Gaia's Ascension & The Law of One

Crystalline Earth Grid, see link at bottom of this blog 
We are at a time of significant change, do you feel it? Have you found yourself doing more meditation, catching and changing negative thoughts, feeling more gratitude and love, and most noticable a greater calm and peace in your life?

Gaia is in a Vibrational Ascension. She is moving to a new frequency scale, one that is freer. We who will remain with her, must join that vibration.

It is one of peace and love.

It is what you wanted when you first entered the world as a child, but so sadly discovered that it only existed in small pockets. It is a world where we actually realize, "All Life Is Divine!"

This is encoded in every cell in your body. But the world view, which was developed over centuries for us to experience separation created a belief system that this was not true. For thousands of years we have lived in fear of loss, fear of lack, and fear of abandonment, We have developed an energy that did not exist when these lower worlds were created; 'Hatred.'

Many souls in human bodies chose a path of self fulfillment and power without regard for the divinity of all life. Those of us who did not make this choice, find ourselves wanting to go home because the experience of living without universal understanding causes us pain.

Our connection to all life is part of who we are. When we operate from this place of connectedness, which you have heard me call 'The Grid', we feel the pain, suffering and torture all our divine connections. This includes, not just human forms, but plants, animals, and even mountains. The disturbance and destruction of life forms is experienced by everyone. This is the Law of One.

As Gaia continues vibrationally ascending, and we join her frequency, we will align once more with The Grid that connects all life in a tangible way. No longer will those who we have called, 'Sensitives' in the past, be alone. Instead, we will all become 'Sensitives,' because in complete alignment we feel the feelings of all life. We know the knowing of all life. From trees to mountains, from dolphin to cow, from Asian to European, we feel and understand each other.

The Law of One is not mandated. Instead through the very act of feeling and knowing, we can no longer harm another because we experience them as ourselves. To hurt other life would be the same as hurting one's self.

This is where we are going as we work with Gaia, The Grid, and escalate our vibrational frequencies to a higher level.

So though there are many incapable of bridging the vibrational distance, and thus will not make the transition to this new world, they will find a home in a lower frequency space. We will witness many loses, but stay focused on love and gratitude, and your desire to go home will take root in the new frequencies of Gaia.

This is what is happening with the world predictions from every tribe and people including the Mayan, the Hopi, the Aborigine, and the many other prognosticators that have recorded their 'Dreamtime.'

Last week while I did a radio show with Allie Cheslick on Wings Of Love, I could feel many people  overwhelmed by fear of this change. What I said to them, I will repeat here.

"Simply stay in a place of gratitude and love. Whenever fear activates in or around you, breath into your heart center Light, Love and Gratitude. Allow your heart to consistently radiate these three things, and you will dispel the fear, dispel darkness and uplift all who are in your presence."

Here is a wonderful video of a Peace Mandala titled: Kalachakra Mandala*. It was created by Tibetan Monk, Losang Samten in November of 2009 at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Mandalas have been used for centuries to focus one's attention creating a greater awareness of the vastness of creation. The whole time while creating a mandala, the individual or individuals pray and focus on a virtue. This one holds the focus of world peace. Enjoy!

Kalachakra Mandala from peacefeather imagery on Vimeo.

*Kala is an ancient Sanskrit ( कला ) word, this word has a depth of meaning as do all ancient words. They encompass complete thought. It refers to the dark goddess, which most people would not understand in our current language, but let me explain further. Dark refers to the darkness before creation, the void, the place of creation. Thus Kala in the context of this Mandala, refers to The Goddess of Creation. This Mandala is titled: Kalachakra, so it is a prayer to the Goddess or  Mother womb chakra, to give birth to peace. (Michele Avanti's interpretation of Kalachakra)

Link to source of picture of Crystalline Earth Grid: http://www.allabout-energy.com/yourwealthabundancejoy/the-crystalline-grid-and-two-source-channels-one-message-of-living-love.html

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