Belief & Fear - The Economy & Losing Your Job

Recently the downturn in the economy, both U.S. and International has caused a wave of fear consciousness around the world. This is creates the challenge to respond, not react.

We have the power to wield our worlds of creation. We must always remember that we are in this world, but not part of it.

This means that you are soul, an infinite, limitless, powerful creative being. You, the true you, has never left the world of pure positive energy. Soul is in a constant state of ecstasy, peace, and contentment.

The physical, mental and emotional states of consciousness that you adopt when you enter the worlds of matter, are yours to direct. When you understand this, you will realize that no outside force determines what manifests in your world.

Does that mean you will not get fired?

No it does not mean that. But if you have set a boundary in your universe that all things that come into your space are to your benefit, and that they only bring more knowledge, joy, contentment, security, wonder and abundance, then that is what a firing will bring.

You must cleanse all the thought patterns that come into your world. It is up to you to define your universe.

Once you accept full responsibility for your world, you can begin the process of cleaning out the old life-challenging thought patterns, and stabilizing the ones you want to manifest.

In this world of constant contact, you must stay aware of what your subconscious is taking in, and realign your thought patterns daily.

Monks in monasteries create a simple environment that allows for stable thought forms.

Individuals active in the world of chaos, are bombarded by every advertising, media, and political manipulation directed through television, radio, internet, billboard, published media, telephone conversations, workplace talk, street talk, shop talk, and even the thought forms that you do not see coming through energy fields from neighbors and traveling sound waves.

If you do not stay on top of your boundaries, you will be at the mercy of beliefs and thought forms you have not consciously chosen.

It is easy to go there. But it is not to your benefit.

A world of greed enters your home each time you turn on the television, radio or open a magazine, newspaper or the internet. We call it advertising.

Advertising is not designed to offer truth, but rather uses every form of subconscious manipulation to create an emotional desire for you to take action and buy. The only protection you have, is your own mental choice.

Children have no defense because their minds are still forming and thus they absorb the information much like your computer takes in new software. It takes the awareness of an adult to teach the child to identify truth from greed.

If the adult is unaware, the child will remain unaware.

What does all this mean?

Our subconscious mind absorbs, as facts, all the images suggesting that happiness, success with friends, family, and in love relationships, will be the direct result of whatever is advertised. This includes everything from what you drink (beer to coke), to where you eat (McDonald's to Carl Jr.), to what you wear (Old Navy to Macy's), to what car you drive (Ford to Mazda), to what cell phone you carry (AT&T to Verizon), to what computer you use, to what drug you take, and it goes on and on into every area of your life.

There is always something tugging at your belief system. And through media you have been trained to listen, and believe.

It is up to the individual to examine what is being fed to their subconscious mind, to eliminate the trash, and strengthen the boundaries.

If you want to achieve anything, you must believe it first.

When was the last time you examined what you believe?

Take the time at least twice each week to examine decisions you have made, and actions you have taken. Ask yourself; "Why did I choose to say that or do that?" Be completely honest with yourself. No one is watching you. You can honestly say, I felt pushed, I was tired, I was afraid, I was ashamed, I was...

Then take the time to assess your fears, your strengths, your energy, the degree you feel confident and proud of yourself.

Now you can start to uncover your beliefs. When you can look at your fears, you can examine what you believe. It is at this level you can find the hidden beliefs that drive you to react instead of respond to life.

Let's look at an example to help you clearly understand.

Looking back at the week, you find you still feel angry at yourself because you went out to lunch every day when you promised yourself you would not eat out more than once each week to save money to pay off a bill.

First observation, is you are angry with yourself. Second observation is that you did something you promised yourself you would not do. Now you must determine why you did not respect yourself enough to follow through. So you ask yourself, did I feel ashamed to say I was saving money? Did I feel pressure to show my co-workers I have as much money as they do? Did I feel a need to be seen out because of someone? Did you just feel the bill would get paid some other way? Or is there another motive that drove you to go against the promise you made to yourself?

Once you find the reason or reasons, you can unravel the fear that drove you to hurt yourself.

The fear is bound up in a belief.

It is most likely a belief that comes from your childhood. It can be that your parents only took you out to eat when they had extra money, but your friends parents took them out to eat every week, and you felt poor. Thus going out to eat each day is a sign to you that you are not poor, that your are proving to yourself you can have it all. So this creates a belief system that says I am rich if I can eat out every day. Of course that is both false and forced. The feelings of being poor, were born out of comparing yourself to others. It has nothing to do with what being poor or rich is really about.

This is what I mean by digging into your belief system, clearing them out and reconstructing them based on what you want in your life.

Many people are 'packrats' not because they will ever use all they pack away, but because of a deep fear they will not have something they may need, when they need it. This goes to a belief system based on fear instead of a system of abundance.

Take the time to review each week and you will start to unravel the secret subconscious drives that cause your life to be fraught with fear, or full of joy and abundance.

Here is a note I recently wrote to a friend who is the main bread winner in her family, and is currently experiencing the fear of losing her job.

Please work with some EFT to calm your nerves. Fear is a magnet for things you do not want. It would be best for you to take 15 minutes to meditate each day to connect with the God force in you that manifests everything you desire. You need to come to that peaceful state, which knows you are secure and safe and that Spirit will put in your path everything you need and desire.

Using a prescription drug is fine for a temporary fix, but it is best to breath and do some kind of exercise to maintain balance and health. Being the bread winner in a difficult economy requires a steady mind and knowledge that you are always safe and protected. Practice knowing this. Go to a peaceful place inside where the angels embrace you and whisper all you desire is on its way. Feel it, breath it, know it. For what you believe you will achieve. You know this. But sometimes we all need to be reminded.

If you allow the turmoil of the current world economy to fill your life with fear, you join that belief system and open the door for loss. Let that belief system stay on the television, outside your door and in the hands of others at work. Remain knowing that each day is perfect. That changes that take place in your world will always be to your benefit. Loss of one job leads to a better job, and more happiness. You must take this in as you take in each breath. Breath it and know it.

To join the current frenzy is to join an illness and to build internal stress because of it can create illness. When we realize we are limitless, powerful, infinite, soul simply driving a human vessel, we free ourselves from the world's illusions.

Promise me you will take 15 minutes each day and allow the angels to embrace you and fill you with all the joy of knowing you are safe, protected and that all that is good and perfect is constantly provided for you.

With love to everyone - May you see the light in your own reflection and carry it to illuminate all you encounter.