Fall Equinox Astrology Chart, Outlook for Sept 21 - Dec 21, 2021

 Astrology Chart ~ Fall Equinox 2021

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2021 Autumnal Equinox - The Sun enters the Cardinal Sign of Libra
Above you see the chart for the United States for the last quadrant of the first trasformational year in this new Air Cycle. 
This chart shows progress with some lovely openings in a grand trine (see the big blue triangle) and a mystic rectangle (see the big blue rectangle.) These are exciting signatures of what we will experience during the next three months until the Winter Solstice on December 21st. 

So let's dive in and see what it is all about for the USA.  

The first thing we note is Pluto in the first house, ruler of the 10th & 11th houses in a square (not applying by seven minutes) to Mercury in the 9th, ruler of the 6th and 9th. This tells us that we are challenged to transform our health, our employment, our military, the way we serve, as well as the way we import or export goods, the way we handle our legal processes, our public relations, media, social media, marketing and advertising. We are challenged to transform our court systems, judges, corporations and international organizations and companies. Basically we are working to transform the way we are seen in the world and we are loudly speaking about it. 

Saturn is also in the 1st house and rules it and the 2nd house in this chart, telling us we will work hard on our national income, our values and the way we are seen in the world. Our hard work will move us forward in our goals to socialize, invest in our children, our marketplace, our crafts and our security. The doorway of opportunity opens with these issues, as the grand trine includes the Sun and Mars in the 9th house rulers of the 8th, the Mc, and the 11th. This indicates we will see more success in higher education which is likely to include international students, and all forms of social media, marketing, advertising and travel. We will have the energy to do these things and the president is actively promoting all of it to the public. This falls clearly into investing in our infrastructure from roads and bridges to wifi and schooling while upping cyber security. All of these issues are key in this three month time frame and all will be noticeable. Additionally it appears that we are finding new stability with our old allies and our place in the world is returning. 

Jupiter in the 2nd house ruler of the 3rd and 11th, in trine to Mercury in the 9th ruler of the 6th and 9th, indicates we have the opportunity to expand income, and health. We are freeing more people from confinement, which may be in hospitals as well as home isolation due to health issues. Our views or values are expanding as regards to health and our knowledge is expanding from international sources as well as through all forms of media. There is no shortage of information and it is more honest in this period. . But Neptune, also in this 2nd house hitting a midpoint between the Moon and Jupiter continues to frustrate us with questions about this disease, emotional pain, emotional anger, a desire to move faster, and stress about it that lags on. This position creates confusion and frustration. So if you were hoping the disease is gone, it does not appear to have left in this chart, or at least the questions, lies and concerns, as well as the emotional anger over it, is still part of our world during the next three months. 

The Moon in the 3rd house, ruler of the 7th house, opposes Mercury in the 9th and ruler of the 6th and 9th houses. This is a mental, media and communication balancing act between people in our nation and internationally, about the disease, service and military. A lot of hot emotional aggressive talk on these topics creates a struggle with no clear winners. Emotional pain and anger over hospitalizations and possibly prisons, expands and exposes more challenges that have been hidden. 

Uranus in the 4th co-ruler of the 2nd opposes Venus in the 10th, ruler of the 4th and 5th; indicates the emotional struggle with homeless people, a lack of housing security, migration and changes in careers due to working from home, and changes in the way we socialize or how we work and also help our children socialize or learn. There is nothing settled with physical property or emotions in this chart. It is a nation at war with the things we love and the judgements that have more control. We are in emotional turmoil and have lost any sense of security. Socializing is a struggle, kids at home are a struggle and things just keep changing with nothing settled.

The fact that Uranus is conjunct Menkar in this chart tells us that we are all feeling this sense of uneasiness, for some it will make it hard to sleep on nights when the Moon is between 12 and 14 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo. We feel a deep sense of humanities needs and the consciousness of the planet seeps into our night dreams. 

Lastly, there seems to be a note hidden in this chart based on the day and hour, which is a day of Mercury and the hour is ruled by the Moon. Here the statement reads, the emotions of the nation's people can only be resolved if we talk to each other. Not aggressively but with kindness recognizing we are family.  

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Summer Solstice Astrology Outlook June 20 - Sept 20. 2021

The Summer Solstice signals the ingress of the Sun into the cardinal sign of Cancer. The Cardinal signs are on the axis (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and IC) of the natural chart. This is where power pours into the world, and it identifies upcoming events for a nation, state, town, etc. based on location. Here is the 2021 Summer Solstice chart for the United States. 

This looks like a wonderful breakthrough chart after all we have endured for the last year and a half

At the Ascendant we have Saturn above and Jupiter rising, they are activating the Ascendant which sits at a midpoint between them. Both Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces are in rulership giving each power to activate the people of our nation. Jupiter in Pisces activates ideals, hopes and dreams, and inspires optimism in the people. While Saturn in Aquarius creates structured conversations, brings back old ways of cooperating, a healing of structures and a cooperating attitude between government agencies, judges and the justice department. These two planets working together with the American people are activating the original revolutionary ideas,

Jupiter is Stationing Direct on this day and is Trine the Sun. A very powerful statement, showing the American people are optimistic about the president, that he is publicly teaching the people and those we call enemies, as well as promoting American ideals internationally. Americans are traveling and international doors are opening for us.

Groups are traveling internationally, foreign students are back in school and American students are also studying abroad.

Mars in Leo in the 6th house, trines the 2nd house cusp, which it rules and makes a grand trine to the Midheaven and South Node indicating opportunity for employment for military or service people, that employment overall will increase, that health overall will increase, that there may jobs internationally for people who have been in the military especially those with medical backgrounds, that we may be sending people and supplies abroad to help heal the virus with a focus on teaching and healing.

Mars, ruler of the house of income and what we value, is deposited in the 6th house of the military, service, health and employment, and it is squared by the Moon which is the ruler of the 6th house while being deposited in the 8th house of shared resources, bankers, mortgages, credit and taxes. Thus this square indicates we may be challenged by the money aspect, where will the money come from to employ these people who will serve to help others. The Moon also speaks to housing and medical supplies and the money necessary for these things.

Then we must note Venus in Cancer deposited in the 6th house, ruler of the 3rd house of communication, and neighbors, as well as ruler of the 8th house of loans, taxes, mortgages, etc, in trine to Neptune in Pisces in the first. This indicates a love of illusion continues, ideals, creativity in monetary resources, creativity in ways to heal others or serve. New ways to share resources may be developed during this three month period. Some new creative mortgage, lending system, may take sweat labor in exchange for housing down a new road.

Saturn in the 12th ruling the 12th and the Ascendant is in a Grand Trine with Mercury ruler of the 4th house of our physical property - our homes, and the ruler of the 5th house, our children, our investments, our social environment, and the part of fortune in the 8th house. This indicates there will money from the government for housing through special programs for women with children as well as for other special investments in areas where people connect or socialize; these may be community centers or after school programs or perhaps day care centers for children. It appears to say this money had already been set aside for this purpose.

The fact that there are still seven planets below the horizon and only three above it, indicates we are still focused on our own country. .

Overall I believe this is an improvement over the last six ingress charts. We are moving to right the wrongs of the past, to heal, to employ and activate a strong income for the country.

Michele Avanti, CAP is an ISAR Certified Astrology Professional with over 30 years experience consulting and teaching astrology. She works with clients by phone internationally. The most frequent comment received is: "I always feel better after talking with you." From personal charts to relationships, issues of relocation, career and health can be answered by astrology. It's all in the signature you placed there when you were born. For more info on consultations visit:  https://astrologyandmore.blogspot.com/p/consultations.html


Astrology Aries Ingress Mar 20 - June 20, 2021

 The Vernal Equinox – Spring – Aries Ingress Chart & What is indicates

At the four changes of season, the Sun moves into one of the Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. According to ancient astrologers, when the Sun enters exactly 0 degrees 0 minutes of a Cardinal sign, the chart set for the rulers location of the nation would indicate how that nation will fare during the following three months. We call this a Cardinal Ingress chart and I have used the for three decades to see who our nation will fare. This is the Aries Ingress set for Washington, DC.

The Bowl Shape
First thing you will notice is that the planets are forming an arc with the Moon in the fourth house at the bottom of the chart and Pluto rising first in the 12th house, while Jupiter is on the Ascendant and Mars is on the Nadir (4th house cusp.) In astrology, we call this shape a “bowl.” It says we will be very self-contained during this period.

Pluto, the cutting edge planet in this bowl, indicates we will work on transforming our government, our laws and our past, likely focusing on pulling us out of confinement or isolation.
Jupiter on the Ascendant says there is optimism during this period and what a blessing that will be.
The Moon in Gemini is applying a wide orb square to Neptune, indicating our emotions, conversations, words and ideas are challenged by lies, fantasy, fiction, gas-lighting. Since the Moon rules the house of our health, national employment and our military we are not yet in a stable place and people are still not sure the information they are receiving is the truth. Health wise this indicates the pandemic continues.

Mercury in Pisces is applying a square to Mars in Gemini on the angle, indicating lies, stories, conspiracy theories challenge actions or violence, though Mars in Gemini usually does not throw physical bombs but acts out in words, or perhaps with gas.
Mars is not only on the angle here but it is nearly – just 6 minutes short of being out of bounds, so we may see some radical actions, perhaps some truly original, inventive ways to approach the lies. Some totally out of the box actions may surprise us during this period. Things completely new to us, could be good, could be challenging, but definitely not seen before now.
Venus is combust the Sun in this chart indicating, mortgages, banks, contracts, and communication is weak. Though I will say that since it is rising before the Sun, we may be working on it. But this period will not resolve the many issues that are troubling Americans ability to hold onto their mortgages, credit scores, or other monetary or collateral assets.
Mercury squaring Mars adds to this, since in this chart, Mars rules the house of money and values and sits in the house of Americans' real property, their homes; while Mercury rules their physical property in this chart. The fact that Mercury is the hidden ruler of the house of partnerships and enemies also brings into question if the relationship between home owners or renters, and mortgage brokers, banks and landlords has moved from friends to enemies who are not wanting to be seen as such, but are enemies none-the-less.
I like the fact that Mars makes a trine to Saturn. This appears to indicate Americans are opening up to the original values written by our founding fathers. It can be a period where people are talking about what it means to be an American, and to value; truth, justice and equality.
Chiron is in our house of communication and local travel, in the sign of new beginnings, breakthroughs and exploration and it trines the part of fortune in Sagittarius at the midheaven. This is a wonderful sign indicating we are healing the way we think of travel, international relationsihps, higher education, spirituality and all things regarding the internet and the news. Because the Sun also captures this trine, it reinforces a successful outcome to these endeavors, so this is a very good sign that we are moving forward.
To conclude, in the next three months Americans will be challenged by homelessness, mortgages, credit issues, the pandemic, truth, and employment, but they are optimistic as the government appears to be working to give them both opportunity and relief. Additionally we are finding ways to heal our desire to explore and travel, educate and participate on an international scale.

Michele Avanti, CAP is an ISAR Certified Astrology Professional with over 30 years experience consulting and teaching astrology. She works with clients by phone internationally. The most frequent comment received is: "I always feel better after talking with you." From personal charts to relationships, issues of relocation, career and health can be answered by astrology. It's all in the signature's you placed there when you were born. For more info on consultations visit: https://astrologyandmore.blogspot.com/p/consultations.html


Shift from Earth to Air - Saturn Jupiter Cycle

Do Jupiter & Saturn affect humanity? 

How big a deal is this shift anyway?  

What was the last shift about and how is this one different? 

What can we expect to change now? 

How long will it last?

Watch this video and you will have the answers to these questions & more.

Jupiter & Saturn change the flavor or outlook of humanity as they consistently join together in a specific element (fire water, earth, air) for a period of 180 - 200 years..when they shift into a new element cycle, astrologers call it: 'The Great Mutation." We are in this process now, and yes, is a big deal - really!

Questions, comment below and I will answer them. 


2021 Jupiter Saturn Air Cycle Begins


Welcome to the air cycle sequence of Jupiter & Saturn which will go on through 2080. It will activate changes in the way we communicate, which includes more than most of us think of when we say communicate. Most think of conversation, person to person, phone, internet, and all forms of media. But communication also includes: art, music, dance, even food is a way we communicate, as well as money.

The transition we are entering is a new frame of thinking never before seen on this planet. Taking technology to a means that will include healing with thought activated through technology. This is an exciting new wave of consdiousness that now begins. It will go on past my current lifetime, but you may be here to see it all.

Freedoms never before understood will move forward.

Universal pay as robots increasingly become the workforce.

New levels of global awareness come through and the recognition that we are of the same substance slowly weaves into the human consciousness.

An educational process of integrating different cultural practices from art to food flows to create understanding and respect for our differences.

Hard line evangelical religions will either open up to respect others or they will lose their footing when these cycles complete by 2080.

So many more things will change in these three 20 year air cycles, the world will be a completely different place by 2080.

So let us welcome this new year and celebrate this new beginning.

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Michele Avanti is an ISAR Certified Astrology Professional with more 30 years teaching & consulting with clients internationally. She has been teaching metaphysics since 1972, is a metaphysical minister and a consciousness coach. Additionally Michele is an award winning artist & author.