Empowering Numerology - The Number Eight & September 2013 Frequencies

We have looked at each number as it evolved through to number Seven. Now let us look at the number Eight - this is a number of beauty, balance and eternal or infinite movement.

The number Eight itself, is a beautiful curved dance of symmetry, balanced top and bottom. This graceful figure is seen in a racetrack, a challenging dressage movement, and in the ancient timekeeper, the hourglass. All of these things contain parts of the beauty and challenges of Eight’s frequencies. On the racetrack, the car speeds in a circular pattern only to cross over and shift in the other direction. This requires sharp intellect, fast response and perfect balance. In the act of the figure eight in dressage, the speed is replaced with precise rhythm, also requiring perfect balance, and sharp intellect on the part of horse and rider to make flying lead changes as they cross the center point. The hourglass is a symbol of balance, and it shows the sequence in time through a path of beauty as the sand slowly and precisely measures an hour. All of these elements are part of the frequency of Eight…beauty, rhythm, balance, speed of thought, sharp intellect, and even the balance of time.

Balance in Eights frequency is active within every level; physical, emotional, mental and subconscious. Additionally it includes karma. Karmic balance is seen physically in the court and prison system. The ancient scales of justice form a figure eight. Egypt’s guardian of the underworld, Anubis, checked the karmic scales by weighing one’s heart against the feather of Maat, the goddess who at the point of creation is known to change chaos to harmony and balance.

Thus an individual Eight may create harmony and beauty in different ways. It may be through the arts or diplomacy, by initiating balance through the courts; or they may be brought into balance required to pay for karmic deeds from this or some past life.

The letters of the word Eight, reduce to the single digit Four, which is the stable frequency of the four cornerstones of creation: physical, emotional, mental and subconscious, and the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. Eight is the higher octave of Four taking all that Four signifies and erasing the challenges that form in each ninety degree corner. In the Eight, all of Creation comes together seamlessly moving in balanced, infinite creative motion. The frequency of Eight contains the symmetry of Creation. It is the number of celestial music, the music of our solar system.

People who carry the Eight frequency through their date of birth or name, have a deep awareness and need for balance. They are the artists, musicians, decorators, designers, mediators, diplomats, judges and jailers. They see the world, people and all life through a balancing filter. Eights frequency creates a need to fill the world with beauty. Even if an Eight is poor, they will find a way to create beauty in their environment, for to live without it kills their passion and is a kind of death to an Eight.

Their need for peace and harmony is often the root of their challenges. An Eight will forfeit their own needs and desires in order to make their home or workplace more harmonious. This may include taking on more work or more projects to help everyone else out, or to keep others from complaining. Eventually their energy is drained, they become overwhelmed and lose their state of balance, their own inner peace. These periods are called, “The dark night of soul.” They are times of feeling lost and unsure what to do.

Now the Eight feels frustrated and desperately requires balance. The greatest help an Eight can get is through mother earth. Connect with her in the grass, sand, snow, creek, or ocean. Ask her to drain the emotions from you. Then breathe deeply and allow the air to clear your mind. Now take the time to review your own needs and erect the boundaries you need to rebalance.

Unfortunately when most Eights are out of balance, they turn to others for insight. This may work, but since the responsibility of learning is placed on the individual, the advice of others usually creates strife within the Eight. They fight with themselves and this leads to even more unbalance. 

Because the Eight is outgoing, a good listener and aware of others needs; to achieve mastery, they must practice listening to their own hearts and fulfilling their own needs. Eights need to learn to say, “No.” and set boundaries to maintain balance. 

September 2013 & It’s Frequencies

September is: S (1) + e (5) + p (7) + t (2) + e (5) + m (4) + b (2) + e (5) + r (9) = 31 = 4
2013: 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6
Total: 4 + 6 = 10 = 1 

September’s frequency of Four is earthy and health oriented. It asks us to look at the four cornerstones we have built in our lives. Are we comfortable with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual achievements?
Do we feel in control of our lives? Are we healthy, physically fit, emotionally happy, mentally acute and spiritually aware? If any area is lacking, September’s frequency will help us set new goals and begin to establish habits that will lead to fulfillment when the Four revisits us in its steamy watery frequency in November.   

By adding 2013’s six frequency to this month’s Four, we activate One, which gives us the singular focus of power to manifest the goals we set and the choices we make under the Four. Use September’s frequencies to your greatest benefit. Determine where you are not satisfied with your life and tell the universe you are ready to take control. Then create the plan you need to achieve your goal and know that when November arrives, you will be well on your way to the healthy, happy, abundant life you desire.   

Michele Avanti has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is a metaphysical minister, an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an award winning author. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. Call 541-863-6631 or email her at AstrologyAndMore@gmail.com for an appointment. 
Her newest book Birthday Archetypes, will be released October 6th, 2013!