer from an illness. There is a real danger of falling victim to your own fears either real or imagined. In some cases you may even become the victim of someone else's crime. Therefore you need to avoid addictive behaviour including the intake of alcohol or drugs. Perhaps a creative pursuit or water sports would be beneficial under this influence.

I look forward to hearing from our guest, to see how many of the astrological pictures hit, and what in my quick analysis I may have missed.