Clear Mercury Retrograde ~ New Moon 29 Aquarius ~ Happy Birthday Pisces!

Mercury Retrograde is Finally Over!
So we have finally cleared Mercury Retrograde! What a ride this one has been. Weather wise it has been horrific all over the country with true Uranian challenges, which of course is the combined work of the Uranus Pluto square. But in terms of internet, computers, phones and communication it has been a mess around here.
Phew, so glad we are clearing and are now in a beautiful new moon period.

New Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius
29 degree Aquarian new moon.. so we are once more being asked to cooperate and get it right internationally. 29 is a critical degree and it indicates we need to finish up something that has been started a while ago. Aquarius is the constellation of this new age.. an age of brotherhood. A time where we must begin to realize that everyone shares the same emotions and needs no matter where they live or what they look like or believe. It is on these human (or humanitarian) grounds that the playing field becomes level and brotherhood and cooperation can take hold. The new moon says look again, try anew, find a new approach.

While all of this may seem an international and planetary consciousness issue, it may also be active in your personal life, so think about your own life and who you have not seen clearly or who you have not given a full chance. Now is the time to view friends and ideas from a new perspective.

Happy Birthday, Pisces! 
My dear dreamers, visionaries, creatives and all too often over sensitives who may feel a need to escape the chaos through every doorway from work and religion to drugs and alcohol. Take heart and be strong, your visions are a gift, your creativity is also a gift, use it, give it out to the world in any form you can and this will release you from the all too often pain of hopelessness you feel in this difficult chaotic and monetary-directed world. Let nature soothe you, get a massage, go to the spa, take a weekend at the beach. Find solace in music and art and allow yourself to heal by releasing your feelings in song, art, and dance. 
Here is an image I created just for you, 
Pisces - Happy Birthday! 

Planting Update
Late Sunday (after 4:28pm PT) is a good time to plant flowers and all plants of beauty. That period goes through Monday evening at 6:57 PT.