2021 Jupiter Saturn Air Cycle Begins


Welcome to the air cycle sequence of Jupiter & Saturn which will go on through 2080. It will activate changes in the way we communicate, which includes more than most of us think of when we say communicate. Most think of conversation, person to person, phone, internet, and all forms of media. But communication also includes: art, music, dance, even food is a way we communicate, as well as money.

The transition we are entering is a new frame of thinking never before seen on this planet. Taking technology to a means that will include healing with thought activated through technology. This is an exciting new wave of consdiousness that now begins. It will go on past my current lifetime, but you may be here to see it all.

Freedoms never before understood will move forward.

Universal pay as robots increasingly become the workforce.

New levels of global awareness come through and the recognition that we are of the same substance slowly weaves into the human consciousness.

An educational process of integrating different cultural practices from art to food flows to create understanding and respect for our differences.

Hard line evangelical religions will either open up to respect others or they will lose their footing when these cycles complete by 2080.

So many more things will change in these three 20 year air cycles, the world will be a completely different place by 2080.

So let us welcome this new year and celebrate this new beginning.

My New Years Gift for you

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In this New Year of 2021, under the alignment of Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius, as we begin the first of several air cycles, I am beginning the monthly newsletter I have talked about doing for two decades!

So here is the form if you would like to receive it, just fill it out. The newsletter should arrive in the last week of each month with astrological, metaphysical and spiritual tips for the following month.

I plan to do live zoom events this year as well as opening up some classes. So this newsletter will keep you informed of any events I am planning. 

There is no charge for the newsletter and of course you can unsubscribe at any time.

I look forward to sharing information that you can use to make better decisions, experience more joy, balance and peace, and recognize how you manifest everything in your life.

Sending Blessings of Joy, Health & Peace,

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Michele Avanti is an ISAR Certified Astrology Professional with more 30 years teaching & consulting with clients internationally. She has been teaching metaphysics since 1972, is a metaphysical minister and a consciousness coach. Additionally Michele is an award winning artist & author.