Saturn in Capricorn To Join Pluto - Awaiting The New Year

Awaiting 2018
Now we are in the tunnel, the dark night of soul as we turn the corner to a whole new year of life. A year that begins a more intense journey into Capricorn as Saturn moves toward Pluto and will join Pluto in January of 2020 and later that year, in November we will see Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter within 4 degrees, all in Capricorn. This is a time to ponder all that Capricorn brings to the table of our world and your life. The little pig who built the house of bricks, built a Capricorn home. To build one, we must be organized, disciplined and then work hard to create a structure of quality that will last for a long time. When Creator made our bodies, It gave Capricorn and Saturn the job of skin and bones, the job of both basic skeletal structure and the covering of skin to protect it. Additionally Saturn relates to your Dad, as well as all older people and people in positions of authority from principle to judge. Finally Saturn also will indicate the absence of things in your life and where you will work the hardest to achieve. So you can see that Saturn plays a very big role in our lives. While it is in its rulership we must consider all of these things and once it begins its contact with Pluto, we must be ready to transform all of them. Restructure them or tear them down completely and rebuild. Jupiter indicates we will rebuild them bigger and with an expanded view, perhaps more spiritually, worldly or with greater wisdom. Hopefully I have given you much to ponder as you experience the tunnel to the New Year. It is now that we make resolutions which require discipline as this is Capricorn's influence. Take time to let your heart tell you the path to walk in 2018. Ponder the issues and release all that holds you back. Bless all the times someone was not there for you and left you to do all the work yourself. For in doing so you can revel in the qualities you have developed as a result of being left to handle things alone. You are an amazing being - all that you have been through has caused you to be this incredible being.So take time to love yourself and recognize how the adversities in your life have made you the strong resilient being you are. Now is the time to congratulate and celebrate you. Where you feel you fell short, remember that is a lesson to use now to make change. Do not stop at the old shortcoming and wallow, grab it like a lasso and gallop on to catch the next experience, wrangle it and make it work with all the knowledge you now have. You can do this. You are an awesome being, limitless and magnificent and all the power of Angels & Creator are here to hail you, guide and help you as you go beyond anything you ever dreamed possible. Now is the time to build your Eiffel Tower to the stars and recognize the Divine in You.