June 2013 - Empowering Numerology - The Number 5

Last month we examined earth’s own physical number, the number four. This month we move to a whole new level with the Number Five. Where Four connected the four elements of: Fire, Earth, Air and Water; the number Five adds Spirit, the force of eternal creation. 

In its most basic shape, Five looks much like a house, or a container with a pitched roof. In other words it is a container that holds what comes in from above. This house-like shape represents the heavens pouring life force into the four elements. The number Five is the fifth element, Spirit. The earth (number 4) is the box at the bottom, and at the highest point, the number Five pours Spirit into the earth. This energy or frequency activates the creation of all forms of life.

The human form is a pinnacle of Five. It is fully represented in the number Five by a human with arms and legs out-stretched, the top of the head being the pinnacle or fifth point. Humans are the pinnacles because only the human form has the ability to control and dominate, for good or evil, all other forms on the planet.

When a human child is born, the top of the head, which we call the crown chakra is the entrance point of the life energy, or soul. This point remains soft till most children are between five and seven years old, for during these early years, the individuated consciousness that is taking on a personality in the physical form, is still traveling between worlds. This is the rooftop of the human form, also known as the entrance of the pranic tube. Through this part of the body, the fifth element, Spirit continues to activate and inform the consciousness of the new personality or human form. After the age of seven, a person must consciously choose to open this doorway to receive the input of the higher self, spiritual self or Spirit.

With the Five frequency pouring into the crown chakra of humans, there is an enormous responsibility to carry the information of Creator into the physical world of Creation. Five is the number of Knowledge. Inherent in this number is the ability to achieve wisdom, though most will be stuck in the material worlds, or the emotional and mental worlds and thus miss the opportunity to experience the three hundred sixty degree viewpoint of Spirit.

When we are in harmony with Five, we are open to hear the voice of creation, imagination, and inspiration. Some may call it intuition. When we are out of sync with five, we feel lost, not knowing which way to go, and we fall into the path of worry. Worry ignores the present and focuses on the past or the future, too often dragging past issues into the future.

If we wish to activate Five in our lives, we must first live in the present. Dismiss the issues of the past, bless them, be grateful to them and let them go. Then instead of obsessing with outcomes and the details of how to manifest; sit still and allow Spirit to flow into our consciousness. Fully visualize the crown chakra open with light, fill with love and gratitude for all life, then rest in it. The information will arrive. Perhaps not in the exact moment but when we least expect it. That ‘Aha!’ moment happens and we see clearly the next step. A sense of peace will envelop anyone who opens, to allow Spirit to live in his or her house, which we call a human form. 

June 2013 & It’s Frequencies

June is J (1) + u (3) + n (5) + e (5) = 14, which reduces to 5
2013 is 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6
Total 5 + 6 = 11, which is a Master Number, so we will not reduce it any further.

June carries the frequency of the number five, the number of knowledge. Junes’ ‘Five’ is neither feminine nor masculine but rather it oscillates between the two, and it’s element is ‘Air’. June’s Five activates socializing, communicating knowledge and networking without distinction to gender. Here the five speaks to community, as in, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  When we connect with others, without allowing society’s issues of ethnicity, culture, creed, politics, caste, clothing or lifestyle, to get in the way, we utilize the frequency of June. By connecting transparently with others, we release the reservoir of knowledge that we often forget we have. We discover our own wisdom, while gaining knowledge, compassion and understanding with others.  

Use June’s frequency to speak from your heart without concern for how others may criticize you. Allow yourself to flow into the world. The salutation, “Namaste!” resonates to five.  This greeting means, “I bless the Divine in you!” It acknowledges that we are connected to the source of creation and that we each carry this great light, though some choose not to allow it to shine. When we approach all life, not just the human form with the thought, ‘Namaste!’ we align with five and activate our ability to accept the wisdom of creation from every source, from plant and tree, to animal and man.

The full numerology of June 2013 asks us to make a conscious choice (6) to master our ability to manifest our dreams (11), by opening to our own source of wisdom by sharing with others from our hearts without prejudice (5).

Considering the frequencies of June 2013, whose numbers are 5, 6, 11, this month asks us to stay in the present moment and dream here and now, knowing full well our dream is cradled by others till it becomes physical. It asks us to connect with others without prejudice so that we can assist others through our speech, in manifesting their dreams. Doing this will bring amazing rewards from speeding up your own manifestation process to discovering the depth of your own wisdom.

Michele Avanti a metaphysical minister and has been teaching metaphysics since 1972. She is also an ISAR certified astrologer, an accredited Fixed Star Analyst, an EFT, emotional freedom technique professional and an energy mover. Michele mentors clients through individual consultations. Call 541-863-6631 or email her at AstrologyAndMore@gmail.com for an appointment. To learn about her radio show, classes and current metaphysical news, visit Michele’s blog at AstrologyAndMore.blogspot.com