Intention for America - The Power of Intention

As creators of our own universes, we are also interconnected in the act of creation with each other and our society and then across the continent even into other universes. Our thoughts are the electrical or inspirational force that binds with our emotions to create or manifest all we see. It is this power that we share and it is this power which we can choose to direct together to expand, heal and empower our worlds. Many people around the world are working together to consciously activate a positive force for good in our world. I am a part of a small group of intenders. We are now working on this intention and I wanted to share it with you because you might like to participate with us.

All you need to do is clear yourself (take three deep breaths slowly releasing all concerns in your world and opening to Spirit, the light, God or whatever great power of love you work with.) Feel your body relax. Then read the intention and take ten minutes in silent meditation to activate the field of consciousness within and without you. Allow yourself to see the activation, feel the joy of healing or release the sadness of cleansing. Allow yourself to be fully active in your own divine state.

I hope you find this helpful at this time.  When we are surrounded by chaos, we always find strength in the peace of our own divinity. In this very heart of creation we are embraced by love.

(Please note, this intention can be focused on any nation, city or place, not only here in America; and you can do this with a group of like-minded people too.)