Global Peace Network - A Christmas Story

Please join me on Christmas evening, 5pm PT, 8pm ET, 1am GMT, Monday, Noon Sidney Time, for a reading of my Christmas Story, A Change Of Seasons. It is my gift to you. The tale of the last dragon on earth and how he came to understand the meaning of Christmas.

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At this time in our expanded development, as we leap forward into the elastic universe, a place where manifestation is faster, we must understand and accept responsibility for our creations.

We are dissolving layer after layer of illusions (maya) and beginning to see the truth of those who have wielded power and control.

We are removing the blinders that we allowed others to place over our eyes, which caused us to  believe in our damnation & to forget, forbid, and fear the truth, that we are limitless and divine.

I wish each of you, every blessing in this Season of Peace & Love..
May your heart expand and overflow with love for all life in every form.
May your eyes open to your own Divinity
May you recognize the Divine nature of every life form on this planet,
May you feel the love that pours to you from all Beings of Light,
May you discover abundance always flowing into your life, &
May all forms of fear evaporate like fog in the light of the sun.

Wishing you the courage to love yourself, and recognize your true power.

With love & joy  Merry Christmas!


Frozen Weather, Floods, Uranus, Scheat & The Moon

A Cold Wet Frozen Flooded Fall 2011

Within the last 11 hours, the Northeastern United States has been hit by a storm that plummeted snow, froze roads, tore down trees and power lines and created brownouts and blackouts in at least six states.

This is just the beginning of a Season that will be filled with sudden frozen, heavy wet snows and floods.

Uranus is in retrograde heading back to the Aries Point, and the fixed star Scheat, the star of floods and drowning. So as the Moon travels into hard activation of Uranus we will see some terrible storms. Here are dates to watch. Please note that during all these dates Jupiter continues getting closer to an exact stressful semi-sextile position to Uranus. The more exact this aspect becomes, the bigger the event, which will occur when triggering Moon sets it off.

November 6, 2011, early am, East Coast USA. The Moon will conjoin Uranus as Mars opposes Uranus. Also Jupiter will be quincunx Venus & Mercury.

November 14, 2011. early am, east coast Moon square Uranus, opposing Pluto, trine Chiron and sextile to Mars.

November 20, 2011, late night, activity may move west now. Moon opposing Uranus, and quincunx Jupiter and Chiron.

November 26 - 27, 2011 very late on the 26th through early morning on the 27th. Moon square Uranus, trine Jupiter sextile Chiron.

December 3, 2011, mid morning to noon, Moon conjunct Uranus, semi-sextile Jupiter

December 11, 2011 mid morning to noon, Moon conjunct the Sun, square Uranus sextile Jupiter (event likely further west)

December 18, 2011 early morning Moon oppose Uranus, quincunx Jupiter and Chiron (most likely further west)

The most auspicious days are December 11th and 24th.

December 11th comes under a Lunar Eclipse, with Uranus stationing Direct right on the Aries Point, right on Scheat, while Mercury is also slowing down to station direct. This can be a very challenging combination. I would not recommend traveling or especially flying during this period, though many people will be headed home for the holidays. There will likely be lots of delays, bad weather alerts, re-routing of planes and accidents. I do not see it being a smooth ride overall, though I am sure many people will get to their destinations, if you can go earlier and come back later, that would be a much better choice.

On December 24th, Jupiter will station at zero degrees Taurus creating a trine to the Moon while the Moon is conjunct the Sun, applying a conjunction to Pluto, and square Uranus. This indicates a very sudden, big, noticeable, transformative, explosive, wet, flooding, icy, cold event. It may occur anytime from late Christmas Eve right through mid-morning of Christmas Day. There are many, many factors here, but one nice thing I can add is that Jupiter stationing at Zero degrees of Taurus does active a beautiful fixed star that may signify some blessing to come from this event, despite how terrible it may appear.

Also if you are planning on going to the Tokyo area during this period, I would avoid it. Both the December 18th and the Christmas Eve Chart for Tokyo look terrible and once more there may be a tsunami. No doubt there will be lots of water.

December 24 - 25th, 2011 may also hit Denver directly, so if you are traveling there or live there, be prepared.

It is so important for folks who take medicine or need electricity for medical equipment to be prepared for any blackout that may happen. A few hours for some people can be tragic, and it is for this reason I have made sure to jot this blog with dates and times despite my heavy schedule right now.

I also wanted to get these dates posted quickly in case you are making travel plans. I always recommend you get tickets purchased before a retrograde period to assure you get what you want, and avoid errors.

Mercury will station retrograde 11:21 pm PT on November 23rd, and then go direct on December 13 at 5:43 pm PT, so if you are planning on buying Christmas presents, you may want to wait till after the 13th to make sure you don't miss something about the gift. During a Mercury Retrograde, we frequently miss the fine details and will get the wrong model, or get something that needs to be repaired. Better to make purchases outside of this period if possible.


Fall 2011 - People's Revolution

Libra Ingress - Those who control our resources will now be exposed!

As we continue to move forward, I have not fully discussed what I saw in the current Libra Ingress. I have only hinted at it, when I mentioned that the basket is being woven and by the end of this ingress, December 21, 2011, the basket will be half complete. This is the forerunner of the magnificent basket, which will connect nearly all the planets December 21, 2012.  

Below you can see the Libra Ingress Chart. The red lines I have drawn show the basket that is forming. 
It is activated by the Sun, Mercury, Moon, Mars, Mid-Heaven and Uranus. These make up half of the planets and a very important angular point. 

If you look at the ends of this basket, you find the Sun at one end and Uranus at the other, both are in a square with Pluto, though the square is not fully active because Uranus is not applying. But this squaring indicates that despite all the unification of the people through the basket, the people will experience challenges of power, control, corporate tactics and oppressive government officials. 

The direct contact between the Moon and Pluto shows enormous stress being made by networking and aggressive actions of the people (men and women) challenging the contracts made by those in authority. This chart shows power being tested, and the people taking it from those who control their shared resources and their homelands. In case you do not fully understand my astrology language, shared resources will always refer to bankers, mortgage brokers, credit card companies, insurance companies and investment firms. 

The Basket,  which is being forged in this Ingress, indicates: balanced, fair communication, 
enhanced by organized social networking, which will lead & unite men & women through 
their creative dreams, desires for freedom, change, revolution & a new beginning, to shift the 
balance of power, and reveal the secrets. They will revolt against all those who have held 
control of our shared resources and bring them into plain view. 

So what does this basket foretell? 

It indicates a new bonding of all root races to their wholeness. Thus it will be ready once more to carry the love that will nurture every life form and Gaia. 

We are living in a time when you look out the window and see chaos and destruction, but when you look with the eyes of soul, you will see light flashing in Creation and fire burning clean a whole new set of steps that lead away from the Maya (illusion) your eyes perceive. 

Please focus on love. Do not allow anything else to have space in your world. Get strong, let all of our higher frequency brethren hold you up. They are here, and you can feel them. Just open yourself to their love and you can walk through the fire of destruction that must be there to cleanse a path of light. 

There has never been a time like this on earth, and never quite a combination like this in all Creation.

Hold the Light, Be the Light, Acknowledge the Light, and focus on Love. We will complete this task and begin to build a new world together. 

Below is a message I received today. It is from James Gilliland from his Pleiadian connection. It gives one more indication of what is happening. 

You will find messages like this one from all our Star Brethren. If you open your eyes, you will also see the many who have incarnated to lift the frequencies, so we can move forward. So many are here, that you should be smiling, as I am. We are truly not alone even in the physical! 

We are blessed. We are loved, We are connected, and we will forge a wave of love that will unite all life in ways we only remember in dreams. 

Hugs and love,

Thank you Daniel B. Holeman for your fantastic art. A wonderful piece upon
which to meditate. Please visit his amazing website to see more of his
wonderful, uplifting, loving work. AwakenVisions.com 

Pleiadian Message, Days to Come

There have been many meetings; which were multidimensional in nature in a consortium of advanced beings addressing the disturbance in the force called Earth. There is a unified field in which we all reside and express and Earth due to its millions of souls crying out for justice, the end of tyranny and deception has been addressed. There are councils and consortiums all discussing this matter. In ancient times the last major colonies, Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria were Pleiadian in origin. If you talk with Native American Elders, South American Elders, Indonesian Elders, Hawaiian Elders and many others they all mention the Pleiadies as their ancient origins. Pleiadians have the greatest genetic stock or investment in Gaia not just human but plant and animal. They were the teraformers from long ago. There were other Star Nations that have come and gone to join in on this experiment some of which were lesser souls who hijacked the experiment.

There are also unseen entities often referred to as Archons who also played a role in hijacking and derailing the evolution of Humanity and the Earth. These are low 4th density beings referred to as many names. Not just this galaxy but other galaxies have been dealing with these seen and unseen negative influences. The Elite call upon these influences in their rituals for power over others yet in doing so have lost their souls and have become possessed by these entities. What we are not aware of is these unseen negative influences are being cleaned up as above so below. The very grid and power base the global elite depend upon is diminishing and collapsing. Gods work in ways unseen. Now before you ask why is God plural did you know Elohim is plural and the correct translation of Genesis is, "In the beginning the Father of all Fathers created the Gods who created the heavens and the Earth." The correct understanding is God is neither male nor female in its most unlimited understanding it is a frequency and a force, divine intelligence; which is omnipresent on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The image of the bearded male God came from the Annunaki, those who came to Earth from Heaven of the skies, technologically advanced God like beings. Some were benevolent serving the Creator in all Creation others were malevolent self-serving which is where the divisions of religion often occur. In the most ancient understandings God was female, the center of this galaxy is the black hole from which everything emerged, all life is related and family. This is more aligned with the creation process and what scientists call the big bang which was a lot of bangs.

The many male images of God separate from Humanity and the Earth, diminishing and suppressing the feminine along with unseen negative influences have created the severe imbalances and misdirection of evolution. This is in the process of being corrected. All of the councils and consortiums to the highest level have agreed that the Pleiadians have the most human and genetic stock as well as a responsibility to correct this imbalance and redirect Humanity's and the Earth's evolution back on its original course. This is a multidimensional effort from the highest levels including the source itself to correct and redirect. The Andromedans, Sirians, Arturians, Orion Council of Light, Pleiadians, and a host of others to numerous to mention have dealt with the controllers on high and are now dealing with them on Earth. How we are going to see it on this level often depends on how entrenched we are in the negative system and how far away we are from living in harmony with each other and the Earth. The Pleiadians say we are hear to release the past, healing is coming to the Earth. They are doing it spiritually and energetically all the way down to the physical. The consciousness and energy grids of tyranny and separation are coming to a close. The negative support systems for the elite who have chosen to invoke and work with unseen negative influences is also coming to an end. What once was hidden shall be revealed for all to see and once seen the masses will be quick to awaken and act due to the increased awakening and healing energies coming to the Earth. Your ancient ancestors are returning, they are benevolent and are here to set a new course. The wars, disease, unbridled greed and profit at the expense of humanity and the Earth are also coming to a close along with the war and disease profiteers. They are being exposed on every front. This does not mean they will go quietly which would be in their highest and best good. It means they will go, they have no choice neither Earth or the Universe support their reality. Direct knowing, telepathy, sensitivity to vibration will isolate them from the awakening masses who will no longer participate with their agendas. Because they have no respect for humanity, nature and the body of Earth their own bodies will fail. No drug, machine, or negative influence will keep them erect.

You are going to see great changes between now and November, time to create a new world, one which lives in harmony with all the facets of humanity and nature. The old world is fast diminishing in a time compression spoken of in the Mayan Calendar. Yet that same quickening will support the manifestation of a new world of peace and prosperity for all. Unity consciousness is the future. Ride the wave. Release the past and trust in the future as well as the God within to guide your journey. Do not participate in the old world or act in any way that is harmful to humanity and the Earth. The future of Earth is set, how you choose to flow with this future or against it is up to you. Your choices will determine your tomorrow.

Permission to pass and share far and wide;
James Gilliland


2012, Frequencies, ETs & Ascension

I guess you would say this title is a mouthful, and perhaps you are thinking, "What do these things even have in common?" Let us take them one at a time to connect the dots.


We are quickly closing in on December 21, 2012, the date interpreted from the Mayan, signaling and end of time.

Some have prognosticated that this is a doomsday scenario, but I do not agree. Astrologically speaking, this is the date of a new ingress chart, which looks wonderful. Additionally, having been taught by Spiritual Beings since childhood, I know that since 1968, the planet has been preparing for its graduation to a whole new level.

I have witnessed the changes in vibratory rate that have occurred many times over the last 43 years. Each one has been a step up, slowly in the early years and over the last two they have been enormous.

The state of consciousness of man has expanded as Planet Earth has awakened to her own needs. Humans have come to realize we are not here to destroy this planet, but to be stewards of it. This is, on one level, consciousness coming full circle to what was understood early in man's tribal development, but, which was lost as we industrialized and advanced technologically.

But today, people are realizing that we must be stewards and there are many earth advocates working toward these goals and giving the planet a voice.

So as I look around, I see the changes in man's consciousness, the planet's consciousness and I also see those who have not changed and linger, holding on to power, greed and control.

As I view this, I see how quickly the polarities are shifting further apart. I see that the frequencies of both Earth and the sector of loving, compassionate human consciousness are in complete alignment with the solar systems movement to a higher vibration, one of love and peace.

So those who see doom may be correct for their own world because the planet will move her body to shed off frequencies that are not aligned with her, much like we scratch an itch. Thus we will see cataclysmic events as we continue through the next few years.


But this is one of the most amazing times in the history of this solar system. We're making change so rapidly that many will have a hard time keeping up and will have to leave the planet because their human organism will not be able to handle the frequencies. If you have been working to make change in your life, aligning with love, which is the frequency of creation, unconditional being the highest pitch, then you will most likely be in for the ride of a million lifetimes.

Let me start by giving an example of how frequency works, (scientists may call this resonance, others may call it vibration) so you can wrap your brain around it. Remember to hold this thought in the back your mind while you read: "As above, so below."

When an opera singer reaches a very high octave, usually seven, the sound vibration can shatter certain kinds of glass. So what happens? As the sound wave hits the glass it causes a resonance, activating the glass's natural frequency. As the note reaches a higher pitch, it pushes the frequency higher and the glass flexes. If it pushes the frequency too high, the glass will shatter. Seeing what happens to glass in slow motion can be helpful to understand this. So take a moment and watch this video.

Now, having watched the video, you should have noted a couple of things. As you watched, you saw the glass flexing, you also heard the pitch increase. As it continued to increase, it eventually reached a level where the frequency (resonance) was too high to be sustained and the glass broke. Understanding this is imperative to understanding how your body responds to frequency as well.

Inside your body there are trillions of sentient beings we call cells. Each has their own natural frequency. As we go through life we slowly elevate or reduce their frequency depending on what we think, do and take into our human organism, as well as through our environment.

Our cells have the ability to flex and unlike glass, which is of a more stable and less organic nature, they can adjust over time to different ranges. However like glass, they cannot adjust in a few seconds to something beyond their current range. The cells require adjusting in many ways to move to higher vibratory rates.

At this time, the planet is readjusting, as are all the planets, luminaries and other sentient beings in our solar system. Our entrance into and through the galactic center is along a spiral frequency and when we move through and out the other side we will be basically thirteen notes higher on our scale.

The human organism and all it's counterparts (astral, mental, causal, etheric) will need to be adjusted to this new level.

We do this by clearing out the negativity, karmic, traumatic, and other types of experiences we have stored in the cells. All your lifetimes and the memory of those you have witnessed are in your cells. All of this is heavy, dense and is embedded in the lower frequencies. So if the body is to move through to the next stage of Solar System Development, one must clear this out and activate a whole new level, which is lighter, more joyous and more loving.

Wandjina Petroglyphs, Kimberly, Australia,
5,000 years old.

So what do ETs have to do with this?

This planet was seeded, as I have said many times. There are some that we call Earthlings, but they really were only the first to come. None were completely constructed from this planet, the seeds had to come from other habitations. There are some nearby and others millions of light years away that seeded this planet. Each one set in motion a new type of what we call, human organism. Scientifically, we can see this in the genetic coding we call DNA.

Over millennium these have been mixed, shifted, adjusted, and changed. What we call today, GMO (genetically modified organisms) is only a small vision of what has been going on with human organisms since this planet developed an atmosphere.

So these beings we have termed ET, or extra terrestrial, are really in some way connected to every single person on this planet. Earth has been a grand experiment, which unfortunately has not turned out as expected. There is more destruction and negativity on this planet than anywhere in the universes.

Now as we must adjust to a higher frequency, like the glass, many will not flex and thus those human organisms will release their creative energy (we call soul, but in reality it is a lesser or diluted version of the actual soul) and will continue their experiment in another space, or end their experiment all together.

The human organism can handle a wider scale than most beings, including many ETs for that matter. From my understanding our scale ranges 13 x 13, thirteen levels with thirteen levels inside each. Some humans may have a slightly wider or slightly narrower scale because of how they focus. Those who focus on self service, power, greed, war, destruction, run on the lower part of the scale and will find the higher frequencies difficult to adjust to. Interestingly, what sounds are chosen for horror movies when you want someone to feel creeped out? Always lower notes. Angelic sounds are always higher notes.

When these changes are viewed from the level of Source or Soul, what is seen is a short experiment with creation of human organisms on planet earth. Viewing from Soul's perspective removes us from all the emotional disruption of attachment.

Attachment is the source of all pain, and so when we say some will leave their bodies and there will be destruction, it can invoke fear. But when one realizes that they have played this game and that it is now time to change the pattern. That together we are creating a new game more aligned with Divine Self, which is joyful and peaceful, then we can let go of the old game.

All the people you know have played with you. You cannot lose them. They will not disappear from your reality. They will just change, as they have always changed with new playing pieces. While their  Divine Self always remains in Source, a space beyond dark and light, where only light, peace and joy exist.

Art found on Crystalinks.com

Understanding all this, we come to the last part of my title: Ascension. Ascension is a movement upward and this is assuredly where we are going. Activating higher frequencies moves us a little closer to our true self. As we move through the Galactic Center, all who have centered themselves in love, will feel lighter and will move through to the next level of this game. It is this movement that we term Ascension.

This is not the ascension of those who believe we will take our bodies into heaven, but in paradox that too is correct. Because adjusting the human organisms to a higher frequency will bring us physically closer to heaven.

I do hope this helps you to understand what is happening. As these frequencies escalate your body will flex in many ways like glass. You may feel tired, have pains, headaches, even experience emotions surfacing for no apparent reason. All of this is part of how your body is responding to releasing density and changing vibration. Whatever you experience, should not last more than a few hours or a few days. If it does it may not have to do with the frequencies and thus you should check to see what your body needs.

I will leave you with a simple invocation to help you focus during this time. This comes from the book, "What is Light Body" which I recommend to help anyone through these changes.

I Breathe in Light through the Center of My Being
Into the Column of Light
That extends through the exact center of my Sentient Physical Body
From Alpha to Omega Chakras and beyond
Expanding my Heart completely
Into a Unified Field of Light
Within, through, and around my Sentient Physical Body
Encompassing my entire Chakra System.

I breathe in Light through the Center of my Being
Into the Column of Light
That extends through the exact center of my Sentient Physical Body
Allowing the Light to intensify within the Column of Light
From Alpha to Omega Chakras and beyond.

I breathe in Light through the Center of my Being
Allowing the Light to expand along the entire length of the Column of Light
That extends through the exact center of my Sentient Physical Body
I allow the Light to expand holographically to the Source of All That Is
Embracing the Unified Field within that total expansion
Within, through and around my entire Beingness
I AM a Unity of LIGHT

I breathe in Light through the Center of my Being
Allowing the Light to expand along the entire length of the Column of Light
That extends through the exact center of my Sentient Physical Body
I allow the Light to expand ecstatically to the Source of All That Is
I allow the Source of All That Is to ecstatically encompass my entire Beingness
I AM   I AM   I AM 

Michele Avanti CAP, is a certified astrology professional, metaphysical minister, Reconnection practitioner and award winning author. She has taught metaphysics since 1972. For a personal consultation click here:  http://astrologycolumn.blogspot.com/p/consultations.htmlor call: 541-863-6631 or connect with Michele on Facebook at: facebook.com/michele.avanti


Galactic Center, 2012 ~ Frequency Alignment

During the next few months, the escalation of frequencies will cause some major events worldwide. It is important that we each remain focused, grounded and fearless. What we will see as we look around, may shake the roots of our foundation. This is a good thing. Because in those roots are many lies we have held as truths. They are the lies of separation, weakness, sin, unworthiness, disease, aging, and innumerable issues of lack of divinity in all life.

There are many people who say there will be disasters and who promulgate fear in every form from disease and famine to violence of every kind. Will you choose this?

It is important to realize that everything that comes into our space is our choice.

Photo of The Galactic Center
We are in a very special time, one that had never been before on this planet, or in this galaxy. As we align with the Galactic Center and the frequencies escalate beyond anything we have experienced in the human organism throughout all our incarnations, we will have many choices.

As the Mayan's say, it is the end of time. But that statement can be interpreted many ways. What is happening is that many of the doorways of time, the other realities we have created through our group consciousnesses, are coming together in a dissident song. The frequencies of which we align, will pull us into that doorway, that time track, that reality.

Yes, I realize this sounds like a sci-fi story-line. But all sci-fi and fantasy generates from other worlds and they do exist because we are creators. Some may feel that is too much to handle. That is simply because of all the conditioning we have had, that we must kneel and pray, if there is to be an intercession for us with God. This has separated us for our own Divinity.

The truth is we have always had a direct line to God. We have never left the Source of Creation. Each soul has simply poured some of its life force into the human organism that we now think is us.

It is time for each human organism to, in gratitude and love, ask ones Divine or Higher Self to come into a greater alignment with the body. Then each person will become more aware of all creation, and of their power to create. This is what is happening as we move to the new frequencies.

Each of us are unwinding the coil of creation that is who we truly are. So, who will choose to move into this space of power, limitlessness, love and compassion?

And who will prefer to keep walking in the shoes we have worn for the past four thousand years?

The blocks to understanding your own Divinity 
are hidden in your subconscious.
They are bound to all the lies we have been sold. They are padded with rocks to cause us pain because we have been told we are born with sin and are unworthy of God. We must be cleansed, we must beg for love and for forgiveness for just being in a physical vehicle. We have been told we must follow someone who is greater than us. These are the rocks we have walked on for thousands of years. So many rocks that it could take two pages for me to name them all. But if you look you will see them. Their sum total  states: we are bound to this chaotic, painful place and only death will free us from the burden of the body and the difficulties of this planet.

But all this is lies.

The planet is a Divine Being, like us. All life forms are Divine, like us.

We are here to Co-create with Gaia (earth), each other and all life; to create a world that can be a paradise. We are the stewards of this planet and we have done a terrible job. The planet must renew as it enters these changes, It must slough off parts and transform so that all her vibrations are in alignment.

Think about this. Think of all the vibrations of hate, dissension, disgust, and disease that man continues to spew into the vibratory field of Gaia.

Apply the axiom, "As Above, So Below", to this picture.

When you have someone spewing negativity at you, how do you feel? What do you want to do? Will you respond with love or react with hate? Will you be kind or throw it all back at the person who sends it to you?

So too, Gaia must respond or react. Those who call themselves, Light Bearers are here to pour love into Gaia as she makes her transformation. They are here to help in any way they can, from doing simple acts of kindness every day, to pouring love into her heart center.

If you get bogged down by how all the changes might affect you, you are wasting energy, which is wiser to focus on love.

Truly, there is nothing to worry about, if you practice love. It is the expansion of love that will help each person adjust to the new frequencies.

We must let go of the old religious conditioning that tells us we are not loved, not worthy, separate from the Divine, powerless except through another greater being, children who must follow someone.

We are none of these things!

We are divine, co-creators with the Source. We have never been separated from Source, we have been conditioned to believe we are less than.

Secondly we must realize we are not alone in our creation, but in addition to what we create in our worlds, we are co-creators with the planet, the solar system and the galaxy.

This planet we call Gaia is a living being who has graciously allowed us to live on her. We have been taught or conditioned by a variety of religious pathways that the only divinity is soul, that the human body is a burden and that other life forms including the planet and all nature on it, is to be used by us, is not divine and is simply a resource.

All of this is not true. every single molecule is divine!

All life is Divine from the leaf to the frog,
from the cloud to the grain of sand
Though many of these life forms run at a much slower vibration than we run, they are no less divine. We must come into full alignment with this and then we can easily align with the frequencies that upscale 13 notes.

The changes that are happening, are there to open doorways.

Individuals who have been asleep, can choose now to wake and enjoin their own power. Others will refuse and continue under the control of those who resonate with power and greed. No one reading this  is like that. All of us will move into the new frequencies.

This next six months will be a tumultuous time of choosing, so there will be hardship, which at one level can activate understanding and awakening.

We here in the United States will have to come to terms with the New Apostolic Reformation fundamentalist thinking (they assert that to make way for the return of Jesus, they must convert or clear all sinners (non-believers) from the planet) because Rick Perry appears to have the winning chart for the next election.

His presidency will be much like electric shock treatment for all those who still sleep in this nation and believe they are covered by the freedoms of their constitution. They are not. That has been whittled down through legislation, executive orders and the control of the supreme court who has been courted by greed driven companies.

But it can be resurrected and we can have the nation of our dreams.

In Europe there are equal problems, with the rampant misuse of money by governments and the issue of bankruptcy pulling on the European Union. Many violent, aggressive and polarized movements are and will emerge. The need for answers is within but most people continue to look outside themselves, thus blaming all around them for the challenges they face. Examples of change include recent violence in England and the rise of Neo-Nazis in Germany.

At the same time around the world social networking has activated a cry for freedom as never heard before. There will be more uprisings and revolutions and in the end, we will shift the focus of the vibration to love. It will happen, hold that vision. No matter what you see, hear or feel, hold that vision.

With love and gratitude call in the
power of your Higher Self. Let that love
flow through the top of your heart, to
your heart and to Gaia's heart. Let it
vibrate in a continuing circle filling you
with love, joy, peace and gratitude.
Stay focused on your heart, connect it to earth's center and breath with Gaia. Expand your love outward, across the nation, then around the world, and out through the solar system and galaxy. Do this each day. Fill your heart with love and compassion and you will align with the new frequencies.

It is happening and we are part of it.

What we believe, we will conceive, achieve and receive.

Remember this and all will be well.

More info on Rick Perry, Arabian Women tweeting for freedom, In China, World View


How to Ground Yourself in the Grid

I received a comment asking for a little more clarification on how to ground into the Grid.

Because the frequencies are rapidly changing and Gaia is actively ascending, grounding with her, as we have done in the past is not stable.

What we are now doing is actively participating in Gaia's initiation / ascension process. So we are actively energizing the Grid around her and thus connecting ourselves to all life and information in the universe of Creation.

It is here, in the Grid, fully aligned with all the information of Creation, that we must now focus to ground.

When you need to feel more balanced, and that will be often at this time of so much change, take a moment to breath deeply. Close your eyes and visualize the energy of the Grid above your head, and feel your connection to it.

The energy comes through the top of your head, your heart center, your solar plexus, your hands, your third eye and other powerful areas of your body. Feel each part of you link to the energy of the Grid.

See this golden white light flow with the power of the sun, back and forth between you and the Grid. This will stabilize you.

Now acknowledge Goddess.

Her presence will be around you and you will feel loved. Know you are whole and that all is perfect. For no matter how it appears, all is perfect.

Even as the tornadoes rage, volcanoes explode, earthquakes sink cities, and floods or tsunamis ravage the planet; if you will ground in the Grid without fear, you will find both peace and direction. All the information you need to conquer anything is available through this Source, and you are now connected to it.

Love yourself and you will discover what you have not seen before, that love blossoms all around you.

We are one, from the same Source, all of us Divine, all Creation, from one grain of sand to mountains and man, we are one.

Through the eyes of love, you can know this and it will carry through all adversity. For all life loves you and will help you when you are open to love.

Here is an image I created. It will make you laugh, and laughter uplifts the soul!

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Uranus, Pluto, Scheat, & Gaia

Are the planets signaling that there is a storm gathering?

Do we see the earmarks of more revolution unlike anything man has seen in thousands of years.


Not since the time when men discovered that their semen caused pregnancy in women, have we had such a revolution on the rise.

At that time men realized that they could control women, and the once thought of miraculous experience of birth became for them, a method of control and power. So ended the Matriarchy of peace and began the Patriarchy we see today. It gave rise to the slavery of women, and the use of woman to procreate children of war.

Saturday (July 9, 2011) Uranus went Retrograde at 4 degrees Aries activating a square with Pluto as it continued Retrograde at just under 6 degrees of Capricorn. A 7.0 earthquake signaled the event in the same area that activated when Uranus entered Aries last March, off the shore of Honshu, Japan.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, freedom, sudden unexpected events, new ways of thinking, invention and genius. Four is the number of the planet, the four directions. So as it stationed, it signaled a revolution for the earth, to all corners nothing will hide as it will reveal new patterns of thought.

While Pluto is in Capricorn between both five and six degrees, it suggests we must transform the old ways, the structures that we have known for centuries, we must make hard choices. Many will worry finding it hard to let go, they'll struggle with the details of old beliefs.

As these two planets come closer together, and are activated by Mars and the Moon in a full T-square around August 9 & 10th, many issues will come to a head.

Old lies, the crumbling infrastructure, armies, wars, surgical malpractice, banking cartels, and government malfeasance will be in the headlines. The bell is tolling for the many power complexes that have held the current belief system in place. At this point more people will see truth in a new way, the chain of lies becomes more transparent and the choice of freedom will be claimed by the masses causing the systems to continue to crumble.

Gaia's grid is expanding every day, like the heart of a patient who has been through open heart surgery, getting stronger, rejuvenating her to breath free of so many disturbing controls that have developed through the belief systems of humanity, the very beings that were designed to be her crown chakra.

Rainforest destruction, this is what is left behind.
Humanity's belief systems have held Gaia hostage, destroying her forests, killing her life forms, poisoning her water, air, soil and plants, tying her up with every form of air wave, and shooting her with underground nuclear blasts.

Additionally she is poisoned by the thought forms and emotional waves of hatred, anger, and irreverent response to her divinity and the divine gifts she gives through the seeds in her soil.

As Gaia's Grid expands, Lightworkers will feel support from her and from others across the grid. They will gather courage they did not know they possessed, like the surprise one who cannot swim, has as they dive into the pool to save a drowning child.

We are not alone. We are not under original sin. We have never been abandoned. We have all the power of creation and all the information that is Source. What you have believed has been lies set to snare and control you. It is time to face your worst fear, your own limitless power, and your union with all life.

We are on the threshold of a new beginning signaled by the planets aligned with the fixed star Scheat, which has not been at the Aries point for 26,000 years.

Scheat stimulates the intellect in new ways.

Directly aligned with Uranus it creates a revolutionary mind, that will throw off the blinders suddenly seeing clearly.

Scheat conjoined with Uranus in Aries, creates sudden realization.

There is no standing still to think about it. Together this luminary and planet will move people as armies, in new ways. It is like striking the mind of humanity with lightening, a shock to the system that opens the way for enlightenment.

Unfortunately the dark side of Scheat is mass drowning, which we saw with the first hit back in March as the tsunami swept thousands of people under the waves. We may see something like this again as Uranus stations at zero Aries, Dec. 10, 2011.

How you witness, what you witness is the key to your freedom.

Hail all things for the breakthrough they are. Lament naught, for what appears lost is the threads of an old blanket that has not kept you from the cold for centuries.

As I have said earlier in my blog and will continue to remind you, center yourself in gratitude and love and you will have the life jacket to float through this transformation.

Also if you have practiced grounding yourself in Gaia (earth) in the past, it is best to change that now. As Gaia is transforming she is not stable in the way she has been and you will not get the response you are used to. Shoot the energy up instead of down. Focus it on the grid and Goddess, and you will find the support you need.

The grid is already stronger than expected.

At this writing it is a deep purple and magenta expanding along all the ley lines and extending about eighty miles on either side of them. The Spin Points are activating and there is no doubt that Gaia will achieve her next level of frequency, thirteen notes higher than she has ever been. 

Stay in love with all life. See the divinity in every being from dust and rock to man and insect, and you will be shown all you need to take your next step in consciousness.

Here is something wonderful to focus on,
Use this animated mandala to help focus
love, light and joy!

With love, always,


Gaia's Ascension & The Law of One

Crystalline Earth Grid, see link at bottom of this blog 
We are at a time of significant change, do you feel it? Have you found yourself doing more meditation, catching and changing negative thoughts, feeling more gratitude and love, and most noticable a greater calm and peace in your life?

Gaia is in a Vibrational Ascension. She is moving to a new frequency scale, one that is freer. We who will remain with her, must join that vibration.

It is one of peace and love.

It is what you wanted when you first entered the world as a child, but so sadly discovered that it only existed in small pockets. It is a world where we actually realize, "All Life Is Divine!"

This is encoded in every cell in your body. But the world view, which was developed over centuries for us to experience separation created a belief system that this was not true. For thousands of years we have lived in fear of loss, fear of lack, and fear of abandonment, We have developed an energy that did not exist when these lower worlds were created; 'Hatred.'

Many souls in human bodies chose a path of self fulfillment and power without regard for the divinity of all life. Those of us who did not make this choice, find ourselves wanting to go home because the experience of living without universal understanding causes us pain.

Our connection to all life is part of who we are. When we operate from this place of connectedness, which you have heard me call 'The Grid', we feel the pain, suffering and torture all our divine connections. This includes, not just human forms, but plants, animals, and even mountains. The disturbance and destruction of life forms is experienced by everyone. This is the Law of One.

As Gaia continues vibrationally ascending, and we join her frequency, we will align once more with The Grid that connects all life in a tangible way. No longer will those who we have called, 'Sensitives' in the past, be alone. Instead, we will all become 'Sensitives,' because in complete alignment we feel the feelings of all life. We know the knowing of all life. From trees to mountains, from dolphin to cow, from Asian to European, we feel and understand each other.

The Law of One is not mandated. Instead through the very act of feeling and knowing, we can no longer harm another because we experience them as ourselves. To hurt other life would be the same as hurting one's self.

This is where we are going as we work with Gaia, The Grid, and escalate our vibrational frequencies to a higher level.

So though there are many incapable of bridging the vibrational distance, and thus will not make the transition to this new world, they will find a home in a lower frequency space. We will witness many loses, but stay focused on love and gratitude, and your desire to go home will take root in the new frequencies of Gaia.

This is what is happening with the world predictions from every tribe and people including the Mayan, the Hopi, the Aborigine, and the many other prognosticators that have recorded their 'Dreamtime.'

Last week while I did a radio show with Allie Cheslick on Wings Of Love, I could feel many people  overwhelmed by fear of this change. What I said to them, I will repeat here.

"Simply stay in a place of gratitude and love. Whenever fear activates in or around you, breath into your heart center Light, Love and Gratitude. Allow your heart to consistently radiate these three things, and you will dispel the fear, dispel darkness and uplift all who are in your presence."

Here is a wonderful video of a Peace Mandala titled: Kalachakra Mandala*. It was created by Tibetan Monk, Losang Samten in November of 2009 at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Mandalas have been used for centuries to focus one's attention creating a greater awareness of the vastness of creation. The whole time while creating a mandala, the individual or individuals pray and focus on a virtue. This one holds the focus of world peace. Enjoy!

Kalachakra Mandala from peacefeather imagery on Vimeo.

*Kala is an ancient Sanskrit ( कला ) word, this word has a depth of meaning as do all ancient words. They encompass complete thought. It refers to the dark goddess, which most people would not understand in our current language, but let me explain further. Dark refers to the darkness before creation, the void, the place of creation. Thus Kala in the context of this Mandala, refers to The Goddess of Creation. This Mandala is titled: Kalachakra, so it is a prayer to the Goddess or  Mother womb chakra, to give birth to peace. (Michele Avanti's interpretation of Kalachakra)

Link to source of picture of Crystalline Earth Grid: http://www.allabout-energy.com/yourwealthabundancejoy/the-crystalline-grid-and-two-source-channels-one-message-of-living-love.html

Mayan Calendar, Peace Mandala, Vibrational Ascension


Gaia is expanding her frequencies & the Grid is pulsing!

Hi Everyone, I have been so busy with what is happening on the vibrational change front that I simply have not had time to get here to share with you.

The whole grid is now intact!

We have had some major breakthroughs since I last posted. I am sure you must be feeling them. The intergalactic beings who have been driving many people on earth have been sent home, freeing Gaia to expand. She has been pulsing in a very strong way since the Solstice. There is a new level of peace on the planet..

Yes, I know everything is not gone and it seems much is continuing. But it has changed and it is a revolutionary change that will take a bit of time to appear in complete mundane ways. Please it is imperative at this time to focus on the vision of a world that is one tribe. A peaceful planet with integrity, respect and honor for all our differences. Because in time the differences that divide will fade and we will begin the process of peace and honor.

If you will focus each day on the vision of world wide peace, and pour love into every dark corner you see, this will take us to the next step. Many have already gone through the Galactic Center. We are moving through it in waves based on consciousness. We are opening a new world and in lots of ways you can see the revolutionary process at a mundane level.

Avoid fear. All you need to do is stay centered in light and love each day. You can do this by saying a prayer, an affirmation, an EFT, or TFT round or any way you know to maintain balance.

We need every lightworker to hold the light, to radiate the light, to begin to come into alignment with the light that radiates through them. You can just practice saying: I AM the Light. And when you say this, visualize the light pouring through all your bodies entering your heart and then expanding outward to radiate to everyone for miles beyond you. For this is truth. you will manifest what you say now more than ever. Say it with love, Say it with joy, Know you are the Light and we will raise the vibrations of everyone around us.

We need change no one, just love and light ourselves and know all the rest will follow.

Hugs & Joy,
We are so blessed to be together in this time of Solar escalation, Vibrational expansion & the emergence of PEACE. .


Osama Bin Laden is dead - should we be joyful?

On this evening, we received notice that President Obama had given the command to attack a compound in Pakistan, where intelligence reports determined Osama Bin Ladin might be, and that indeed, Bin Laden had been killed and his body taken in custody.

Ground Zero, May 2, 2011 after hearing of the death of Osama Bin Laden
Americans began congregating in Washington DC, and at Ground Zero. Many celebrated our accomplishment and some reveled in Bin Ladin's death.

Someone asked the question, is this the right thing to do? Is it right to be joyful that we have murdered a man?

So here I will address this question because I know there are many around the world who are torn between answering both; 'Yes,' and, 'No.'

It is not the matter of it being good or bad to celebrate a man's death, but it is how we focus our heart that we must learn.

We must celebrate a change in direction, a change in the course of justice, in the good that we intend, in the freedom that we will advance and in all that we may now be free to accomplish that took backseat to this conflict.

We must be proud of our military, the good hearts, the courageous ones that protect our freedoms with their very lives. Know these young people struggle, sometimes their entire lives, with the challenge of having killed another human being - even though it is their duty and may be an honorable act of war.

We must celebrate our president's courage to say, go, even if it is a murder.

But we must not revel in murder
, for to do so is to activate a frequency that is ancient, violent and empowers a reaction of revenge. This is not what we are about.

Instead of declaring we are happy we murdered Bin Laden, we must say, we are happy we are now free of Bin Laden and his directives. And we pray that those who follow in his footsteps will refrain if only from fear of our power to retaliate, but hopefully in time through their realization that we can share this planet and be different.

Let us pour love into all those who despise us. Let us fill our hearts with love for their very spiritual essence is great. and let us ask their essence, their higher selves to filter new views, to see that we all desire the same thing - happiness, and that the violence in their holy books is not the voice of their God, but of someone who wrote in God's name without God's love in their heart.

Let us remember that there are many writings in the bible that speak to violence, and an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but we have gone beyond these words, yet we still call this book the work of God.

We are at the end of one age and the beginning of another, we must learn that love is power and we must make the transition to it.

Everyone will not come willingly, and we may have to use old means of force and power at times, but let us not forget where we are going, let us revel in the love of one earth, one tribe, with ideas and cultures unique and diverse.

Let us know that as we step forward we must always see that we are expanding love, as we are diminishing evil, and though some steps may be done in the old way, we will eventually break free into a new world where we seek to understand and embrace our differences, while honoring all life as sacred.


Trauma, Early Christianity, Gnosis, Gnostics & Soul Choices

Throughout my life, I have always marveled at why soul chooses difficult experiences. What each soul chooses to challenge themselves with in this life and why. As I see it, life is the personal creation of the soul, I have to ask, "What were you thinking?" lol...I of course ask this of myself. 

But when I look at life, I compare it all to a game. If we played monopoly many times, we would eventually create new rules to challenge ourselves more. The easier something becomes, the more we choose to challenge ourselves. 

Since you own the lifetime, will you choose to continue challenging or finally say, "Let's just put six on every side of the dice and then play." As they say in Vegas, load the dice and get what you want. 

For millennium, souls have reincarnated in order to fulfill their assignment/contract with the planet and the solar system. We came for the experiment, separation from the grid of Creation. To see how it would be, how would we feel, how would we handle it.

Going several levels down into a dense physical organism and separating from our network of love to some state of independent thought and independent, free-wheeling creation limited to a physical / emotional/mental/ causal reality.

We started with the planet and at the time of Atlantis, many decided to step away from the experiment, to wait in the wings, till the rest of us had reached the nadir of physicality, a place too dark for soul to grasp. This is the current world. 

We have altered our cultural perception and environmental understanding to experience a depth of materiality, far from the realm of love and ecstasy that, we as soul never leave. But it is now time to turn the corner. That is what this turn of frequency is about. An elevation of frequency, a release of time, an ascension as many call it. We are now ready to step away from the pain and the destruction that we have steeped ourselves in at every level. 

So how do we do this? By reconnecting. Though at the time when we began language, (The Tower of Babel) we cut off our meridian/axiatonal connections, the endings have always continued to vibrate, in some more than others. 

We now stand at a time where we are ready to re-establish these connections. We must because the planet itself requires it. The experiment is coming to an end, it is time to let go of the horror and pain we have experienced and embrace, and recognize we can adjust all of what we experience. 

There are so many fine vibratory breaks within and without the space in which we live. We can change the vibration we currently use and move it to a different note on the scale of creation. There are many people who teach how to do this without knowing completely what it is they are teaching. Most of them are healers and that is what they see. But what they are doing is far greater than healing the body, they are dissolving the millennium of agreements, subconscious drives and hidden traumas/horrors, so we are free to create consciously again united with all life. 

We need to embrace this, because we (the early cycle light workers, who came to awaken the consciousness - those born in the late 40's, 50's and 60's) have absorbed the deepest cut and most jarring changes. We are the wave that would bring in those souls who stood in the wings, those that we call the new rays. They are not new, they are here to jump start us back to the grid and into a renewal of who we are. 

If you are experiencing the heavy drain of the physical disconnect with what you know is truth, wisdom and joy, then it is important that you take the time to visit you, the real you. Shift your consciousness there and play spin the bottle, kiss yourself. Soul is joy-full, it never left the pure positive god worlds. The physicality is just a derivative expression and experiment. Here consciousness can take any direction and play the game of service to self or service to others. 

We have stored too many rules and dogmas into our consciousness while playing this game. It is time to reboot and delete them. 

Recently, Spirit told me I needed to learn more about ancient Christianity. For the better part of my life, I could not say the word Jesus because when I would, all the mockery of this beings teachings would surface, and I did  not want to be associated with these lies.

Earliest known image of Jesus on byssus clothe according 

to Chiaro Vigo, See story at the bottom of this blog. 
But I have reached a point where I can say Jesus, because I can now fully separate from what has been created by power grabbing people like Paul. 

I have come to learn that much of what we are now experiencing is the result of dogma, we believed and proselytized in early Christianity. I have to take you back to let you see what I am speaking of because most people do not realize what we did. 

First let me say this, when we experience a physically painful trauma, we do not forget it. The way we have constructed this world, it is the greatest separation of creation experiencing the highest highs and the lowest lows of any level. (Compare this to photograph, the beauty of high resolution verses high contrast line graphics. In the physical we ride high contrast. When we get angry or when we are in love, we are on the wave at one end of the spectrum. As they say we put everything in one basket.) 

So when we have incredible highs or incredible lows, we record them in deep memory and allow them to drive the subconscious mind to protect us or exhilarate us on our journey. 

Many lightworkers that I have met in my current journey, were part of the early gnostic movement at the time Jesus lived. This movement, of which Jesus was part, had grown out of Judaic society, and the age of Aries (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.)

It based its understanding around the fact that the physical was not a good place. It was a world of temptation and the body itself was a part of that world. It went on to teach that soul was trapped in the body and that to get out, one must find gnosis, or knowledge. But not knowledge of physicality, the key would be knowledge of Spirit. 

So many in that time were ascetic in their practices. They believed that to remove themselves from all that is physical, to even go so far as to beat their own bodies, would be a way to find gnosis and release them from the pain of separation from the Divine Center. 

As this developed, many of these people also believed (this too stemmed from Judaic practice) that God would end the physical pain by destroying the world and bringing them home. 

But when this did not occur as quickly as they expected and the negative forces of temptation continued to rise forcing them to hide or enslaving them, these lightworkers took a few different directions. Many became martyrs, others felt they must live a life of pain in order to ascend, and a few gave up over the centuries with suicide, drugs, or other addictive practices to remove their consciousness from the offending world. 

I know I have simplified this because of time and typing, but I think you see what I am getting at. We have steeped our consciousness in the pain, and now we need to find a new direction. We need to free ourselves of these illusions and reconnect with who we are, because we are powerful creators and we do create, but with our subconscious holding most of the creative power, it brings in challenges rather than joyful gifts.

Now we have reached the depth of our material journey and we begin the climb back to creation, creator, one. 

There are many people on the planet inspired and guided, offering techniques to clear and connect. Three of the most powerful techniques are: Eric Pearl's Reconnection, Dr. Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code, and the many and varied forms of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique first discovered by Dr. Callahan in 1992, promoted by Gary Craig and now expanded to many forms including Rebecca Marina's Heart Point Technique, and Regina Murphy's Emotional Sound Technique

If you have not already started you journey to reboot, please visit some of these sites and start exploring, releasing and reconnecting. You are part of the whole, not separate. You have always been part of the whole and shall be so eternally. 

Story of the picture of Jesus above: 
"For 400 years the most important relic of Christendom, before which the Emperor of Byzantium knelt once a year, held between two panes of glass, has been on display in a tiny Capuchin church which is completely empty for many hours each day, in the town of Manoppello , in Italy 's Abruzzi region. It is the missing role model for the entire western civilisation. Today finally it must be regarded as rediscovered. It fades away against light, it darkens in shadow, yet it endures through the centuries, unchanging.It shows the bearded face of a man with side-curls (jewish peyoth), whose nose has been hit like that of a detainee in the Abu Ghreib prison. The right cheek is swollen, the beard partly ripped off. The forehead and lips have on them hints of pink, suggesting freshly healed wounds. Inexplicable peace fills the gaze out of the wide open eyes. Amazement, astonishment, surprise.Gentle compassion. No despair, no pain, no wrath. It is like the face of a man who has just awakened to a new morning. His mouth is half open. Even his teeth are visible."    
 Paul Badde, Read the entire story here:http://www.israelshamir.net/Contributors/Face_of_Jesus.htm


Beyond the Super Moon

Update: As we have passed through this gateway of a Super Moon with no major seismic activities, we should be happy and congratulate ourselves. There are ways to re-balance the planet without having to experience enormous upheavals. When lightworkers allow the planet to use them to vent steam, the planet settles and as it needs to move its axis, it will do so in a gentle, non-violent manner.

Please continue to pour love into the planet because the new Aries Ingress starts tomorrow. It has all the signatures of the charts below with the exception of the moon, which moves very rapidly.

As that chart becomes active, there are several significant dates to note. On those days we need to emphasis a meditative practice of love. I have listed some dates in my 2011 Astrology Forecast / Predictions. But I will share more of these dates in the next week.

A simple practice of love:

  • Take a deep breath, hold it and then release. Feel all intensity leave your body. 
  • Take another breath, hold it, then release. Feel all concerns, and fears leave your body. You are becoming relaxed and balanced.
  • Take one more deep breath and know you are breathing in light, harmony, peace, balance. Now release it and feel at peace. 
  • In this state, visualize the light filling up every cell in the galaxy of your body. Feel it fill you expanding your heart, flowing out through your torso, your limbs, your mouth, and bursting out the top of your head. Feel the loving power of peace and balance. 
  • Now visualize it flowing in a consistent stream of light our of every meridian point in your body, out your fingers and toes, out into the earth's grid, it's atmosphere and into every part of the oceans, and earth, the mountains, the valleys, the grasses, the trees, the sand, the cities. 
  • Relax in this flow as you see and feel the joy of love pouring into the earth. 
  • Smile, you have helped the planet and everyone on it. Good work!

Thank you, for loving yourself. Each time you do, you send love to all life and help the planet hold its balance.

Posted earlier this morning
Later today, March 19, at 11:10 a.m. Pacific Time/ March 20, 3:10 a.m. Japan Time, the Moon will be at its closest point in its orbit around earth, It will also be in alignment with the sun and earth. This is called a Super Moon, and has historically created an increased pull on the tides, making them deeper, while also activating seismic responses from the depths of the earth, especially under water.

Considering the issues in Japan with six nuclear reactors in disrepair, due to both an earthquake of 9.0 and the tsunami that followed, we already have a crisis situation underway.

Radiation is a poison, and as we  look at the configuration of the planet at the moment that the moon is closest to the earth, we can see a stress point in the inconjunct aspect between Neptune (rules poisons and gases) and the Moon (represents the people in a mundane chart).

This Super Full Moon, not only opposes the Sun in Aries (breakthroughs, fire, ruler of the nation), but also opposes Uranus (sudden unexpected event) and Scheat (fixed star of drowning). This is a major cosmic pattern. In addition to these aspects, Jupiter (expansion) is opposing Saturn (contraction, restrictions, government, corporations, structures, buildings)

And finally there is T-Square activating between the Moon, Sun, Uranus, Scheat and Pluto (transformative power, explosions)

This is a combination that spells, explosion and expansion of earth - earthquake, volcanic eruption, and tsunamis. It also spells revolution, breakthroughs, new beginnings, brilliant inventions and struggles that may include massive drownings, fire and weather carrying poisons.

Though the world is focused on Japan and Libya, it might be a good idea to examine two areas where the activity is on the angles, which may be where we see significant activity.

Indonesia - Home of Karkatau & Numerous Volcanoes

Below is the chart for Jakarta, Indonesia, which is that nation's capital. Here the activity is significant because we have Saturn on the angle, squaring Pluto, which is applying to the Ascendant, and opposing Mercury on the descent. At the same time Mars is in a separating quincunx from Saturn. This is definitely volcanic activity, but with Saturn at the Midheaven instead of at the IC, it may not be as terrible as it looks, though the close proximity of the Moon and its aspects could create major difficulties of water, and result in tsunamis. The statement shows fire on the land moving very quickly, challenging the people with water following the ordeal. This is a difficult chart.

Europe - Home of Vesuvius

On the other side of the planet we have another chart, of course all the planets and luminaries are in the same aspect but it is the location that activates the angles.
Here is a chart for Mount Vesuvius.

Here Pluto is on the IC, Saturn is on the Ascendant opposing Jupiter on the descendant. Pluto on the IC is an explosion and transformation of the land, challenged by Saturn and Jupiter; while Uranus, the Sun and the Moon, are applying in a challenging wide orb. This is a very active chart and we need to pour light into the region to help balance the intensity of this astrological configuration.

Now you may have noticed that in Jakarta, Saturn is at the Midheaven, while in Italy it is on the Ascendant, so where would you find Saturn at the IC. This is an important question because Saturn in this type configuration on the IC can indicate a sinking of land and an inundation of water.

I know you will not be happy with the answer, but it is along the East Coast of the United States. Here is a chart for Washington D.C.

This chart is two-fold, it may be indicating an inundation and sinking along the U.S. East Coast due to tsunamis caused by Vesuvius. I do not understand the geological connection since Vesuvius is an inland volcano, but this chart has these statements. But when we take this chart and place it on the planet, there is another situation that arises. The Sun, Uranus, Scheat opposition Moon line falls along the Mississippi River, and we may see earthquakes and a terrible inundation in this area. This may also register the area where we will see sudden and serious conflict, protests and revolution unlike anything we have seen in eighty-four years.

There is so much to say about this time as the frequencies increase we must align ourselves with the light. We must learn to stay calm and call upon our higher selves, our angelic selves, our BA, as the Egyptians call it - our soul self for guidance and healing power.

Though these charts are set for the Super Moon, it is a gateway to the Aries Ingress Chart, which begins twenty-nine hours and eleven minutes later, that gives a picture of the next three months. This period will not be short of challenges and news.

If you are concerned about radiation, viruses or bacteria, please take time to read through Tom Kenyon's post on Medicines of Light.