Global Peace Network - A Christmas Story

Please join me on Christmas evening, 5pm PT, 8pm ET, 1am GMT, Monday, Noon Sidney Time, for a reading of my Christmas Story, A Change Of Seasons. It is my gift to you. The tale of the last dragon on earth and how he came to understand the meaning of Christmas.

All the details to listen are at this link: Global Peace Network  Please like the page and join me on Sunday, or call in when you have time to listen.

At this time in our expanded development, as we leap forward into the elastic universe, a place where manifestation is faster, we must understand and accept responsibility for our creations.

We are dissolving layer after layer of illusions (maya) and beginning to see the truth of those who have wielded power and control.

We are removing the blinders that we allowed others to place over our eyes, which caused us to  believe in our damnation & to forget, forbid, and fear the truth, that we are limitless and divine.

I wish each of you, every blessing in this Season of Peace & Love..
May your heart expand and overflow with love for all life in every form.
May your eyes open to your own Divinity
May you recognize the Divine nature of every life form on this planet,
May you feel the love that pours to you from all Beings of Light,
May you discover abundance always flowing into your life, &
May all forms of fear evaporate like fog in the light of the sun.

Wishing you the courage to love yourself, and recognize your true power.

With love & joy  Merry Christmas!