End of The Mayan Calendar

Michael asked:

After reading an article on earth changes where the author indicated that there would be leaps in consciousness as the Mayan Calendar ends, and that everyone would be able to connect telepathically, and that the world would become a place of peace. We would all wake up to the “Golden Age.”

My Response:

What is said holds modicums of truth. In reality all of what is said is true, but it is not true for all people. Hopefully that does not sound too confusing.

What is happening as we come to the end of the Mayan calendar, is an amazing shift in the time/space manifestation. We as a society have agreed to time as we now know it. But this is simply a mental/societal agreement for the purpose of commerce and not for divinity and interaction with life.

When we understand that time is a more pliable concept, both accessible, changeable and actually non-existent, then we can come to grips with the issues of the Mayan calendar.

In life everyone has times, if they are aware and, which I can help them remember, when due to the consciousness of the people, which is often driven by planetary resonance on the DNA of the societies, we experience days or periods during a day where time speeds up or lags. Yesterday for example time ran more slowly then the norm, you could squeeze much more into an hour then you may the day before. There are other days where time breezes by and you work in a mode that is embraced by the resonant response of societal DNA. Everyone is buzzing - not just you. If you are unaware of this, make a commitment to watch from this point forward and you will see it for yourself.

Time is a flexible concept driven by consciousness.

Another example is the personal DNA factor in each human and animal. In the youth, while cells are actively multiplying and growth is the focus of the organic organism, the DNA vibration is slow. As the body ages, it speeds up until it reaches a pitch of disintegrating matter. A complete reversal of evolutionary process from its early purpose. The organism experiences time in relation to the DNA vibration, all things take longer in childhood then in old age. It has to vibration. When the organism slows the vibration through alignment with the Creative Force/Spirit/Divinity/Genetic Essence, then the DNA itself speeds up and aging reverses. It is all in the DNA. What man is finally coming to, is awareness that each one may consciously control their own DNA. That is not beyond your control, that science alone does not have the dibs on it. But rather you, the conscious being, is the power of the universe - your universe - and when you release the agreements of societal, cultural, ancient premise set by religions and governments, you come to a space of creation. You are the creator - your universe is yours to create.

As we approach this time of "time ending.” it will be increasingly more the individuals responsibility for the level of physical consciousness that they choose to live in. Though many will never even know they are choosing because they are completely unaware of their own power of choice.

There will be a splitting off of levels as there was in the end times of Atlantis, though this splitting will expand far beyond that one.

How will we respond to that? That depends on where you are in consciousness, as for you and many of the people you know, and many of the hundreds of clients I have, there will be the beginning of a 'Golden Age.' But of course perception here is everything. Does that mean all will look hunkey doorey? No. Though this sequence is faster than any we have ever witnessed in the millennia of lifetimes, it is still dependent on individual consciousness, as are all things. We can slow it down some or speed it up. What are we willing to do?

What I see, is many people dying in many earth related, as well as some human related mega-experiences (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic explosions, war, etc) These souls are choosing a different level. There will be individuals who want to carry the battling forward and may split their consciousness into a parallel universe, much like the one we are in now. There are those who will continue alignment with Gaia's expansion, and move into the final yuga's Golden Age.

I do believe you are one of those as am I and many who both of us know. But not all that we know. We will both experience losses. It is the independent choice of each soul.

Will there be a new communion with nature and a lifting or piercing of veils. Yes! Will everyone experience it immediately, I do not expect this to be the case. I would expect it will happen over a seven year period or so.

It is wise to tune into the light each day, hold it, hold the vision you wish for your world, and the world at large. This the great gift of time removed. For your vision is what you will manifest in an alarmingly fast frame. Time – Less.

We are entering a time-free space, where consciousness for the first time may separate into differing vibratory lengths, physically connecting rather than just astrally or mentally.

I hope that helps, if not please email and I will attempt to clarify.


Earth Changes - Turbulence 20011 - 2015

May has arrived and we turn to planting and sprucing up our yards. The beauty of nature fills all our senses and we once more enjoy the cycle of birth.

I love Spring.

Today, I have felt a need to speak of the changes that are not far off. I have witnessed over the last forty years many prophets of doom and have always felt the earth would reclaim herself.

As the Chinese fortune goes "May you live in exciting times!" I think all who are alive today and through the next seven years (2008 - 2015) will see the most extraordinary changes ever witnessed by techno-man.

We speak of climate change, animal extinctions, and ocean pollution killing off entire species of marine life. There is no sector of the planet free of change. Yes, change has always been, but not in thousands of year has it been at the fever pitch it is today.

So my blog during May is going to address this from many perspectives, physical to metaphysical. I will speak of the Mayan calendar, the astrological pictures, the physical realities and the practical directions that may be in your best interest.

I will explain why this phenomenon is occurring now, and what you can do to insure the course of life you choose.

This will include prophecies of the end times, earthquakes, fires, the flexibility of time, speeding up of DNA, the Yugas, Planetary Rebirth, return to the footstool of the Dog Star, and more.

Stay tuned...