Do you give away your power?

A little while ago, my dear friend Allie Cheslick posted this comment by Dr. Wayne Dyer:

"If you're always in a hurry, always trying to get ahead of the other guy, or someone else's performance is what motivates you, then that person is in control of you."

This  is so true..it is the way of this time in history, more than any other time, that we give away power in so many ways, it is a wonder that people are not sick all the time. 

Our personal power is centered through the choices we make. Every single time we choose we either strengthen or shrink our power. 

To make this as plain as possible, when you say, "Yes." to anything half-heartedly, you have given away your power. Consider when someone asks you to go somewhere, or you mate asks you to get them something. If a part of you says "I don't want to," but you do it anyway, you have given away your power. 

The key is to be aware. Then internally say, I choose to do this because I love this person. I am happy to do this because I love this person. 

When you make a conscious choice, you center and empower yourself, while still doing something for someone else. 

Hope that makes it clear. Comment below or write on my facebook wall - Michele Avanti, and I will help you with any mundane situation you want to discuss. I always keep people's situations anonymous on my blog. We all have challenges in our lives, but when we work together, we can work them out.

Hugs to all, we need to love ourselves and learn to be cause in our lives. When we do, we empower ourselves and thus strengthen the whole grid of life on the planet. 

Yes, your smile, your love, your joy adds strength to everyone and everything.

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