January 2008 Free Astrology Horoscopes

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January 2008
Insight From Stellar Influences
by Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3
(Times specified are Pacific Time)

When the MOON is VOID OF COURSE anything that you begin will not reach fulfillment. Use it to your advantage when you don't want someone to remember what you said! Here are the daylight hours this month when the moon is void of course: Jan. 1 after 4:33 pm; Jan. 3 after 4:30 pm; Jan. 6 after 4:27 pm; Jan. 8; Jan. 11 from 9:52 am to 10:44 am; Jan. 13 from 3:41 pm to 4:23 pm; Jan. 21; Jan. 24 before 6:28 am; Jan. 26 before 2:35 pm; Jan. 28 after 1:47 pm and Jan. 31 before 2:08 pm.


Waning Periods: Jan. 1-7 and Jan. 22-Feb. 6 begin with the full moon. It's a time of completion. In candle magic, it is known as the time of banishing.
Waxing Periods: Jan 8-21 begin with the new moon. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. In candle magic it is known as the time of gathering.
NEW MOON: Jan 8, 3:37 am in Capricorn. The waxing period in Capricorn focuses on new goals, ambitions, long range plans and new careers.
FULL MOON: Jan 22, 5:35 am in Leo. The waning period in Leo focuses on completing issues of creativity, self-expression, social engagements, investing in yourself as well as, concerns with love and children.

How to Use This Column: As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time. Test: is the issue or experience which will test your focus. Key: is a little gemstone which can help you pass the test if you will use it. Action: Is the outcome of what you do at this time.

Aries: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Challenging family issue. Test: Facts first. Key: Words and acts are indelible. Caution prevents regret. Action: You're challenged by your feelings while ending a family situation. 8-21: Focus: Restrictions challenge you. Test: Avoid challenging people in authority. Key: Discipline becomes the reactive process only when practiced sufficiently. Action: New rules or superiors challenge you to confront their authority. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Issues involving children, love and investments. Test: Express your feelings. Key: The innocence of a child knows no fear. Action: A time of socializing filled with opportunities for creativity.

Taurus: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Pride in family. Test: Be content. Key: Achievements are most enjoyable when shared. Action: This is a time to complete home projects which add comfort and contentment. 8-21: Focus: New career options. Test: Recognize when loyalty keeps you from success. Key: You've earned it through perseverance and hard work. Action: You're offered a new level of security. New investments show promise. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Creativity challenges you. Test: Balance commitment with fun and socializing. Key: Peace results from following your heart. Action: You're challenged to fulfill a loving promise to a child or lover as well as to yourself.

Gemini: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Irritating family issues. Test: Avoid overstating your case. Key: The facts speak for themselves. Action: Frustration mounts as you complete a family issue. Stay focused. 8-21: Focus: Goals. Test: Planning. Key: Success is the result of a good planning, perseverance and hard work. Action: A new superior evaluates you, causing you to reconsider your goals. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Leadership and fun. Test: Recognize your leadership skills. Key: You can find joy in knowing you have acted responsibly. Action: You're offered an opportunity to express your leadership abilities while having fun with friends, lover or child.

Cancer: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Feelings. Test: Let go. Key: Emotions expose the inner being. Action: Following your instinct helps complete a family project successfully. 8-21: Focus: New superiors, rules and the father image. Test: Discipline your emotions. Key: Your success is only limited by your mindset. Action: New rules force you to balance your desire to stay at home with your need to make a father figure proud. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Debate about love. Test: Recognize what is really important. Key: Emotional outbursts indicate a deeper wound. Action: Irritating childish behavior brings a situation to its conclusion

Leo: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Emotions. Test: Honor your needs. Key: Hiding feelings does not make them disappear. Action: Frustration reaches a conclusion as denial and irresponsible indifference become apparent. 8-21: Focus: Examining goals. Test: Stress or laughter. Key: Humor is the best medicine. Action: Your drive to succeed and be the center of attention may cause new heart problems - physically or in love. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Fun, love and socializing. Test: Enjoy without taking the credit. Key: Love is joyful when the ego is set aside. Action: Completing a project for children or a loved one fills you with passion and joy.

Virgo: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Loving home. Test: Over-analyzing. Key: Family love and a comfortable home are treasures. Action: You feel content as you complete a project for home or family. 8-21: Focus: A secure future. Test: An opportunity to invest. Key: Only one in a million know how to receive. Action: Whether love or money, this cycle offers a new practical, secure long term investment. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Wasteful people. Test: Avoid judging. Key: Value is often learned through absence. Action: While fulfilling a leadership role, you're angered by a wasteful, arrogant, self-indulgent, wealthy person.

Libra: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Fairness. Test: Self-honesty. Key: Emulate Solomon and wisdom will prevail. Action: Ending a family situation challenges your sense of fairness and your need to be nurtured. 8-21: Focus: Ambitions. Test: Diplomacy. Key: Health requires that you express yourself. Choose your timing and words with care. Action: Your need to fulfill an old goal is challenged by an emotionally controlled superior. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Art and socializing. Test: Avoid excess. Key: Childlike qualities of fearless honesty can serve you. Action: Completing a creative engagement may lead to a commitment of love.

Scorpio: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Love. Test: Being vulnerable. Key: Intimacy develops by revelation and trust. Action: Opportunities for a more comfortable home and more intimacy in your relationship. 8-21: Focus: Power and control. Test: Avoid manipulating. Key: Real power comes from self-control. Action: A new position of power is available. Secure new developments from old investments. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Leadership roles. Test: Unselfish action. Key: Hidden agendas preclude the light. Action: You're challenged by a gregarious, freewheeling Santa Claus to end power struggles and enjoy your position.

Sagittarius: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Loyalty. Test: Is the grass really greener...? Key: Home is where the heart is. Action: Conclusion of an emotional matter makes you reassess your need for family. 8-21: Focus: New irritating superiors. Test: Work with the rules. Key: The restrictions raise patriarchal issues you need to release. Action: New rules and controlling superiors cause frustrating delays. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Socializing and love. Test: Avoid overindulgence. Key: Other areas of your life should not suffer while you have fine. Action: Success completing a creative project brings passion, socializing and love.

Capricorn: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Security. Test: Nourish all parts of your life each day. Key: There is a time for everything under heaven. Action: Completion of a home project brings family back into focus. 8-21: Focus: Long term goals. Test: Taking on too big a load. Key: A pie is easier to eat in small pieces - so too with goals. Action: New superiors listen and will help you achieve your goals. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Review fun, love and long term goals. Test: Release stress, receive joy. Key: Love is often missed by a greedy eye. Action: Honest examination of your ambitious socializing may save your heart.

Aquarius: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Reorganizing. Test: Don't project. Key: What we see in others, good or bad, is a recognition of ourselves. Action: Family ties, household projects and food need redefining. 8-21: Focus: Goals. Test: Use this time for research instead of whining. Key: To become the maker of the law, you must first understand why a law is made. Action: Your new ambitions are stifled by new rules and delays. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Time for me. Test: To love, be responsible and still feel free. Key: Prioritize to discover a time for you. Action: Finally you conclude the emotional tug of war between your need for spontaneous independence and your children or lover.

Pisces: Dec. 25-Jan. 7: Focus: Your dreams. Test: Sleep less. Key: Your intuition is clear now, follow it. Action: You have an opportunity to have the house and/or family of your dreams, but you must act on it. 8-21: Focus: Work and long term goals. Test: To recognize your ability to succeed. Key: Leadership is only offered when the potential for success has been proven. Action: Your career offers you a new position more aligned with your dreams. 22-Feb. 6: Focus: Reorganizing your social calendar. Test: Overindulgence may harm feet or heart. Key: Fulfilling love is not a rescue but a conscious choice. Action: A commitment to love requires an honest review of your less responsible behavior.

• Tenth Sign of the Zodiac • Cardinal Earth • Feminine •
Ruler Saturn • Colors Burgundy & Dark Reds • Gemstone Garnet
• Flowers: Ivy & Pansy • Herbs: Comfrey, Hemp & Hemlock •
Cell Salt: Calc Phos • Rules: Knees, Skin, Bones & Teeth
Key Phase: "I Discipline!" • Most Compatible Signs: Taurus and Virgo

Capricorn you're the conservative, ambitious, punctual, practical, serious, inhibited and unemotional people who rule nations, corporations and courtrooms. You us everything around you from material things to people. You're driven to achieve in your chosen career. You tend to be melancholy and do not smile easily. You love the old and think in terms of long term outcomes. Everything in life is an investment to you. Career comes first and marriage second. If you marry, it will be late in life or to someone older than you. You like to be challenged and then recognized for your accomplishments. You tend to be a loner and act superior but have a deep fear of failure. You excel in corporate environments, politics and government. You could be a jailer, scientist, watchmaker, chiropractor, osteopath, miner, mathematician, orator, serious actor or school administrator.

Famous Capricorns include:
Benjamin Franklin, Elvis Presley, Kevin Costner, Tiger Woods,
Carolyn Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Maureen Reagan,
Janis Joplin, Cassius Clay, Kit Carson, Al Capone,
Thomas Becket, Clara Barton, Joan Baez, Albert Schweitzer,
Loretta Young, Daniel Webster, Paul Cezanne, Andrew Johnson,
Joan of Arc, Howard Hughes, J. Edgar Hoover, Alexander Hamilton,
Barry Goldwater, Kahlil Gibran, Edward Teller, A. A. Milne,
Woodrow Wilson, Conrad Hilton, Mao Zedong, Millard Fillmore,
Marlene Dietrich, Cicero, Jack London, Howard Stern, Naomi Judd,
John Carpenter, Nina Totenberg, Jason Bateman, Jim Carrey,
Andy Kaufman, Chic Young, Idi Amin, Maureen Reagan, David Bowie,
Hallie Todd, Jean-Pierre Rampal, & Robert E. Lee.

Michele Avanti, CAP, is a Certified Astrology Professional, Metaphysical Minister, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and an Award Winning Author. The first paperback edtion of her two time award winning book, GreeHee The Journey of Five will be released nationally January 1, 2008. For a personal consultation (taped session $133 per hour) Call: 541-863-6631


Updated Predictions 2008 includes U. S. Election

The Winter Solstice
December 21 – March 19

Focus: War, Housing Market, Mortgage Lenders, Oil, and a Failing Economy, Quakes & Floods

During this first quarter there is talk of action to bomb Tehran. The president is posturing and making contracts or verbal agreements with foreign allies. War talk is pointed at Iran. It seems the president is getting support from his friendly investment groups and his monetarily controlled foreign nations.

Oil prices continue to challenge the bottom line and there may be additional investment challenges to pharmaceutical companies, mortgage bankers, credit card companies, banks, and health insurance agencies.

The best investments during this period are with American companies building in foreign countries. This includes companies providing housing, supplying food, and medicine to the military in foreign lands.

The media seems to struggle with the war, public/foreign enemies, and the economy.

A judgment from a Superior Court or the Supreme Court, or an action from the Senate may open a way to reinvent or energize the economy.

This may include support for mortgage bankers, a change in the new bankruptcy law, a package to help sinking home owners, a judgment that will reform the way bankers collect interest, or even some health care package that will revolutionize the system. It may also signify some legislation to bring troops home that will actually pass. Additional statements may involve other social reforms. Whatever these statements turn out to be, it will be a doorway for changes that the American people want and need.

The economy is challenged by oil prices, enemy propaganda, water, contracts, lies, employment and health issues. From January 26th to February 11th, lies will likely surface about investments, military situations, monetary situations, oil, health care, and the real employment rate/state of the homeless.

As this particular aspect completes its course, a stress point will be hit between February 16th and 18th. This could cause major challenge and reevaluation of the stock market, the health of the nation, especially the children, the military, small animals, and national employment. This chart indicates that statements made by large organizations may be revealed as lies.

Also during this period there are major weather issues for the Reno, Nevada through Lake Tahoe, California areas. From freezing rain, and flooding to possible quakes. This area is significant on the map. Also south of Salt Lake City through Provo, Utah will likely be hit. Other areas include Des Moines, Iowa with activity centered on February 16th through 18th.

It looks like a major series of earthquakes are bound to hit Los Angeles around January 30th, February 13th, and February 18th. The statements are a transformation and expansion of earth that both expands and sinks suddenly. There is also a statement here about guarded treasures, it seems to say some will be revealed and others sunk forever.

Sudden shifts in the economy during this period may give rise to reform.

As for the Presidential Candidates run for nomination and the election scheduled for November 4th, though we do not have all the correct data for each of the presidential hopefuls, I have reviewed what is available and have reached a few conclusions.

The most likely candidates in this race, from an astrological perspective are McCain, Obama, and Clinton. But who will win?

Though Huckabee has taken Iowa, this could be seen in the strength of the chart's transits. These strengths will continue till about May when they start to wane and at that time I believe McCain will come on strong. Romney has many elements in his chart and transits to indicate a possible nomination, but when we add up all the factors, it appears that this will be McCain's year.

In the Democratic race Clinton has many strengths in her chart, all of which can keep her in the public eye, but her moon may keep her from being nominated, unless Obama is out of this election.

Obama's chart, though we have no actual time of birth, has some electrifying connections to the American people, and can make for a spectacular win, a truly revolutionary win in this election. He has a chart that in my opinion is stronger than the rest of the pack. But he also has some transits that are dangerous this year, and unless there is some clear guidance and a good spiritual direction, he may not fulfill his run for the nomination.

Dates of danger for Obama include: January 28th - 31st, which could result in a car or plane crash. February 17th and 18th is very stressful and he may consider pulling out of the race at this time. April 2nd may bring another brush with death. May 8th indicates possible challenges by car, gun, or religious fanatics, and May 26th, indicates a struggle to rise above lies, but also may be a dangerous time to be flying over water.

If Obama leaves the race and Clinton is nominated, I will be surprised if her chart can hold over McCain.

In addition in a psychic mode, I do not see a woman president.

The Spring Equinox
March 20 – June 1

Focus: The President, Legal Actions, Military & Monetary Struggles, and Flooding

This chart shows popularity polls for the president are at an all time low. It is the first chart since the first term of this presidency that focuses on a transformation, resignation or impeachment of the president.

Looking back to the impeachment proceedings and resignation ingress chart of President Nixon (chart June 21st 1974) we see the same signature that appears in this ingress chart. Only the aspects in the 2008 chart are stronger, and more stressful. There are definitely hearings going on during this time in the House. A reexamination of the president's words, the war, the economy, the spending of American resources, and lies are all tied into this legal hearings bundle, which appears to be covered by the press with the opportunity for the people to examine details over the wire or internet.

An interesting note from the fixed stars shows the Moon conjunct Zosma in the ninth house. In plain English this means, the people break the back of the president through the legal process.

Another active fixed star is Regulus. In this chart it indicates there will be a struggle with the details and legality of the president's words, contracts, military decisions, money trails, and public statements. And that if his actions are found to be vengeful, he will come tumbling down and lose whatever success he has gained.

During this period the economy continues to struggle, but lending institutions and the public receive monetary help though some legislation or legal action.

This period is filled with struggles and balancing acts.

There is a struggle between nationalism and corporate power, which comes through international organizations, treaties, and old karmic acts.

There may be an explosion or shooting at an international building, prison, hospital or school to rivet our attention to make change. And it is likely that someone will leak the information about who was involved. The question is if that leak will arrive before the bombing takes place. It does not appear it will, but let us hope I am wrong here.

It appears May will be a hard month for Des Moines, Iowa. Events may take place around May 2nd and also around May 26th. They will definitely include serious unexpected flooding, strange weather and could also include some explosive activity, earthquake or human.

Around May 26th or 27th an important piece of information suddenly surfaces regarding money, international contracts, lies, possibly oil and our economy that creates revolutionary talk.

Around June 19th there will be a sudden event that challenges our children, military and families in foreign lands.

The Summer Solstice
June 20 – September 21

Focus: Transformation, The President, Homelessness, And The Economy

Powerful opposition to the President by the people is the first statement in this chart. The reason for this opposition may be due to the fact that the Senate does not end this presidency. This point is not completely clear. It is possible that the Senate may complete the impeachment process in this case and that the new President is opposed by the public but supported by the Senate, corporations and legal process. There is a statement here that says media may be paid to create a better public image. This is one to watch.

Some legal action may quell the rising oil prices in this time period.

The housing market is still struggling in this period and it appears the nation is dissecting the "Truth in lending laws." The media is reevaluating loan contracts and questioning the honesty of credit companies and mortgage bankers.

During this period it seems the past actions and contracts, made by members of the president's cabinet, with foreign organizations will be examined.

Communication from known enemies will be made in an attempt to heal or repair national friendships. I am hopeful that this will involve Iran, as well as other nations, but the charts cannot identify the countries involved.

America's public opposition to the president is being seen with explosive force internationally through the media and the Internet. This may include public marches or riots and even violence.

Late in this period, communications may reveal truths that help heal the national image.

The president seeks to stabilize legal, corporate, monetary issues and some international ones as well.

Some major situations will suddenly happen around June 26th. Places to watch include Iowa, especially around La Mars or Sioux City, though the chart for Des Moines itself indicates the activity may be there as well. Here you will most likely see flooding and fires. Grants Pass, Oregon may be another hot spot for fires.

Another area where you may witness an event is Hawaii around June 25th; this could be an inundation of water or a quake. Also San Francisco may have an issue, a gas explosion, fires and flooding. This could be a quake, but it does not appear to be a quake to me.

Another set of dates to watch is September 6th through the 8th. This may bring a huge event, warring in nature, explosive, and viewed by the world. It may involve explosives, guns, enemies, and the public, or possible earthquake. The most likely event timing is September 7th at 11:15 PM, September 8th at either 11:30 AM or 10:29 PM.

The Fall Equinox
September 22 – December 20

Focus: Economy, Credit, Lenders, and Flooding and Earthquakes

Economic struggle continues in the housing, lending, credit, and insurance markets. Some good fortune may come through legal actions, but there is no complete resolve.

November 1st and 2nd may bring an action due to talk, marching, or international negotiations that lead to some relief in areas of oil, war, fishing, and/or medicine.

An international organization, maybe the UN, mediates or creates a treaty to transform American values involving torture and imprisonment of war criminals or terrorists.

Between November 20th and 28th we may experience severe weather, which will include ground shaking, icy winds, sudden flooding.

Around 9: 08 AM on November 27th, in the area of Arroyo Grande, California there may be an earthquake. This time is significant and can be activated earlier. I simply do not have the time to check all of California to see if there may be quakes in other areas, but this city appears to be the most active.

It cannot be stressed enough that during the two days around November 27th we should be praying for guidance and peace for everyone on the planet. This is a trying chart and it is our responsibility as the Crown Chakra for the planet to issue light throughout our world, to send out love, and dissolve fear.

Overall View of 2008

2008 will be a year of grounding and reality checks. We will be facing the truth about many of the issues we have been mulling over, talking about, and politically fighting over.

This year we will take the details into account. It will be a year where we are forced to take a hard look at money and how we use it, abuse it, and indulge ourselves with it. The banking, credit, and loan system is on emphasized in every quarter of this year. Deeply embroiled in this issue is oil, war, and medicine. Though there is a still a sense of optimism about the possibilities of change, we will get a good look at details that we have either ignored, or about which we have not been told the truth. These details surface through courtrooms and legislative hearings, and also through the natural and international disasters that will mark 2008.

A little note on global warming, astrology cannot explain global warming in the manner that science claims to do. We can examine the movement of the outer planets through particular star systems and will often see a long period of time where the planet's weather conditions follow an overall pattern. We also know that at times when the planets travel to their furthest distances North or South of the Equator, which in astrology we call out of bounds declination, we will experience extreme weather patterns. Additionally scientists have found some correlation to sun spot activity and the earth's weather patterns. However when I ask in a psychic mode, if indeed global warming is real, and if 2008 will see an exacerbation of this issue, I am told the answer is yes to both.


How Do You Create A Cardinal Ingress Chart?

Randy's Question:

If I read your blog correctly, which I really appreciated, it seems you put a great deal of significance on Cardinal Ingress charts including fixed stars placement at the time of the ingress. Is that correct? My follow up question which seems a bit elementary to me, yet I don’t know the answer myself, is how does one know the exact minute of a Cardinal Ingress or even the exact second of the ingress? Is there an Ephemeris that provided this information or does one need to do some sort of calculation to get the exact moment of the Sun’s ingress?

I hear you regarding the USA Chart and Mars retrograde near Saturn. I have not looked at the chart myself but I think I will in the near future. I hope our country starts to move in a better direction after the election, but I still think fear is a hot commodity and people seem willing to pay the high price of abating their civil liberties in the process. The founding mothers and fathers would be disappointed in what we have done with their great experiment.

Michele's Response:

The easiest way to set up a Cardinal Ingress is to use astrological software such as: Solar Fire, Kepler, or WinStar.

In each of these programs you can take the chart that pops up, the Now Chart, showing todays transits for whatever location you have your program set for, and change it to the location of the seat of the country, state or city you wish to look at.

Then take that chart into the window for return/ingress. In most of these programs, it will be the same part of the program that calculates a solar return.

In the window you should see an option for ingress, click on it and select the sun and which ingress you want. For our purpose it would be Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra, all the Cardinal signs.

Once you set that up, you should be back at your starting window with the new chart properly calculated. Then you can view it alone, with transits, with progressions or in a bi-wheel, or tri-wheel on the natal chart for the nation, state or city. Depending on your program, you should be able to view any variety of points from fixed stars by longitude, paran, or declination, as well as asteroids and Neptunian planets. With today's technology, you can view mid-point trees and graphic ephemeris as well. I have my chart pages set to show lunar actions, fixed stars, declinations, eclipse actions and Arabic parts. This gives a lot of information and it is as much as I can fit on a page.

The programs are wonderful because you can set your pages up for what you want in any arena, then name them accordingly. When I did a research project years ago on the NFL, I set specific parameters for the charts and named them NFL Games, NFL Players, and NFL Teams.

I find technology is the best asset an astrologer has developed. In our time we can research in ways that will bring astrology in a closer proximity to science then every before.

If you do not have an astrological software program, you can use an ephemeris to hand calculate a chart for the location you desire. You would construct the chart in the same manner you construct any chart, and you can find the time of the Sun's ingress at the bottom of the page in Michelsen's Ephemeris, and I believe it is in the same place in the Rosicrucian ephemeris. You can also look online and google time for solstices and equinoxes, and it should come up easily.

Naturally you would look at the months of December, March, June and September for the ingress times.

As for the Fixed Stars placement in a Mundane Chart, always remember the actions of a Fixed Star are only active when they are in very close conjunction, thirty minutes or less.

Back in July of 1998, I did a couple of television shows where I predicted there would be a major drowning in the Southern Hemisphere. I gave the date and approximate time. There could be no doubt about this because on this date Jupiter would Station on the Scheat, the Fixed Star of drowning. Unfortunately it did occur at the time I predicted in Pupua, New Genia, and two thousand people drowned. Anytime a planet stations on a Fixed Star you can be assured it will show and it will be a significant event for the nation it lands in.

Naturally this follows through in the Natal Charts of Individuals as well. It is the first thing you should observe when looking at upcoming years. What planets are stationing, and how do they activate my personal chart. Additionally you should examine them for Fixed Star contact.

Let me know if you have followed what I have written, and if it makes sense to you. Once you do it a few times, it will become simple.

Wishing you every blessing.
Best always, Michele