Birthday - Aquarius - Meditation - Love

Today, is the first day of my seventh decade of life. In astrology, we call this the solar return, for today the sun will once more be at the degree it was in Aquarius when I took my first breath of life and began to drive a brand new physical organism - my human body. 

I did not feel wonderful on the day I was born. I was frightened and was not comforted immediately upon entering. My mother did not think I belonged to her, and she did not like the way I looked, so long, thin and red. But my grandma was delighted to see me. She said in Italian; "Brutto alla nascita, Bella quando esce!" which translates to; "Ugly at birth, beautiful when coming out." 

I think of all the children born in this world and wonder how many are loved at that first moment? How many receive a small percentage of the love that they need to flower into the magnificent creators that they truly are.

For just a moment, come into this meditation vision with me.

Safe in the sea of creation

Take a deep breath, hold it and then release it. Go to that moment when you took your first breath of life. Allow yourself to feel how you felt as you entered this new world. Now let me be there for you.

I smile and say, "I love you! You are the most beautiful and wonderful child in the world." I hold you and see the angels that surround you, and we smile because we know a new light has been born in this world of chaos. You know you are safe. You know you are loved. 

I nurture you with love and direction so that you know who you are. You are divine. 

I teach you to look with love upon all of creation, for the very being who created you, created all of this universe through love. Honor all life, for it is part of creator, as you are part of creator. 

I help you realize that you can find joy if you choose it. 

For wherever there is darkness, so too there is light. If you look for the light, you will find it. If you stand in the light you will become it. When you become the light, all that is, becomes you.

As you grow, I teach you that you cannot fail. You may take unusual turns from time to time just to get the experience you need to create more of what you desire.

Allow yourself to feel the love I am sending, for you are part of creation as am I, and we are now and always will be connected.

Creation expressed in the stars
I am writing this to share with you the love that is creation. Though today is the record of my solar return, I will spend it thinking of you, sending you love, sending you angels to offer you whatever you need, and I will meditate today that peace, joy and love will fill your heart, and you will find the answers you seek,

I am honored to share this planet and this galaxy with you and with all the forms of divine creation. 

Blessings and joy,

Happy Birthday, Aquarius - the sign of revolution, invention, scientific logic, irreverent attitudes, outspoken demeanor. They are also leaders in the art of cooperation for a cause. They believe friendship is holy and connectedness with independent thought is essential. Though they will attempt to convince you of whatever they are passionate about, they will also listen and can be swayed if you present a logical case.

At this time, no outer planets are in Aquarius, but Jupiter is in Aries which will sextile Aquarian suns offering expanded optimism, freedom to express a new appearance, a new body, competitive spirit and a doorway to explore and travel. 

Saturn is in Libra and will activate the Aquarian Sun in a trining action, which may offer opportunity to connect with stable older people, offer a nice structured relationship, an opportunity to stabilize a relationship with someone older or even with a father who has been absent.