2012, Frequencies, ETs & Ascension

I guess you would say this title is a mouthful, and perhaps you are thinking, "What do these things even have in common?" Let us take them one at a time to connect the dots.


We are quickly closing in on December 21, 2012, the date interpreted from the Mayan, signaling and end of time.

Some have prognosticated that this is a doomsday scenario, but I do not agree. Astrologically speaking, this is the date of a new ingress chart, which looks wonderful. Additionally, having been taught by Spiritual Beings since childhood, I know that since 1968, the planet has been preparing for its graduation to a whole new level.

I have witnessed the changes in vibratory rate that have occurred many times over the last 43 years. Each one has been a step up, slowly in the early years and over the last two they have been enormous.

The state of consciousness of man has expanded as Planet Earth has awakened to her own needs. Humans have come to realize we are not here to destroy this planet, but to be stewards of it. This is, on one level, consciousness coming full circle to what was understood early in man's tribal development, but, which was lost as we industrialized and advanced technologically.

But today, people are realizing that we must be stewards and there are many earth advocates working toward these goals and giving the planet a voice.

So as I look around, I see the changes in man's consciousness, the planet's consciousness and I also see those who have not changed and linger, holding on to power, greed and control.

As I view this, I see how quickly the polarities are shifting further apart. I see that the frequencies of both Earth and the sector of loving, compassionate human consciousness are in complete alignment with the solar systems movement to a higher vibration, one of love and peace.

So those who see doom may be correct for their own world because the planet will move her body to shed off frequencies that are not aligned with her, much like we scratch an itch. Thus we will see cataclysmic events as we continue through the next few years.


But this is one of the most amazing times in the history of this solar system. We're making change so rapidly that many will have a hard time keeping up and will have to leave the planet because their human organism will not be able to handle the frequencies. If you have been working to make change in your life, aligning with love, which is the frequency of creation, unconditional being the highest pitch, then you will most likely be in for the ride of a million lifetimes.

Let me start by giving an example of how frequency works, (scientists may call this resonance, others may call it vibration) so you can wrap your brain around it. Remember to hold this thought in the back your mind while you read: "As above, so below."

When an opera singer reaches a very high octave, usually seven, the sound vibration can shatter certain kinds of glass. So what happens? As the sound wave hits the glass it causes a resonance, activating the glass's natural frequency. As the note reaches a higher pitch, it pushes the frequency higher and the glass flexes. If it pushes the frequency too high, the glass will shatter. Seeing what happens to glass in slow motion can be helpful to understand this. So take a moment and watch this video.

Now, having watched the video, you should have noted a couple of things. As you watched, you saw the glass flexing, you also heard the pitch increase. As it continued to increase, it eventually reached a level where the frequency (resonance) was too high to be sustained and the glass broke. Understanding this is imperative to understanding how your body responds to frequency as well.

Inside your body there are trillions of sentient beings we call cells. Each has their own natural frequency. As we go through life we slowly elevate or reduce their frequency depending on what we think, do and take into our human organism, as well as through our environment.

Our cells have the ability to flex and unlike glass, which is of a more stable and less organic nature, they can adjust over time to different ranges. However like glass, they cannot adjust in a few seconds to something beyond their current range. The cells require adjusting in many ways to move to higher vibratory rates.

At this time, the planet is readjusting, as are all the planets, luminaries and other sentient beings in our solar system. Our entrance into and through the galactic center is along a spiral frequency and when we move through and out the other side we will be basically thirteen notes higher on our scale.

The human organism and all it's counterparts (astral, mental, causal, etheric) will need to be adjusted to this new level.

We do this by clearing out the negativity, karmic, traumatic, and other types of experiences we have stored in the cells. All your lifetimes and the memory of those you have witnessed are in your cells. All of this is heavy, dense and is embedded in the lower frequencies. So if the body is to move through to the next stage of Solar System Development, one must clear this out and activate a whole new level, which is lighter, more joyous and more loving.

Wandjina Petroglyphs, Kimberly, Australia,
5,000 years old.

So what do ETs have to do with this?

This planet was seeded, as I have said many times. There are some that we call Earthlings, but they really were only the first to come. None were completely constructed from this planet, the seeds had to come from other habitations. There are some nearby and others millions of light years away that seeded this planet. Each one set in motion a new type of what we call, human organism. Scientifically, we can see this in the genetic coding we call DNA.

Over millennium these have been mixed, shifted, adjusted, and changed. What we call today, GMO (genetically modified organisms) is only a small vision of what has been going on with human organisms since this planet developed an atmosphere.

So these beings we have termed ET, or extra terrestrial, are really in some way connected to every single person on this planet. Earth has been a grand experiment, which unfortunately has not turned out as expected. There is more destruction and negativity on this planet than anywhere in the universes.

Now as we must adjust to a higher frequency, like the glass, many will not flex and thus those human organisms will release their creative energy (we call soul, but in reality it is a lesser or diluted version of the actual soul) and will continue their experiment in another space, or end their experiment all together.

The human organism can handle a wider scale than most beings, including many ETs for that matter. From my understanding our scale ranges 13 x 13, thirteen levels with thirteen levels inside each. Some humans may have a slightly wider or slightly narrower scale because of how they focus. Those who focus on self service, power, greed, war, destruction, run on the lower part of the scale and will find the higher frequencies difficult to adjust to. Interestingly, what sounds are chosen for horror movies when you want someone to feel creeped out? Always lower notes. Angelic sounds are always higher notes.

When these changes are viewed from the level of Source or Soul, what is seen is a short experiment with creation of human organisms on planet earth. Viewing from Soul's perspective removes us from all the emotional disruption of attachment.

Attachment is the source of all pain, and so when we say some will leave their bodies and there will be destruction, it can invoke fear. But when one realizes that they have played this game and that it is now time to change the pattern. That together we are creating a new game more aligned with Divine Self, which is joyful and peaceful, then we can let go of the old game.

All the people you know have played with you. You cannot lose them. They will not disappear from your reality. They will just change, as they have always changed with new playing pieces. While their  Divine Self always remains in Source, a space beyond dark and light, where only light, peace and joy exist.

Art found on Crystalinks.com

Understanding all this, we come to the last part of my title: Ascension. Ascension is a movement upward and this is assuredly where we are going. Activating higher frequencies moves us a little closer to our true self. As we move through the Galactic Center, all who have centered themselves in love, will feel lighter and will move through to the next level of this game. It is this movement that we term Ascension.

This is not the ascension of those who believe we will take our bodies into heaven, but in paradox that too is correct. Because adjusting the human organisms to a higher frequency will bring us physically closer to heaven.

I do hope this helps you to understand what is happening. As these frequencies escalate your body will flex in many ways like glass. You may feel tired, have pains, headaches, even experience emotions surfacing for no apparent reason. All of this is part of how your body is responding to releasing density and changing vibration. Whatever you experience, should not last more than a few hours or a few days. If it does it may not have to do with the frequencies and thus you should check to see what your body needs.

I will leave you with a simple invocation to help you focus during this time. This comes from the book, "What is Light Body" which I recommend to help anyone through these changes.

I Breathe in Light through the Center of My Being
Into the Column of Light
That extends through the exact center of my Sentient Physical Body
From Alpha to Omega Chakras and beyond
Expanding my Heart completely
Into a Unified Field of Light
Within, through, and around my Sentient Physical Body
Encompassing my entire Chakra System.

I breathe in Light through the Center of my Being
Into the Column of Light
That extends through the exact center of my Sentient Physical Body
Allowing the Light to intensify within the Column of Light
From Alpha to Omega Chakras and beyond.

I breathe in Light through the Center of my Being
Allowing the Light to expand along the entire length of the Column of Light
That extends through the exact center of my Sentient Physical Body
I allow the Light to expand holographically to the Source of All That Is
Embracing the Unified Field within that total expansion
Within, through and around my entire Beingness
I AM a Unity of LIGHT

I breathe in Light through the Center of my Being
Allowing the Light to expand along the entire length of the Column of Light
That extends through the exact center of my Sentient Physical Body
I allow the Light to expand ecstatically to the Source of All That Is
I allow the Source of All That Is to ecstatically encompass my entire Beingness
I AM   I AM   I AM 

Michele Avanti CAP, is a certified astrology professional, metaphysical minister, Reconnection practitioner and award winning author. She has taught metaphysics since 1972. For a personal consultation click here:  http://astrologycolumn.blogspot.com/p/consultations.htmlor call: 541-863-6631 or connect with Michele on Facebook at: facebook.com/michele.avanti