The Economy - Tax Cut - Vermont Senator Sanders

As we enter this holiday season, wishing it to be filled with delight and joy for all the children in the world, our nation struggles with economic disaster. At this time when so many are spending their savings on Christmas gifts, our Congress continues to consider tax cuts for the wealthy, and even the option of ending estate taxes, which effect only the tiniest wealthiest percent of America.

Consider the abyss that is being created between the haves and the have-nots.

How many people do you know who have lost their homes?
How many have declared bankruptcy, or are unemployed and just hanging on? 

Consider what happens to counties, as the middle class suburbs become filled with vacant repossessed houses, and property taxes that had been paid to maintain fire and police departments disappear from the tax rolls. 

Now recall the events of the French Revolution and you will recognize that our nation's astrology charts are following a similar trend. (I have been speaking about this for over a decade.)

Is it all in the stars? Or is it at our disposal to choose this outcome?

Because all development of consciousness is a spiral, we know the events that now take place can have a more uplifting and balanced outcome.  

Let us all ask the question: "What do I need to do to help America step into a revolution of government without bloodshed or riot." 

We shall have the answer. We can do this together. You must know and trust that everything that comes into your life will be a benefit for you and others.  Once a person makes a commitment, Spirit brings them the means to achieve it. 

I want to share this wonderful speech by the Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The State whose motto is: "Freedom and Unity."

This soul is actively working to enlighten people, and avert national disaster and the possible civil war, which gathers on the horizon as the Middle Class continues to evaporate. Listen and take heart. Many are doing their part, let us unite and grow the numbers for peaceful change. It is desperately needed. We can no longer say I am safe behind my wall, we must recognize we are a nation of many and the truth is in this saying: "It takes a tribe." 

So for the many who are rich that are helping with this change (and there are many!) Let us say thank you. And each of us can do our part, from giving food to the homeless and the shelters, to speaking out at county meetings and enlightening those around us that we must invest in America if we are to continue as a nation whole and successful.