Here we are between the eclipses.. the energy of Jupiter getting ready to move direct is filling my world... I am already seeing things bloom without my doing more than putting out my hand to welcome them.

Also angels are closer now more than ever in my lifetime. I am wondering if you experiencing this too. Now when I call on one for help. I don't have to wait a minute, they are responding instantly. A barrier that was there before is now dissolved. I feel this is not just for me but for everyone. Have you asked for angelic help lately? What has been your experience?

I am so excited with all that is happening... I pray your world is bursting with Spring, New Beginnings, breakthroughs and all manner of opportunity is opening for you.

The dance of Uranus & Pluto has broken the ground and created new worlds to explore.. cross the bridges that were blocked before and you will find what others call.. Magic. Since today the Moon is in Cancer.. I am headed out to replant all my tomato plants and some flowers.. a perfect moon in a new moon cycle.

hugs to you!