Trauma, Early Christianity, Gnosis, Gnostics & Soul Choices

Throughout my life, I have always marveled at why soul chooses difficult experiences. What each soul chooses to challenge themselves with in this life and why. As I see it, life is the personal creation of the soul, I have to ask, "What were you thinking?" lol...I of course ask this of myself. 

But when I look at life, I compare it all to a game. If we played monopoly many times, we would eventually create new rules to challenge ourselves more. The easier something becomes, the more we choose to challenge ourselves. 

Since you own the lifetime, will you choose to continue challenging or finally say, "Let's just put six on every side of the dice and then play." As they say in Vegas, load the dice and get what you want. 

For millennium, souls have reincarnated in order to fulfill their assignment/contract with the planet and the solar system. We came for the experiment, separation from the grid of Creation. To see how it would be, how would we feel, how would we handle it.

Going several levels down into a dense physical organism and separating from our network of love to some state of independent thought and independent, free-wheeling creation limited to a physical / emotional/mental/ causal reality.

We started with the planet and at the time of Atlantis, many decided to step away from the experiment, to wait in the wings, till the rest of us had reached the nadir of physicality, a place too dark for soul to grasp. This is the current world. 

We have altered our cultural perception and environmental understanding to experience a depth of materiality, far from the realm of love and ecstasy that, we as soul never leave. But it is now time to turn the corner. That is what this turn of frequency is about. An elevation of frequency, a release of time, an ascension as many call it. We are now ready to step away from the pain and the destruction that we have steeped ourselves in at every level. 

So how do we do this? By reconnecting. Though at the time when we began language, (The Tower of Babel) we cut off our meridian/axiatonal connections, the endings have always continued to vibrate, in some more than others. 

We now stand at a time where we are ready to re-establish these connections. We must because the planet itself requires it. The experiment is coming to an end, it is time to let go of the horror and pain we have experienced and embrace, and recognize we can adjust all of what we experience. 

There are so many fine vibratory breaks within and without the space in which we live. We can change the vibration we currently use and move it to a different note on the scale of creation. There are many people who teach how to do this without knowing completely what it is they are teaching. Most of them are healers and that is what they see. But what they are doing is far greater than healing the body, they are dissolving the millennium of agreements, subconscious drives and hidden traumas/horrors, so we are free to create consciously again united with all life. 

We need to embrace this, because we (the early cycle light workers, who came to awaken the consciousness - those born in the late 40's, 50's and 60's) have absorbed the deepest cut and most jarring changes. We are the wave that would bring in those souls who stood in the wings, those that we call the new rays. They are not new, they are here to jump start us back to the grid and into a renewal of who we are. 

If you are experiencing the heavy drain of the physical disconnect with what you know is truth, wisdom and joy, then it is important that you take the time to visit you, the real you. Shift your consciousness there and play spin the bottle, kiss yourself. Soul is joy-full, it never left the pure positive god worlds. The physicality is just a derivative expression and experiment. Here consciousness can take any direction and play the game of service to self or service to others. 

We have stored too many rules and dogmas into our consciousness while playing this game. It is time to reboot and delete them. 

Recently, Spirit told me I needed to learn more about ancient Christianity. For the better part of my life, I could not say the word Jesus because when I would, all the mockery of this beings teachings would surface, and I did  not want to be associated with these lies.

Earliest known image of Jesus on byssus clothe according 

to Chiaro Vigo, See story at the bottom of this blog. 
But I have reached a point where I can say Jesus, because I can now fully separate from what has been created by power grabbing people like Paul. 

I have come to learn that much of what we are now experiencing is the result of dogma, we believed and proselytized in early Christianity. I have to take you back to let you see what I am speaking of because most people do not realize what we did. 

First let me say this, when we experience a physically painful trauma, we do not forget it. The way we have constructed this world, it is the greatest separation of creation experiencing the highest highs and the lowest lows of any level. (Compare this to photograph, the beauty of high resolution verses high contrast line graphics. In the physical we ride high contrast. When we get angry or when we are in love, we are on the wave at one end of the spectrum. As they say we put everything in one basket.) 

So when we have incredible highs or incredible lows, we record them in deep memory and allow them to drive the subconscious mind to protect us or exhilarate us on our journey. 

Many lightworkers that I have met in my current journey, were part of the early gnostic movement at the time Jesus lived. This movement, of which Jesus was part, had grown out of Judaic society, and the age of Aries (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.)

It based its understanding around the fact that the physical was not a good place. It was a world of temptation and the body itself was a part of that world. It went on to teach that soul was trapped in the body and that to get out, one must find gnosis, or knowledge. But not knowledge of physicality, the key would be knowledge of Spirit. 

So many in that time were ascetic in their practices. They believed that to remove themselves from all that is physical, to even go so far as to beat their own bodies, would be a way to find gnosis and release them from the pain of separation from the Divine Center. 

As this developed, many of these people also believed (this too stemmed from Judaic practice) that God would end the physical pain by destroying the world and bringing them home. 

But when this did not occur as quickly as they expected and the negative forces of temptation continued to rise forcing them to hide or enslaving them, these lightworkers took a few different directions. Many became martyrs, others felt they must live a life of pain in order to ascend, and a few gave up over the centuries with suicide, drugs, or other addictive practices to remove their consciousness from the offending world. 

I know I have simplified this because of time and typing, but I think you see what I am getting at. We have steeped our consciousness in the pain, and now we need to find a new direction. We need to free ourselves of these illusions and reconnect with who we are, because we are powerful creators and we do create, but with our subconscious holding most of the creative power, it brings in challenges rather than joyful gifts.

Now we have reached the depth of our material journey and we begin the climb back to creation, creator, one. 

There are many people on the planet inspired and guided, offering techniques to clear and connect. Three of the most powerful techniques are: Eric Pearl's Reconnection, Dr. Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code, and the many and varied forms of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique first discovered by Dr. Callahan in 1992, promoted by Gary Craig and now expanded to many forms including Rebecca Marina's Heart Point Technique, and Regina Murphy's Emotional Sound Technique

If you have not already started you journey to reboot, please visit some of these sites and start exploring, releasing and reconnecting. You are part of the whole, not separate. You have always been part of the whole and shall be so eternally. 

Story of the picture of Jesus above: 
"For 400 years the most important relic of Christendom, before which the Emperor of Byzantium knelt once a year, held between two panes of glass, has been on display in a tiny Capuchin church which is completely empty for many hours each day, in the town of Manoppello , in Italy 's Abruzzi region. It is the missing role model for the entire western civilisation. Today finally it must be regarded as rediscovered. It fades away against light, it darkens in shadow, yet it endures through the centuries, unchanging.It shows the bearded face of a man with side-curls (jewish peyoth), whose nose has been hit like that of a detainee in the Abu Ghreib prison. The right cheek is swollen, the beard partly ripped off. The forehead and lips have on them hints of pink, suggesting freshly healed wounds. Inexplicable peace fills the gaze out of the wide open eyes. Amazement, astonishment, surprise.Gentle compassion. No despair, no pain, no wrath. It is like the face of a man who has just awakened to a new morning. His mouth is half open. Even his teeth are visible."    
 Paul Badde, Read the entire story here:http://www.israelshamir.net/Contributors/Face_of_Jesus.htm